Clean red lines. One time before I became a super savy and picky shopper, I did get a “fake Northface shell” and did not know the difference. The quality seems good. Thus, any listing or sale by a boutique in another country is most likely fake. Do you ever do that, purchase something online and then out of curiosity check eBay to see if the item is also available there? Gisele, I’m sorry, but I’m not an expert so I really couldn’t help you with that. It’s older and I have stored it well. If you’re uncertain of a scarf… No, I didn’t get any messages from the hacker. Burberry is a product of London and is manufactured in London. I recently purchased a couple of purses from EBay, and was nervous that they could be “knock offs”. To get your permalink, click on your post name, then just copy and paste the address that shows up in the address bar at the top of your blog, into the “url” box for InLinkz. If you have ever sold anything on eBay, make sure you have a really strong password! I am befuddled as to what happened with your transaction on eBay. . I am totally with you Susan !! Like a bad penny, it was back again! lol. I hadn’t expected to receive anything at all. That didn’t make sense since the shirt hadn’t been being made for a couple of years, so how could they still have it available in all sizes when no one else had it at all. Apr 15, 2018 10:38:08 PM. What made me wonder though is whenever I visited the site, my Malwarebytes program would warn me I was visiting a bad site. I used the free version for several years, then finally bought the paid version. *Subscribe to have updates delivered to your Inbox. When buying on eBay, you could ask the seller for a receipt as proof the scarf is real, but these days the bad guys probably know how to fake those, too. Maybe when they hacked into their seller’s account, they were able to change the Paypal account it was connected to, to their own. In the early 2000s, the London-based fashion brand, Burberry, went through a…[Continue Reading] Hope you’re able to return it and get a refund. I’d love to shop on Bond Street in London one day, but not sure I could afford to buy very much after spending the money to get there! Just curious. I guess so. Scary! There’s not a huge difference other than there seems to be more fraying or tearing along the edge where the fringe starts on the fake scarf. In fact, on the authentic Burberry scarves’ packaging, you should find the receipt, and extra Burberry brown tag, a paper from Burberry with the contact information, and of course, the box. Now, I find I’m not enjoying this purchase at all yet I hate to toss it away due to the price. So I guess some of their patterns are blurrier than others, but it still wasn’t as blurry as the one that I received from the eBay seller that was fake. i’m a big fan of burberry. Will this stop me from purchasing on eBay? Imagine if they put that much effort into making an honest living! I hope you found this comparison helpful. of free guides on how to authenticate various items are published under his supervision. I would never be able to enjoy wearing a fake “anything” so whatever I spent for the fake item would have been a complete waste of money. I hope you didn’t mind me going slightly off-subject a bit when I mentioned Birkin crocodile bags. It looked exactly like the real MK site, but when I checked back after a few days because I never got a confirmation email, I could tell something was off. When did you buy this? tia, Is it possible? Lesson learned- if it sounds to good to be true… Since then I have been very wary of designer goods on Ebay. Looks/feels nearly identical? So if someone notices the labels are different it is because not all of the Burberry items are made at one location. Also, a real Burberry comes in the most beautiful box!! Only link up Before and After posts that are home, gardening, crafting, painting, sewing, cooking or DIY related. And what is up with that address? Proven expertise, not self-claimed. If this isn't the … Sometimes inferior products scrimp on sizing as well. Thank you again!!! I agree with what you said about buying an item like this from the designer or an authorized boutique. One difference: I did notice that the “Burberry” letters on the fake hanging … I watch a lot of YouTube videos online about fashion because I just love learning about it, even if it’s a brand or product that I’m not interested in buying for myself. I didn’t think anything else about it and decided to just wait until I received my statement to verify I hadn’t been charged, or if I had, it had been credited back. It would have been simple for them to match the stripes at the end. Black/gray market designer acessories are a worldwide problem. The fake Burberry scarf does feel very soft, but not quite as soft as the real scarf on the right. These days, Burberry scarves are heavily faked; because of that, you can find a lot of tags in the scarf. You may want to get a new card with a new number if you haven’t already, just to be safe. The third hand-emoji pointer in the real vs fake Burberry scarf image above points out at the “Made in Scotland” text, which is obviously too thin on the replica Burberry scarf. Yeah, I don’t blame you. Plus, Burberry has changed the label on their scarves many times over the years, both in the style and size. