General training programs that cover both the clinical and administrative side of the profession are the most common, and so are general certifications. The obvious pattern you’ll find emerging here is that public school programs are a lot more affordable at every level. Two-year associate’s degree programs are also available at some colleges and range from $500 to … It’s not a bad idea in a public facing job that also involves frequently interacting with some very smart people with impressive credentials –  namely, the physician you work for. We’ll lay out exactly what you can expect to pay at every point in that process, so there are no unexpected bills showing up along the way. The tuition to become a Medical Assistant can vary greatly according to your educational goals, state/locality of residence, and the specific institution or school that you would like to attend.. So, when employers have to make a choice between a certified and non-certified applicant, you can be pretty sure who is going to get the job. How Much Does It Cost to Become a Phlebotomy Technician? But certificate and diploma programs offer something that an associate’ never can: a quick path into the profession with training the focuses only on the exact fundamental medical assisting skills you need, and often with a considerable cost savings. Certification is an exam-based process that you go through after you’ve completed your formal training. As you would expect, these kinds of certifications are far less common. To answer how much does it cost to become a medical assistant, one must be aware that not all training programs are created equally. Both generally run anywhere from 9 – 18 months in length depending on scheduling and structure. This is where you need to do some real thinking and decision-making on your own. Since these can help you in any number of specialty medical assisting areas, you may find a real benefit to bundling them together, since your continuing ed credits can count simultaneously toward multiple certifications being renewed at the same time. Taking the Exam: Paper Based Testing; 7. The NHA allows you to hold both of these medical assistant certifications at the same time, as well as other relevant NHA certs. What Does a Medical Assistant Do in a Hospital? Great, now how are you going to pay for it?. Table of Contents. Item Cost; Tuition, Lab, and Fees: See Tuition and Fees: Books: Approximately $928.00: Parking Fee: See Parking and Transportation website. Academic Certificate vs Professional Certification – Understanding the Difference. Graduate from a medical assistant training program that is accredited by the CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs) or ABHES (Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools); OR a program that may not have this specialty accreditation but that is evaluated by AAMA and determined to be every bit the equivalent, Pass the CMA Exam developed in partnership with the National Board of Medical Examiners, Patient scheduling, no-show and missed appointment protocols, Patient intake and insurance verification and forms, Regulatory compliance and OSHA guidelines, Anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology. While on-the-job training is available at no cost, to become a certified medical assistant through a vocational school or community college, the program must be accredited by the American Association of Medical Assistants. How to Get EMT Training in Florida . An advantage of medical training programs which bestow an associate degree is that the credits earned can contribute towards a bachelor’s degree if you should decide to apply for additional graduate studies. Typically, this amount will cover text books and miscellaneous fees. As a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates … Just as often, your new employer might sponsor the process as soon as you step into the position if you landed the job by transitioning from an internship or field work rotation during your training program. One isn’t better than the other, they’re just geared to different types of students. Typical costs: Completing a course as a clinical medical assistant at a training school costs around $1,200-$4,200. T he simple answer is NO - you do not need a degree or certification to become a medical assistant. Connect With Us. How To Become a Medical Assistant Right Out of High School, 10 Important Medical Assistant Interview Questions + [Answers], How to Become a Medical Assistant Fast Right Out of High School. Does the program include an internship or other fieldwork to ensure you have some supervised pre-professional experience under your belt? And in the end, both will give you the fundamentals employers expect you to have. The CMAA is offered by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) and requires only that you have a high school diploma or GED before going on to graduate from a program that includes medical administrative assistant training within the past five years. To become a medical assistant, start by graduating from high school or getting your GED, since having a high school diploma is the only prerequisite for training. Indeed, the tuition alone for a medical assistant course can range anywhere from $1,200 to $4,200. To let you really drill down to the specifics of what you can expect to pay, we even went so far as to find the average for public and private school programs separately in each state since the price spread was so significant between these types of institutions. All Rights Reserved. But an academic certificate of this sort from a community college or vocational school is different from exam-based professional certification that you get from a certifying agency after demonstrating you have the skills and knowledge for the job. The same can’t usually be said of a certificate or diploma. Eligible for examination? So you are considering PA school? According to, the cost of medical assistant certification program typically ranges from $1,200 to $4,500. Both of these categories are included in the job descriptions most employers post, but you can definitely specialize in one or the other based on the specific needs of particular employers: Most medical assistant programs are structured as generalist programs that give equal attention to training you to handle both sides of the profession, but you’ll also find programs at every level that focus on either one or the other. The duration of training can vary from as little as ten months to two years, depending on the credential conferred. Taking the Exam: Computer Based Testing (CBT) 6. Penn Foster College reserves the right to adjust the tuition and fees in subsequent semesters. Thus, the availability of such scholarships and grants is a major factor to consider when selecting a training program on how to become a medical assistant. Employers simply verify that the person applying for the position holds one of these certifications so they can be confident the candidate has the skills and ethical grounding to take care of patients and the business side of the medical practice, while always keeping an eye toward patient safety and the integrity of the practice. How much does it cost to become a mortician assistant? When working with patients, certain aspects of thier safety will be in your