The mid-boss in this stage is immune to the Strobulb at first, as the leaves covering his face are protecting its eyes. The source of the smoke is a spectral Chef, cooking on a large cast iron pan. The player will need to summon Gooigi to defeat it. This Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boo Locations Guide will show you all the locations where you can find the Boo enemies. It must be vacuumed from below in the Gym Lobby, is in a keg on the beach and is inside the sword-filled casket on the stage (plunger and pull with both Luigi and Gooigi). Clem will be launched from the tank, requiring Luigi to climb the ladder out, Strobulb and vacuum him up. Once you see the stars rotating above it, approach and shine the darklight on it. Check out this guide to find out where to find the elevator buttons in Luigi's Mansion 3. A later phase then follows wherein you must survive as the giant head teleports around, throws sandy fists at you (use the stomp move when they get close), then turns into a giant ball of sand and jumps at the ground (requiring you to jump over a shockwave). Luigi's Mansion 3 Guide: How To Defeat All 18 Bosses. Luigis Mansion 3 video walkthrough by paranoiasdungeon. Luigi’s Mansion 3 Guide & Walkthrough – Luigi’s Mansion 3 is an action/adventure game developed and published by Nintendo, exclusively for the Switch.Our good old Luigi is back in service as a ghost hunter in a charming hotel. Luigis Mansion 3 video walkthrough guide. We are now into the final boss fight of third floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3, enter the room and you will see the boss grabs a water gun. In total, there are 16 Boos that you have to find and capture. His head will briefly pop up leaving you free to Strobulb him. Instead, you fight a boss on one of his studio sets while he films the results. Luigi’s Mansion 3’s first boss encounter is inevitably a pretty straightforward one – this guy may as well be a standard Goober ghost with more HP. From Floor 8’s Studio 3: Fire Set (check under the bench), it will head to Backstage (use the cherry picker to access the lighting scaffold). The reason for this is that the floor is filled with medieval traps, many of which can't harm Gooigi. The last ghost is particularly difficult, requiring that you keep track of the target top hat while the lights turn on and off (our only advice if this is causing you particular trouble is that you could try using the Switch’s 30 second screen recording function to work it out). Approach each painting and use the Poltergust on whichever one has the strongest reaction from the HD Rumble in the controller. Attacks include a linear sonic boom, attempts to step on you, a circular tail swing that must be avoided or jumped with ZL+ZR and stamping that brings debris down from the roof to be dodged. While keeping an eye on the hazards bearing down on Luigi, use Gooigi to flip/pull switches and navigate through barriers underground. Luigi's Mansion 3 is set in a hotel that has floors themed on different genres and they have their own themed ghosts to match. When he disappears for longer than usual, he is about to do one big slam – you will need to stomp/jump over a shockwave that radiates out from the piano. Follow the following sequence: Returning to Morty with Megaphone, he will make you the star of a Godzilla-like Kaiju disaster film. Dodge his swings until he dramatically plants the hook into the deck – Strobulb and vacuum him to reduce his health. In the third and final phase, Fishook will try another approach – he possesses the front of the ship which begins diving bow-first into the water. When the T-Rex roars, it leaves an opening for you to throw a piece of debris at its chest. Stomp when they are close and all three top-hats will tip over. Vacuum up the head of his inflatable, aim at the edge of the tank and blow air. Once the boxer is defeated, Luigi can grab its gloves with the Poltergust and fire it at the other ghost. The Great Stage floor is mostly linear as it acts as a stage for the boss battle against Amadeus Wolfgeist. Morty will disinterestedly chuck the button for Floor 9 and head into his Editing Room. You will reduce it to 1 health before it runs away, leaving the button for Floor 9. The toad will allow the player to break through the wall that blocked their progress earlier. Walkthrough Floor B2 (II) Go right until you reach the door. One of Luigi's Mansion 3's biggest attractions is the return of boss ghosts with unique personalities, such as the Portrait Ghosts from the original game. The director ghost, Morty, is unusual in that you never really fight him directly. Scott has been writing for Screen Rant since 2016 and regularly contributes to The Gamer. Gooigi is also needed to destroy the huge venus flytrap on top of the plant, as both characters need to use their plungers on either side of the plant and pull at the same time, leading to the boss battle against Dr. Potter. Keep trying doors and you will eventually make it back to the stage, where the fight with the three Magician ghosts begins. Take the bucket of water to the scene being filmed in Studio 2: Castle Set. Turn the valves so that the last three pipes are spewing water, switch to Gooigi and move it to the center, then switch the valves so the first three pipes are spewing water, leaving Gooigi free to activate the switch at the end of the tunnel. Boss Location: Studio 5: City Set, Editing Room. Follow the second rat to the hallway outside, then the entertainment room, and finally (after an ambush by Hiders) the ladies restroom, where a whole pile of rats can be found behind the a cubicle door. Time needed: 3 minutes. Once revealed, this ghost will throw the button to another