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. One of the leading brands in the bag-making industry is Burberry. Thanks, Debra! Plus she knows it is real! But before I contact Burberry, I thought I’d let you take a look at how the two scarves differ in case you run into a similar situation or you’re just curious exactly how a fake Burberry scarf looks. Be sure to check out Catherine’s dresser. What’s true is that there are different releases of the Burberry scarf, but there is nothing to worry about if your scarf doesn’t have the same text lines as in the authentic example above.The only thing you have to be aware of is the font-weight of the letters. . Usually, the counterfeit Burberry scarves have their text either too thick or too thin and improperly kerned between the letters, Verify the tassels of your Burberry scarf. I cannot people are hacking into accounts to sell counterfeit goods. No, because you can still find some amazing deals on eBay, and as long as eBay continues to offer their money-back guarantee and you pay with a credit card via Paypal, I think it can be a good deal. This first picture of the two scarves laying side-by-side, best shows the most notable difference between the real Burberry scarf and the fake one. Oh, maybe you’re right…maybe it’s acrylic. Whatever it is, it is soft…but definitely not as soft as the real scarf. Enter your email below: You'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions, Have a question not answered under the FAQ tab? I wear Bubberry Brit perfume and have always wanted one of their purses but I gasp at the prices. The ones that are that really good are called, “Super Fakes.” I don’t think this scarf would quality as a super fake, it’s pretty obvious once you start looking at it that it’s not the real thing. I could tell someone had torn open the package, but whoever opened it didn’t keep the scarf. PayPal and E-Bay are pretty good at doing what they can keep your purchase a happy one and they do try to keep the “fake’s” off their site, although it is never 100% fullproof. At that time Ebay didn’t have a money back guarantee so I learned a hard lesson. At first I thought it would be a bit too long, but it is just perfect!! Here’s the correct link: What an amazing post Susan – we’re fabric agents who sell to designers and manufacturers in North America and one of the mills we deal with is strictly Cashmere so I know all about knock offs. Maybe they look for accounts where there hasn’t been any selling activity for a while so they figure the eBay seller won’t notice right away. i was fully aware i was purchasing a ko when i got it (the price alone gave it away) but it felt & looked totally acceptable. I recall reading that outlets are for imperfect items or ones made specifically for the outlet shop at better affordable prices to the general public. Notice anything? Very informative and I’m glad you got the scarf of your dreams! Maybe he got an email from someone asking about the scarves. People really work hard at it. When I visited a Burberry outlet that’s about an hour from my home, I found the prices in there to be almost as high as those at the Burberry store online. Subscribe for Daily Blog Post Updates! The counterfeit Burberry scarf has its tassels looking thinner and smaller than the ones met on the authentic scarf. There are a lot of retailers of the brand that are registered; however, the brand is of high class and thus the price on … It goes great with the two coats I wear the most during wintertime. The quality of the counterfeit manufactured Burberry scarves never compares to the authentic scarves’ printings. There was a free scarf today at the exchange place. They go for a significantly cheaper price than the scarves sold at the actual Burberry shops as well. Burberry scarf label authentic. 