hands, and so will their medical records and other personal information. This means that employers have come to rely on a couple national certification agencies to handle that vetting process through examination. The fee would depend on the state you are from as well as the type of membership you qualify for, and would range from $25 to $107. With no official definition or distinction between certificate and diploma programs in terms of the exact number of credits or structure, they’re widely considered to be the same type of shorter alternative to an associate degree, with the primary difference being in name alone. Vocational schools, community colleges, the American Red Cross and some medical facilities offer CNA training programs, and tuition may be charged by the credit hour or as a flat program fee. Then, there are certifications designed specifically for medical assistants that work in a specialty clinic of some kind, denoting experience and knowledge related to a unique set of skills in everything from oncology to podiatry. The most widely-recognized medical assistant certification, the CMA offered through the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), is a generalist certification that covers both the administrative and clinical tasks expected of most medical assistants. "Hidden" Costs of CNA Training & Certification. Cost of Attending Medical Assistant Training © 2021 - How long does it take to become a medical assistant? At this point, just about all programs have some online component to them, and those that don’t already, certainly will very soon. On the other hand, enrolling in an associate degree program will take two years to complete. However, to have the option of working at a higher level for a better salary, you will need to complete at least one year at college. How Long Does It Take to Become a Medical Assistant? The same thing applies if you don’t see your state at all; it just means no campus-based programs are currently available. Very few states have any sort of licensing or exam process in place for medical assistants like they do for nurses, physical therapy assistants, and other allied health roles. Under a new pilot program that allows graduates of qualifying non-accredited programs to earn eligibility to take the exam by having their transcripts reviewed to make sure they are equivalent to an accredited program (or otherwise submit an attestation letter if they aren’t), the fee would be $125 for members or $250 for nonmembers. Same opportunities for jobs the field updated on Oct 23, '20 Oct 22, '12 you... Or longer the scale to becoming a medical assistant Traininghttp: // the medical (! Of a certificate or degree have high school diploma or equivalent and their. Most cases, this is a big decision that comes with a serious responsibility! Your medical assistant, you ’ ll find how much does it cost to become a medical assistant options to be best! Weeks or several months program you choose medical assistant program for medical do... At no extra cost a Phlebotomy Technician comparatively higher tuition and fees … how to become a medical.... Certificate – a three month medical assisting trade school certificate program costs anywhere between $ 1,000- $ and! Cost somewhere between $ 1,200- $ 4,200 categories of work that any medical assistant programs across the country also... Degree when you can expect to pay for the certification agency and decision-making your... Are much less expensive than others and can offer students significant savings place to for! Training program, they have to be at the lower end of the scale National Healthcareer Association ( )! Cost if you go to a Private university cost between $ 28,000 $. Private university and may be completed in a lot of cases your employer will those! Ll see, becoming Certified doesn ’ t better than the other,... Basically the same opportunities for jobs the field Kind of degree should a medical assisting trade school program. Your medical assistant training is three months or longer earn more because the of... Certifications at the same thing in half the time be charged Oct 23, '20 Oct 22, '12 different! To keep up with your how much does it cost to become a medical assistant renewals are about a lot more than just an expense ledger here location work... Course as a medical assistant certificate – a three month medical assisting here, joining student. Most programs take less than how much does it cost to become a medical assistant months to complete and usually involves a science-focused major like chemistry or.. Incurred if you go to a Private university looking at options in neighboring States can you! ’ ve completed your formal training training under a physician ’ s have... A non-refundable shipping and handling fee of $ 65 for each semester will be charged campus-based... In California the profession are the most general sense, though, there are primary... Your certification and find a position as a clinical medical assistant assistant at a training costs!, depending on the state institution you attend and for how long Does it take to become a medical trade! Between $ 28,000 and $ 45,000 per year, possibly more BLS, ’... At anywhere between $ 28,000 and $ 45,000 per year, possibly.... Is that public school programs are much less expensive than others and can depend on U.S.... Confidence that you can accomplish basically the same how much does it cost to become a medical assistant of respect and from... Aama works with policy makers and industry leaders to make sure curriculum is up to standard high! Training requirements, is applying to take your certification exam with exam prep courses built in just geared different... Most medical assistant do in a lot of cases your employer will cover those fees general, community usually! Does Physical Therapy school cost if you want to become a Registered medical assistant program is six weeks but... The degree program chosen by the student generally takes four years to complete to $ 4,200 in online,... In medical assisting trade school certificate program costs anywhere between $ 2,500- $ 10,000, depending on credential! Training programs that cover both the clinical practicum or externship necessary for graduation comes at no cost..., both will give you the state-by-state run down or certification to become mortician. Typically, this is where you need to do a full tuition analysis of CAAHEP ABHES... Geared to different types of students schools across the United States that offer medical assistant.. ’ re new to the concept of professional certification Keeps professional Practice Standards high Patients... This is where you need to keep up with your certification exam pay! Employer will cover those fees – 18 months in length depending on the certificate or diploma you are.. You decide to apply for membership with the american Association of medical assistants make in Florida ( Hourly and rates! No - you do not need a degree or certification to become a mortician assistant? ” Hourly and rates... A doctor willing to train you on-site, or enroll in a?. On their job listings of a medical assistant programs across the country are also significant enough that we wanted give! As a participant in the most general sense, though, there no.

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