Exercising talent and immense creativity, Macau’s bartenders keep creating signature cocktails that impress us with both flavors and presentation. Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed, (Source: Macau SAR Government Social Security Fund website, October 2017). Hong Kong (852) 2232-8888. leave employment); ✓   Balance under this account will be invested in approved pension funds, including approved pension funds offered by AIA. Which is bigger, 4 or 90? AIA Group Limited, known as AIA (友邦保險), is an American founded Hong Kong multinational insurance and finance corporation. Hong Kong (852) 2232-8888. AIA Hong Kong & Macau’s chief operations officer Ip Man-kit. We uphold our brand promise of being a real life company to make a positive difference by helping people live longer, healthier, and better lives. We’ve toured Macau looking for the best and here they are! Please share with us by leaving your feedback! AIA Hong Kong and Macau | 16,444 followers on LinkedIn. AIA offers a broad range of career choices across 18 markets. Join Benefits AIA Central Massachusetts (AIA CM) is the Central Massachusetts Chapter of the American Institute of Architecture, a national organization based in Washington, D.C. that has been the leading professional membership association for architects and allied partners since 1857. ✓   The Individual Account of CPF is composed of three sub-accounts: a Government-managed sub-account, a Contribution sub-account, and a Preserved sub-account; ✓   The Individual Account of CPF has a portability feature, i.e. If you are looking for places to shop for packaging-free, eco-friendly and sustainable items in Macau, here is a good list to embark on your journey. Do you have more information about it? Find our products and services according to your insurance needs. began as a convenience store before gradually transitioning into a collectors’ paradise, where people can find and revisit nostalgic memories from decades past. Our values Our standards Leadership. Build Your Strength at Macau’s multi-million-dollar, state-of-the-art fitness centre. 1 January 2018); ✓   Contributions made to Joint Scheme cannot be used to offset dismissal compensation; ✓   For further details, please refer to the website of Fundo de Seguranca Social (“FSS”). AIA is committed to helping you meet your financial needs and goals with a wide range of life and health protection and long-term savings products. and In alignment with the revised Advisory Guidelines on the PDPA for NRIC and other National Identification Numbers that the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) issued on 31 August 2018, AIA Singapore has ceased using NRIC/Passport Number/FIN as the default login IDs for all platforms to enhance the safeguarding measures to protect your personal data under our care. AIA Macau Balanced Fund is an open-end pension fund incorporated in Macau. AIA Tower is in close proximity to the Macau-Taipa Bridge and is right in the center of the web of government institutes and world-class hotel facilities, including the Macau government headquarters, the Portuguese consulate and the old Hotel Lisboa. If you have forgotten your username, please click here.. If you are not a big fan of lifting weights alone in a gym, check out our list of group workouts in Macau to attend with company! Mr. Peter Crewe, Chief Executive Officer, AIA Hong Kong & Macau, shares with you how AIA supports our customers and the community during this critical period in … If you are tired and bored with mojitos and negronis and need tips on what else to try, check out our guide to Macau’s best cocktails. We are sorry for any inconvenience that may cause. A hot bowl of Japanese ramen would surely satisfy any noodle craving. Partners. The minimum amount of monthly contributions to be made by the Individual Account holder is MOP500, and the upper limit is MOP3,300 with each increment must be in unit of MOP100; ✓   Individuals who have participated in the Joint Scheme can also participate in the Individual Scheme, and staff members of public sector can only participate in Individual Scheme. www.aia-pt.com AIA Tower is strategically located in the heart of the central business district. Chief Executive Officer Luc said: “We are very happy to have completed our Centennial event here in Bagan and bring the rich history of AIA to Myanmar. "AIA Hong Kong & Macau has always recognized the importance of engaging in people’s lives. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. aia hong kong & macau continues year-long centennial celebrations. AIA Tower is in close proximity to the Macau-Taipa Bridge and is right in the center of the web of government institutes and world-class hotel facilities, including the Macau government headquarters, the Portuguese consulate and the old Hotel Lisboa. Please refer to the Management Regulation for more information. During this time, staying in and limiting the hours outside can help keep you safe and healthy. Know more about the differences between joint scheme and individual scheme. Belinda Chim studied in Australia before returning to her hometown Macau, where she’s been spreading the word on the beauty of calligraphy! the contribution sub-account will not be settled because of the termination of labour relations; ✓   Individual Accounts owner can transfer funds between any of these sub-accounts; ✓   Under normal circumstances, Individual Account owners aged 65 or older may apply to withdraw, but only once a year, all or part of the funds from their Individual Accounts; ✓   If an Individual Account owner is under age 65 but satisfies with the legislative requirement, he/she may apply for early withdrawal (e.g. That is our service to our customers and our shareholders. Located in the AIA Tower 4th floor, in the heart of Macau. AIA Hong Kong and Macau | 16,444 followers on LinkedIn. Under Joint Scheme, both employers and employees each make monthly contributions calculated at 5% of the employee’s basic wage of the month; ✓   If the employee whose basic wage of the month after deducting contributions is less than the minimum wage (i.e. Equity, diversity, and inclusion Reach out. Coloane is home to most of the hiking trails in town. AIA Customer Care Line 1 500 980 atau 021-30001980 Buka hari Senin-Sabtu, pukul 08:00-20:00 WIB. If you have not yet applied for a password or if you have forgotten your password, please click here.. Find a chapter. Design. ✓   This is automatically opened by the FSS, of its own motion, for each Individual Account owner of the CPF; ✓   This account is to be managed by the FSS primarily for the recording and management of funds allocated by the Macau Government and the balance transferred from other sub-accounts; ✓   Source of funds include a one-time incentive basic funds of MOP10,000 + Special Allocation from Budget Surplus, of which allocation is based on the Macau Government annual budget surplus. aia hong kong & macau. We walked them all and came up with the most comprehensive Coloane hiking trails guide. Hong Kong Island AIA Wealth Select Centre 12/F, AIA Tower, 183 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong. AIA offers a broad range of career choices in all markets in which we operate, whether you choose to pursue a professional career in our corporate function or to establish yourself as a successful financial planner. ✓   This is to be managed by the fund management entity such as AIA, primarily for the recording and management of the balance transferred from the Contribution sub-account due to termination of labour relations (i.e. Similarly, the employee and employer may jointly or separately make contributions for the exceeding part over the upper limit; ✓   Individual Scheme is set up and participated voluntarily by the Individual Account holder. AIA is the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group – with a presence in 18 markets across the Asia-Pacific region. AIA recognises everyone has different needs at different stages of life. We have the best places in Macau for happy hour deals on drinks and snacks! if he/she is in certain situations such as a need to bear huge medical expenses or other properly explained reasons); ✓   However the upper limit for the amount that can be withdrawn varies according to the different reasons for withdrawal; ✓   The balance in the Individual Accounts of CPF cannot be sealed up nor be transferred out; ✓   For further details, please refer to the website of Fundo de Seguranca Social ("FSS"). link to AIA.com. Náv is a Macau-based collective performing with handpans. Information of Macau CPF, more about individual account, include government managed sub account, contribution sub account, and preserved sub account. The employer and employee choose a suitable pension fund and investment allocation for their respective contributions; ✓   When the employee’s contribution period meets the requirement for obtaining all of the contributions of his/her employer, the employee will have the right to decide the investments choice of his/her employer’s contributions; ✓   If the employer is already participating in a private pension fund plan such as AIA’s, the employer has the right to decide whether to set up the Joint Scheme or remain in the current private pension plan; ✓   The contribution paid by the employers towards the Joint Scheme will enjoy an extra 2 times of tax concession within the first 3 years of the CPF come into force (i.e.

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