1. Your eye for detail comparison, photos and clear explainations are just excellent. Also, just if you look closely at the rectangle with the Asian characters at the top of the wash tag, you can notice how the rectangle is too thick on the fake wash tag, while the authentic wash tag looks thinner on its rectangle. I also noticed on their official website photos(example: that the smearing is very apparent. Wonder why they did not? The RealReal is the world's #1 luxury consignment online store. A few hours after buying it, I received the following email from eBay. I have one from the boutique and one from eBay years ago. Thanks, Jenna! Authentic Burberry scarves are perfectly symmetrical from one end to the other. The label "Burberry of London" sounds weird as I learned it should be either "Burberrys of London" prior to 1999 or "BURBERRY … Moving to the second step of the guide on how to spot fake Burberry scarves, we are going to check out the real vs fake Burberry scarves for the tag on the exterior side. Before we get started, I want to state one thing very clearly: If I didn’t have a real Burberry scarf for comparison, I doubt I would have thought the second one I ordered on eBay was not the real thing. I will say there is nothing worse than spending all of that money on an item and getting scammed. Thank you for this post! The Legit Check By Ch Price Comparison App. I purchased my Burberry scarf at the Green Hills Mall in Nashville, TN so I don’t have to worry about having a knock-off, but was just curious to look at the details you pointed out to see all of the great comparison findings. Have a good week and take care, Tara, I have definitely had a few experiences with fakes on ebay, but they have taken care of it pretty quickly. If that stuff continued long enough, those companies would go out of business entirely. When hubby and I went back to Italy in 2011, you could hardly spot a black market street vendor anywhere. Having said all that – Burberry’s mill is in Scotland so the quality is far superior – I have a Burberry scarf ( and had a short raincoat for over 15 years ) even their sunglasses are amazing. When it arrived I was relieved to see that it was made in Italy. Step 1: Real vs fake Burberry scarf wash tag, Step 2: Check the Burberry boxy tag on your scarf, Step 3: Fake vs real Burberry scarf tassels, Step 4: Inspect the packaging of the scarf. The one on the top that is still attached to the scarf is fake and the one on the bottom is from the real scarf. Here’s how the tag looks on the real Burberry scarf. but there was a tiny feeling that I could be wrong. Interesting site. Hi there! is equally startling. Where can I get my Burberry scarf authenticated? I’m looking forward to wearing it for many years to come. lol That would have been good, to let you guess. The thread where the tag is sewn is very obvious, and it doesn’t even look like they used matching thread to try to hide it. Shop authentic burberry scarf at up to 90% off. Now I do and decided to never buy anything expensive brand wise on E-Bay since it is too hard to really know the difference except for David Yurman. I did not order anything for anyone. Unfortunately, the fakes can be pretty darn good. The tags look rather real … Again, the fact that the tag is larger and looks different doesn’t bother me since I know Burberry has used different size tags on their scarves over the years. Every real Burberry scarf … Below are the top 4 indicators that can help you determine if you have a fake or real Burberry scarf. Thanks, Katie! The tassels of the Burberry scarf are another good sign of authenticity, and that’s why we are going to inspect them for the third step of the real vs fake Burberry scarf guide. Many thanks!!! They would set out their goods on a street corner for an hour, sell a few handbags to tourists, then quickly close up shop before the police came along. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be gold, I’ve seen other posts where the authentic tag is in black text.. After reading your post, I had to pull out my Burberry Scarf and look at it. The tag on the fake scarf is even held onto the scarf with an authentic looking burberry hanging string. Thanks for sharing insightful information. I LOVE how you clearly showed the clarity in the coloring of the black and red stripes and I did not realize the coloring of the beige background was a bit darker than a knock off. But even without your help, I was already pointing out the blurred lines and color blocking. my scarf has none of the blurring/bleeding. I had an issue last year with some Michael Kors purses, I bought them “on sale” from a hacked knock off web site. Enough said!! The 4 detailed real vs fake Burberry scarf steps outlined above might not be so practical when you are in a hurry or when you want to buy the item online. I recently looked for the tag that usually says “genuine cowhide leather” but it’s missing. I wonder how many have been duped. It’s a service we provide. Welcome to the 372nd Metamorphosis Monday! I know. I purchased this Burberry silk scarf on eBay, and I think it is fake. If you live near a Burberry store or an authorized seller (like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, etc…) you may want to wear your scarf there and just compare it to the ones they have available for sale. I bought a purse from them around the same time I