6teen tv show, 6teen tv tropes, 6teen tv series; 6teen (originally titled The Mall) is a Canadian animated television series and sitcom originally produced by Nelvana, with the final season produced by Fresh TV. Jump to navigation Jump to search. However, the episode's final joke is that the boyfriend gets an equally hideous haircut, prompting Caitlin to immediately leave him. Jen had a crush on Jonesy in the 7th grade, and she had also dreamed about the two of them kissing. 6teen is a Canadian animated sitcom about six teenage friends who all have part-time jobs at the Galleria Shopping Mall, as they struggle to balance work with the daily problems of being a teenager. Western Animation / 6teen × Edit Locked. This implies that he is nowhere near as selfish as Tricia. Jen finally gets angry when she found out in the end, Caitlyn dumps the guy for an incredibly trivial reason, thereby making all the sacrifices she forced Jen to make all for naught. See more ideas about cartoon, childhood, old cartoons. It was created by Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch. Megane: Briefly enters a 'smart' stage when the ocean was flat. When they fail to show up to the audition (except for Nikki, who had been unable to sleep that night and naps through his entire performance), a disappointed and hurt Wyatt changes the lyrics to vent out his frustration by bashing his friends. He enjoys sports, chasing after beautiful women, and formulating get-rich-quick schemes, but is also prone to deviousness, arrogance, selfishness, male chauvinism, bragging, and dishonesty (nowhere near as dishonest as Tricia), though he cares deeply for his friends and puts their needs before his own. Serena varies from nice girl to total bitch depending on the episode. Register Start a Wiki. Jonesy and Wyatt are thought to be a gay couple by two women they are trying to pick up. Tricia Holmes is the ex-best friend of Caitlin Cooke from 6teen. Nikki Wong from 6teen makes a cameo appearance during a flashback sequence as a former student at the daycare. For example, when Marlowe (Wyatt's first girlfriend after Serena) got a job at Spin This, Serena got jealous of their relationship and tried getting back together with Wyatt behind Marlowe's back (and while Serena was still technically dating Chad, the guy she had dumped Wyatt for in the first place). A description of tropes appearing in vandread. a music store at the mall. Moves to Iqaluit, Nunavut in the Season 4. He becomes incredibly irritable when he hasn't had a cup of coffee in more than a few hours, and Ron the Rent-a-Cop even codenamed him "Coffee Pot". Each at one point got back at Jonesy/Darth. (a nearby customer overheard and immediately did a spit-take on his lemonade), (Jude looks between Wyatt and Wayne, trying to figure out how she thinks they even look remotely the same), who, near the end of the episode, is revealed to be a closet DawgToy-fan—if anyting, Nikki's even more obsessed with the group than Jen and Caitlin are. Enjoy! Nikki can be grumpy and she is usually the most sensible among her friends, and is highly individualistic, which puts her at odds with the Khaki Barn's rules and regulations, as the store's philosophy states that individualism is overrated. Green Eyed Red Head; Groin Attack - He just wouldn't be a male Fresh TV protagonist without some of these painful moments. Lydia is simply crazy. Coach Halder even admits that he wanted to go pro, but his dad wouldn't let him. He tends to approach things at a slow, suitable pace, and gives names to inanimate objects that he cherishes, such as his skateboard, "Sally". In "Idol Time at the Mall", Wyatt had prepared for a music competition by writing a song about how great his friends were. After Caitlin gets a new look, Tricia replaces her with her new friends, Gwen and Mandy, to bully and picks on her. (Ironic, given that she's stated to have scored a few points better than Nikki on an IQ test.). In "Smarten Up", Caitlin pretends to be in college to attract a guy named Josh. He has codenames for each member of the gang: Caitlin being "Cupcake," Nikki being "Nose Ring," Wyatt being "Coffee Pot," Jen being "Gym Sock," Jude being "Hang Ten" and Jonesy being "Maverick." Despite being short and overweight, Wayne is shown to be somewhat physically strong, since in episode "Dirty Work" he beats up Jonesy for stealing his fries, and in "Career Day", he dunks Wyatt and Jude in the pet store aquarium for ruining his "The 77th Samurai" limited edition tape. Also, when he finds out that his mysterious Australian caller got back together with her ex-boyfriend. She ends up having to go in there anyway after her friends taunt her with watery imagery. Yummy Mummy doesn't appear to be a afraid of anything, she even taken on Jonesy in a wrestling ring (yes, she lost, but in all fairness, Jonesy was cheating...).

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