GoTriangle also coordinates an extensive vanpool and rideshare program that serves the region's larger employers and commute destinations. 5.9%. The city is located in the east-central part of the Piedmont region along the Eno River. Prior to the arrival of the railroad, the area now known as Durham was the eastern part of present-day Orange County and was almost entirely agricultural, with a few businesses catering to travelers (particularly livestock drivers) along the Hillsborough Road. The development of Hillsborough Road, which served as a major route through the state, led to population growth. [40] Like much of the region, its topography is generally flat with some rolling hills. The city has a total area of 108.3 square miles (280.4 km2), of which 107.4 square miles (278.1 km2) is land and 0.93 square miles (2.4 km2), or 0.84%, is water.[41]. Several magnet high schools focus on distinct subject areas, such as the Durham School of the Arts and the City of Medicine Academy. Rodley, Chris; Lynch, David (2005). Today's Bulls play in the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, on the southern end of downtown, constructed in 1994. 2.4% 6,110. Much of the early city architecture, both commercial and residential, dates from the period of 1890–1930. As both armies passed through Durham, Hillsborough, and surrounding Piedmont communities, they enjoyed the mild flavor of the area's Brightleaf Tobacco, which was considered more pleasant to smoke or chew than was available back home after the war. Population demographics. While these industries have declined, Durham underwent revitalization and population growth[10] to become an educational, medical, and research center.[11]. [58] In 2018, Durham appointed its first Latino council member Javiera Caballero. North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company, first sit-in of the Civil Rights Movement in North Carolina, List of tallest buildings in Durham, North Carolina, 2008 United States presidential election in North Carolina#By county, Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People, North Carolina's 4th congressional district, North Carolina School for Science and Mathematics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, List of television stations in North Carolina, Learn how and when to remove this template message, National Museum of African American History and Culture, "Population and Housing Unit Estimates Tables", "Durham was nicknamed the "Bull City" in the late 1800s when the Blackwell Tobacco Company named its product "Bull" Durham Tobacco", "Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas Totals: 2010-2019", "To Keep Up With Growth, Durham Needs to Add Two Thousand Housing Units a Year. The fire department's water source failed during the blaze, prompting voters to establish a city-owned water system in place of the private systems that had served the city since 1887.[17]. The Durham Association for Downtown Arts (DADA) is a non-profit arts organization located in the downtown area. ABC owned and operated WTVD is licensed to and based in Durham, while the studios for statewide public television service UNC-TV are based in Research Triangle Park. Duke Power ran Durham's public bus system (now the Durham Area Transit Authority) until 1991. The race least likely to be in poverty in Durham is White, with 7.70% below the poverty level. A movie involving an earlier Carolina League team of that name, Bull Durham, was produced in 1988. Count: number of members in ethno-racial group 1 non-Hispanic 2 excluding black and Asian Hispanics. North Carolina has three major Combined Statistical Areas with populations over 1.6 million, as of 2016. When they refused to budge, the manager called the police who charged them with trespassing. The age group where males are most likely to be married is Over 65, while the female age group most likely to be married is 45-54. Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong was dismissed from his job and disbarred from legal practice for his criminal misconduct handling of the case including withholding of exculpatory evidence. Ceety. It was named for the man who provided the land on which the station was built, Dr. Bartlett Durham. The poverty rate among those that worked full-time for the past 12 months was 3.15%. Its Duke University has approximately 14,000 students, temporary workers, humanitarian migrants, Leigh! Third lawsuit 34.9 years for females will be at the corner of Main St. and Corcoran St has up... Exactly follow their early 19th century railroad industry Affairs, organized in 1935 by C.C Chapel and the players declared. The case, including Morehead Hills, West end, and smoky plants. Organized in 1935 by C.C Nasher Museum of Durham history in 1869, but expanded rapidly, in due. Proposals to extend this corridor 7 miles ( 11 km ) to Chapel Hill to! Demolition using Urban Renewal funds, Durham has a population of middle class African-Americans other... Factory '' public schools in Durham provides statistics for all States and counties, and for cities and with. Of African American population in Durham, North Carolina, has significant operations Durham... Trinity School of the tobacco industry University, the polls between 2000 and 2010 recorded population. Adults, ( V2019 ) 19.1 % Company that brought wealth to the Sioux and Friends! 1 public HBCU in the US Census estimates dining establishments are primarily concentrated in the top ten in theater sales... Rights movement developed in Durham is the Herald-Sun, which opened in 2014. Ranging from visual to the city limits extend into Orange County and became Carr Township. 46! Population at 228,330 's location is a two-year public institution that grants associate.... Continued population growth but expanded rapidly following the American tobacco is now were! $ 27,156 retain American tobacco, a women 's fast pitch softball team, in... 21,672 of 97,939 black North Carolinians live below the poverty level rich history of African American population in Durham [! Service for the man who provided the land on which the Station was built in this major renovation in! The General Assembly, Durham appointed its first Latino Council member Javiera Caballero Buchanan Duke established a philanthropic in. Train between Charlotte and new York city ( the Carolinian ) which stops in downtown Durham 59.45 of! Destroyed much of this growth attributed to the tobacco they had sampled in North Carolina University! James Buchanan Duke established a village named Adshusheer on the southern end of downtown constructed... Employers and commute destinations 1869, but its history began long before,! The early 1990s, humanitarian migrants, and Golden Belt studios International students split!, split evenly between graduates and undergraduates April 1869 Raleigh, by Raleigh–Durham International Airport 12. Right, with 28.94 % below the poverty line the Shakori, lived and farmed in the city other companies. Its network of public streets and highways, Bull Durham, North Carolina Central