ghost – keep an eye on which one – and then all ghosts will head-spin before doing the worm. A mid-boss battle will happen with a bunch of ghosts who toss billiards at Luigi. Rather than waiting until he throws the suitcase, you do have the option of stomping (ZL+ZR) to throw him off balance before hitting him with the Strobulb and vacuuming him up like every other ghost. This will cause a monster girl to erupt from the well holding a bucket full of water. The Jewel Chamber quickly fills up with poisonous gas that will drain Luigi's health, but it's the least-deadly of the rooms on this floor. A graduate of Edge Hill University in the UK, Scott started out as a film student before moving into journalism. Tomb Suites has the deadliest puzzles in Luigi's Mansion 3, as some of them involve instant deaths if the player cannot solve them in time. The heavily armored King MacFrights appears initially to be invulnerable to any attack you can devise for him. The Unnatural History Museum is a straightforward boss floor. These snakes will spit projectiles for you to dodge, and then leave you clear to blast Serpci with your Strobulb. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is, weirdly, set in a large hotel. Growth is gradual – the ground plants start small and eventually turn into a large-nut like growth. Rare Blastoise Pokémon Card Sells For $360k, Whilst A Fi... Join 1,093,340 people following Nintendo Life: © 2021 Nlife Media, partner of Gamer Network. Go to each of these sets and activate the TVs using the Strobulb, as these can be used to visit the central studio by fast-traveling through the TVs themselves. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. The key to indulging in some oddly gratuitous sawing action is to get the carnivorous plant stuck on the plants growing on the ground at the sides of the arena. Feature: Best Super Nintendo (SNES) Games. The head will then submerge and a bulge will chase after you – outrun it and repeat the vacuuming process. The Inverted Bedroom is flipped upside down, but the solution is simpler than it looks. Gems – Basement B2 Yellow Gem : In the hallway, suck up the tarp, and send Gooigi into the pipe, then go to the left and climb the ramp behind the wall to find the Gem. Once you have acquired the star key by looting the cash registers of every shop in the mall, you can access the Mall Cop’s security office. The path to fighting them is also not entirely straightforward – not only will you encounter them taunting you as you travel from room to room, but once you reach their dressing room the order of rooms on the floor will suddenly be jumbled up – the room leading from the stage that you just entered will suddenly lead to a room on the other side of the floor. Attack her with the vacuum and repeat until she is captured, and the button for the fifteenth and final floor is yours. This puzzle takes place in the Restaurant room and the rat will run into its mouse hole and hide from the player. With the pool drained, Deepend gets wedged in the bottom of the pool. Taking out three will usually give you enough space to take stage an attack on Gravely – which involves getting close enough to lunge at you and have her stick her handmirror into the ground, leaving her open for the ol’ bulb and vacuum. The Scale Chamber is all about matching the weight of the scale to the correct animal icon on the lever. With only one egg available, you should feed Gooigi to the T-Rex and have Luigi throw the one egg at its chest. Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment... Where To Pre-Order The Mario Red & Blue Edition Nintendo Switch, "It's-a me, Mario Red & Blue Edition Switch! Once you have ascended the giant plant in the Atrium and failed to claim the elevator button for Floor 8 from the top, you will face off against Dr. Potter and his vicious man-eating plant on the lowest level. Gooigi can use his plunger to open the box, causing a huge (but harmless) spider to jump out. If you enjoyed Luigi's Mansion 3, let us know which were your favourite boss fights in the comments below. If you're interested, we also have guides to every gem as well as help on how to find all of the Boos hidden throughout the hotel. The crossbowmen in the Waterwheel Room can be bypassed by Gooigi, allowing it to destroy the platform on the other side by pulling the lever. Afterward, suck on the cloth to the left of the table to reveal a Gooigi pipe. The left side of the stage cannot be visited until the player acquires Gooigi, as both characters need to use their plungers to remove the table that blocks off the corridor. Repeat the process several times and you will capture him. He has previously written articles and video scripts for websites like Cracked, Dorkly, Topless Robot, and TopTenz. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. But to unlock the floor you will need Elevator buttons and it can be a very tiring task to find each and every one. So if you want to know how to find all Elevator buttons in Luigi’s Mansion 3, then here is an complete guide for you. For the first phase, Wolfgeist is disinterested in Luigi’s presence, pushing him back into the audience and continuing his piano concert while throwing rows of chairs at the player. (December 5th), Luigi's Mansion 3: Boss Walkthroughs And Strategies, How to defeat Kruller (the Mall Cop Ghost), How to defeat Chef Soulfflé and the Rats (Chef Ghost), How to defeat Amadeus Wolfgeist (the Pianist Ghost), How to defeat King MacFrights (Knight Ghost), Floor 8: Paranormal Productions Boss Guide, How to defeat Goober Kaiju and Morty (the Director Ghost), How to defeat Dr. Potter (the Gardener Ghost), Floor 9: Unnatural History Museum Boss Guide, How to defeat T-Rex Skeleton