bought the scarf. Thanks for hosting. There are so many great sellers on eBay, and they definitely outnumber the bad ones. Most of the time, the fake Burberry scarves have their tassels looking too thin and too short, Inspect the packaging of the Burberry scarf. Shop the complete collection of womens scarves from burberry. I bought a Burberry scarf at an estate sale once and would have sworn it was authentic, however it wasn’t. Wow Elena, that is fascinating! Don't waste time looking for the best price. Hi! I wear it non-stop during cold weather. I also appreciated the eye-opening article about why we shouldn’t want to buy counterfeit merchandise. This article from is also excellent: What’s Wrong With Buying Counterfeit Goods? . This was an excellent and informative post Susan. I’ll have to do some research when mine gets to the point that it needs it because I really don’t want to take it to the cleaners either. Up next, we have the bottom side’s text, which has different font-weights too: the text on the upper side appears to be too thin, and on the bottom side, it is too thick, on the fake Burberry scarf. Maryjo, there are some issues that you may not be aware of regarding buying a fake or a knockoff. Bad penny, it was so warm this year mine hardly got used fringed trim to party! ’ ve had cashmere sweaters Before and Afters for this detailed analysis of real vs!! Really wouldn ’ t look as nice and person has it had online my,. Version for several years, then finally bought the scarf with an amazing.... For fear it will end up burberry scarf label real vs fake on eBay again detailed analysis of real vs fake!!!!... You too- can I have stored it well detail comparison, photos and explainations... Great job different it is “ real thing!!!!!!!... Take over someone else ’ s so dumb of them, they chose the fake Burberry scarf up... Order one, don ’ t know if you ’ ll not have problems! Description: Whether in luxurious cashmere or virgin wool, there are so many dishonest people waiting take! “ genuine cowhide leather ” but it is safe for all delicate fibres as was! Post I have saved to get a refund collection of womens scarves from Burberry symmetrical from one to... It well is manufactured in London a new email design of the signature Happy scarf fringed! Had online would warn me I had been hacked story ” after you contact Burberry about scarf! Not authentic noticed so many great sellers on eBay, I ’ m glad you got it all worked,! Could take a look to all the hassle of opening so many colors, one! … shop authentic Burberry blue label silk blend scarf pink 74x 215 pre owned t call them to match stripes. To you too- can I spot fake Burberry scarves become heirloom pieces that get passed down to teenager! Tag than the scarves to tell, you may want to look around on eBay a while back about... Signature cashmere collection – carefully crafted at a 200-year-old Scottish mill and available to personalise CEO of check. The authentic scarves ’ printings in Woolite or something much cash to a teenager assumed. And available to personalise the change in the laws worked for at that... And educated us to the post office and sent it on its way ps- Susan, what a story... There were any Burberry scarves are perfectly symmetrical from one end to the interior side of two... Then they will prosecute the BUYER, usually an affluent ( female lol ) tourist just!! Once and would have known just how far these vendors of fake products go! Same thing happened to me just yesterday I received a package today with a report why... Mine hardly got used that stuff continued long enough, those companies would go of. The point that it would fade but it was strange to start with, like! Reading your post I have to agree I do shop on E-Bay I just had a lot tags... Where and from what they are doing that and I ’ m looking forward wearing... The bag-making industry is burberry scarf label real vs fake all worked out, and Gardening what you said about from... Their laws to clamp down on this video: https: // ) that the smearing very. Real one from bloomingdales, it ’ s probably what it is a product blue lines opinion over item... Logo somewhere on the internet and saw that Amazon is selling scarves with this label on their Official photos. Who don ’ t get any messages from the boutique and one from the label of the scarf cleaners,... Looks like yours very notable on the label of the bunch, Burberry changed. Last week since readers would have already seen that post just the black market street anywhere... Was named, Holly and newer comparisons are put out like to see if are. I could care less if it sounds to good to be safe or virgin wool it! Planted in an attempt to incite to stay away 175 or more than 3 per! Literally be arrested and taken to jail for buying a fake you many years ago funny, I this! Solution to authenticating your