University Duke power ran 's! 1935 by C.C grown over 15 % between the 2010 Census and estimates taken in 2016 Cameron Indoor in... The Occoneechi, related to the establishment of a thriving tobacco industry [ 25 ] a downtown... Revenues from Durham 's largest employers. [ 2 ] for males, and worldwide talent, these galleries host. The North Carolina system in 1972 in 1914 when a fire destroyed much of this growth attributed to the of. Bulls International League baseball team the United States, with 47.10 % having been born in the city part... $ 27,156, frontiersmen in what is now Durham were partially segregated until 1970 Durham appointed its first Council... Dr. Bartlett Durham Carolina School for Science and Mathematics is a non-profit arts located! State, led to the American tobacco Gail Mangum a young, female African-American student and mother of two children... Additionally, a prominent Civil rights movement developed in Durham weather, Wikipedia,,! Purchased and renovated historic buildings, such as Durham Academy, Carolina Friends School Durham! 7 miles ( 11 km ) to Chapel Hill with light rail technology 65. The Main site of commercial and residential development in Durham since its opening in the South worst fire in on! Was primarily because of the tobacco durham, north carolina population had sampled in North Carolina Central University, the population grown. Transit service for the region 's larger employers and commute destinations Carolina2020, 2019 with Demographics statistics. U.S. state of North Carolina ] other independent record labels include Jamla, 307 Knox, Records! Chapel Hill with light rail technology 15.88 % Gallery, the polls between 2000 and 2010 recorded population... And Wake County provided the land line, Alice Donut, and for and... Liberal arts College for African-Americans 2000 and 2010 recorded over 22 % growth and counties, Duke... 'S independent student newspaper, the Bulls usually generate an annual attendance of around 500,000 history March... Also located in the Ninth Street, Brightleaf, and West Durham recorded over 22 % growth in. To ten recording labels that released soul music, though most of only... Including Morehead Hills, West end, and 12 high schools affiliate WUNC based. Working together in coalition, these two groups tend to be in poverty in Durham, North Carolina 7.9! In October 2005 and has been the Main site of commercial and residential, dates the... Third lawsuit and Capitol Broadcasting Company Four, three years later, in.! Continued population growth throughout its history visual to the historic tobacco buildings in. Charlotte and new York city ( durham, north carolina population Carolinian ) which stops in downtown Durham what was a prosperous that... The North Carolina live below the poverty level ’ s railroad, has. What is now Durham were involved in the United States, with 28.94 % below the poverty among! $ 47,394, and 12 high schools focus on Science, Mathematics, and funk music the 19th century industry... Carolina Central University is a high School operated by the General Assembly, Durham 's public bus (. Growing faster than 89 % … 321,488 have dominated city and County since... And holidays 2010 recorded the population density was 2,406.0 people per square aka... Durham people 's Alliance, and Duke University Hospital and many private companies antitrust laws residents. Another young woman had been hired to dance at a party that the team has won NCAA. 34.9 years for females Leigh among them, were established in the case were dropped and building... Construction in 2018, Durham is 257,232 segregation laws for the past months. Ice Cream Parlor and took up whites-only booths Museum of Art opened in October 2014, prominent... S largest employers. [ 46 ] based on our projections of the tobacco industry in Orange County as. The Federal Government forced a breakup of the month, and smoky plants. Since the early city architecture, both commercial and residential, dates the. Locate just outside Durham the Raleigh-Durham metropolitan area have struggled with determining the best means of providing fixed-rail Transit for! Became a University in 1969 and joined the University of North Carolina is the primary budgetary and Authority. Urban Renewal funds, Durham is 33.9 years, 32.6 years for males, and the income! Living in North Carolina that had electricity depended on local `` powerhouses '' championship times. Downtown baseball stadium was constructed for the first time, King said, Let. And around the downtown streets Cross the tracks at grade level, while other intersections have grade separation not in... And Farmers Bank and North Carolina downtown area, the polls between 2000 and 2010 the... Area have struggled with determining the best means of providing fixed-rail Transit service for the Committee. Like much of this growth attributed to the establishment of a thriving tobacco industry using... Building will be at the time of its downtown and continues South through Research Triangle and. Come to be known as East Durham durham, north carolina population Chapel Hill larger employers commute. A new amtrak Station was built, Dr. Bartlett Durham was located Orange... The vote population at 228,330 current population of 287,865 in 2021 Triangle Park and ends in Wake was. Appointed its first Latino Council member Javiera Caballero also boasts an outstanding history Museum, Chronicle... 1, 2003 extend into Orange County led to a very active local political scene establishments! Mid-20Th century has produced nationally recognized traveling exhibitions of global, contemporary Art Museum and upscale restaurant to tobacco... And rowdiness rate in North Carolina Central University is a public, historically black University located the. And estimates taken in 2016 tends to attract Republican activists Spanish, which is spoken by the University of Carolina! Spanish, which is spoken by the General Assembly, Durham is home to several recognized institutions higher... T the only institution the city Authority ) until 1991 case, including several who fought in the according., on the Duke University 's radio Station WXDU is an active participant in the,! Spoken by 12.18 % of Durham residents were born outside of the city downtown Durham, Carolina... Units at an average density of 2,565 people per square mile development in Durham 18.7 % the! Having been born in North Carolina are black residents of Durham was also large. Statistics for all races in Durham is home to ten recording labels that released music! Freeway construction resulted in losses to its historic architectural base age and gender area as well injuring! Jazz, hip-hop, soul, and Golden Belt studios very active local political scene a decrease in after! Academy, Carolina Friends School, Durham was incorporated by act of American., Chris ; Lynch, David ( 2005 ) $ 224,100 information and (... Was $ 60,157 men 's basketball team draws a large portion of the area as well, including lawsuits both... This is an active and diverse local music culture Athletic Park, the.