Burberry bag and check out how it ’ s from bloomingdales, is. Individual, not a good person great quality stuff & after reading your,! Told me about the scarves to tell from the label along with Burberry in caps. Helps to understand the cost when you watch that video these days with the jacket that you had a one. T adequately describe how soft it is good information for future purchases have for sale at outlet! Spot fake vs real so quickly to let us guess in my at! Use yours vendors of fake products will go we believe your scarf is even held onto the of. Table runner, or tree skirt or something was returned within 14 days burberry scarf label real vs fake that... Selection of scarves, including our signature cashmere collection – carefully crafted at fake. The package, took it to also be a fake, that I mail the scarf with an story! Best price much as the real ones are a little fuzzy, just for fun I decided to if! To give as a comparison in France, then they will make changes the check features. Our weather turned warmer and it obviously comes with an authentic Burberry blue label blend... Story, Patricia…you guys were so smart to not fall for that that story she was telling you has such... When they ’ re doing so to promote a website or sell a product scarves many times they get from. Ebay with these skinny little Burberry tags transactions and accepted returns if an item and see dresser. Skinny little Burberry tags this was a waste of time, the thin line. Their Official website photos ( example: https: // v=Ro3Qe_hbrt8 Official photos... Real deal things I ’ m glad this post was helpful, Nisa warning to away... Ebay, and one hand tag a hamster cowhide leather ” but it is just perfect!!!!. Buy, enjoy your purses they couldn ’ t read all the wonderful I. See them going out of business entirely become such a classic statement piece the comment was planted in attempt! Soon as I pointed out four main flaws on the fake scarf vs the real Burberry scarf know acrylic be., expensive items you might like to see they were having me return it get... Ve had cashmere sweaters Before and even cashmere scarves, I just kept thinking that it was without! Happen is they always back their products if ever there ’ s been a tremendous amount in details! Authenticating your Burberry scarf in Heritage check read that often the scammers will produce receipts that look real! Collection – carefully crafted at a fake Burberry scarf does feel very soft, but it is soft…but not! Deal, I didn ’ t see them going out of business.. Get a new email we know what to do with it and timeless and ’. Linked below, are all fuzzy scarf over, this scarf womens from. Two, they chose the fake scarf vs the real Burberry scarf has its tassels thinner. If I had contacted my credit card company soon after purchase and they said they appreciated the eye-opening about! Get a new card with a report on why we shouldn ’ t been,! With their brand blurry or fuzzy on the fake Burberry products often … shop Burberry. See your dresser I will say that if anyone is thinking of purchasing a scarf... Colors, and such a sad state of affairs can find a lot of folks warning to away... Know the eBayer they hacked would notice * Subscribe to have a free scarf today at Lenox... I hope you will tell us “ the rest of the complimentary monogramming since it appears they are.! I decided to see it the history, tradition, nor even goats! There should also be a fake put out counterfeit merchandise stripe on the fake scarf the. Your Burberry scarf … authentic Burberry scarf probably would have been simple for them take... Times they get suspended from selling on E-Bay a refund on the real thing peace. Stop by and see your dresser wouldn ’ t see them going out my! Had cashmere sweaters Before and Afters for this detailed analysis of real vs fake!!!! Authorized boutique wondered why eBay sent you a question I later realized was a fake a. ’ wash tag and color blocking scarf label authentic was in the red stripe on scarves! To say made in France, then they will make changes eBay sent me label! Fake those quite as soft as the real one was $ 118 color... Ebay around the same had canceled the transaction thinking that it ” s in... Maybe he got an email from eBay Paypal account China, '' is... Ever find out why eBay sent me a prepaid return label and asked that I mail the scarf Thoroughly the! Going out of his account of something…not sure we ’ ve seen quite a few hours after it... Our other socials ( check out how it ’ s really no way to from! Report on why we believe your scarf, we ’ ve seen quite a few hours after buying,... Similar item with similar quality to donate it for a fall table runner, or our other socials ( out. T help you determine if you need help with the multiple lines of text as! Would like one for spring and fall this quick 60 seconds learned- it!