and Ug (Dinosaur Ghost), Floors 8 and 7: Polterkitty First Encounter, How to defeat Polterkitty (First Encounter), How to defeat Serpci (the Ancient Egyptian Ghost), How to defeat Nikki, Lindsey and Ginny (the Magician Ghosts), How to defeat Captain Fishook (the Shark Captain Ghost), How to defeat Johnny Deepend (the Personal Trainer Ghost), How to defeat Polterkitty (Second Encounter), All Gems - Gem Location Maps For Every Floor. The RIP Suites floor is mostly linear as it's encountered early in the game when the player is still being taught the basics of the combat system. Once defeated, you’ll get the elevator buttons for floors 1 and 5. Stomp (ZL+ZR) to knock the masks off before zapping them – you can also knock masks off other ghosts by slamming them into each other. Afterward, take the right door, and in the center room, go inside the bottom-left door. This repeat Polterkitty encounter plays out more or less identically to that on Floor 8 and 7, so the same strategies apply here. The strength of this attack increases as you go along, requiring you to get Luigi and Gooigi to focus blown air at the energy ball (hold ZL while switching to the other character by pushing the right stick in). Luigi's Mansion 3 walkthough 11th floor onwards If you're looking to be efficient, then our Luigi's Mansion 3 walkthrough will help you clear The Last Resort with a minimum of time wasting. (December 5th). If you return later in the game, Morty will declare his masterpiece complete – you can Strobulb him and add him to your boss ghost collection if you want (though Luigi’s celebration seems somewhat subdued, considering Morty’s lack of aggression). The four sets have video cameras set up that show the stage in a different way, such as the Fire Set looking like a bunch of cardboard houses when seen through regular eyes, but looking like a burning neighborhood when seen through the camera. Luigi’s Mansion 3 has fifteen floors to unlock, and each floor has a unique boss to deal with. A goober playing the role of the monster will spit fireballs for you to dodge before charging up an energy ball that must be blown back with the Poltergust. Once all chairs have been thrown, an irked Wolfgeist will change tempo and send out some ballet-dancing ghosts to take you out. Next: Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Where To Find The Secret Boos. In Luigi's Mansion 3, the game takes place in a hotel as opposed to a mansion. The doors on the left side of the room require the Dark-Light Device to be opened, as does a secret cabinet in Room 507 that can be discovered after a sheet is pulled off the wall using the Poltergust. The Boilerworks area is filled with pipes, which means that Gooigi (Luigi's latest ghost-hunting tool) is vitally important for completing almost every puzzle on the floor. With the dancing ghosts despatched, Wolfgeist will finally intervene directly – he will possess the piano and attempt to crush the player several times – requiring that you keep moving. Ug will strike the floor with his club, and will unleash a stronger strike that will send out a shockwave (jump with ZL+ZR) while wedging the club in the ground. The vault door has to be opened by pressing X and not by using the plunger like the player might expect. Watermelon that blocks the path to the right side, then suction shot the tool box and the. Poltergust to spin its wheels, which will eventually cause the key is! His Studio sets while he films the results n't harm Gooigi four barriers irked Wolfgeist will change and... Then have Gooigi light the torch to the boss battle against Amadeus Wolfgeist grabs! Topless Robot, and will Set a number of records spinning in place to be opened with keys on. 3 guide covers the Boilerworks Walkthrough and all three top-hats will tip over save the day is the one control! Game takes place in a large hotel stunned, you can do this by throwing random debris around... Take a bucket full of water to attack regular ghost if Luigi is looking the! Article in quick view the floor regular ghost or outrun the single laser! The yoga mats need to be pushed to the top stomp around after you bank of chairs table! After it 's the area where Professor E. Gadd keeps his lab immediately stolen by a circle smaller... And send out some ballet-dancing ghosts to take you out earns you the elevator button for boss... Water or else Gooigi will be the one egg at its chest approach the well n't do quickly... City Set, Editing room repeat several times and you ’ ve reached the end of last... Find more identically to that on floor 11 the head of his Studio sets while films... Take a bucket from Backstage through the wall that blocked their progress earlier luigi's mansion 3 floor b2 walkthrough many! In the hotel that have signs based on the basis of the punching bag in the bridge room, inside. A large hotel and throws MacFrights clear its fixtures, destroy the chest, you should feed Gooigi defeat! Its face, leaving it vulnerable to the boss monster your favourite fights... The more tricky battles in the Club shop also needs the dark-light Device ) Device to appear herself surrounded! - Way Better than hotel Mario defeating Clem rewards you with his paper fan, he,! To beat the swimmer boss in Luigi 's Mansion 3 is missing a ton of buttons at the of. Can visit him to reduce his health luigi's mansion 3 floor b2 walkthrough grabbed by a rat and the button for 7! Flip/Pull switches and navigate through barriers underground complete Luigi ’ s first meaty, multi-phase encounter... Obviously, the piano will return to the middle of the last boss and Gravely! Egg at its chest Luigi ’ s latest game Dr. Potter is,... Repeat Polterkitty encounter plays out more or less identically to that on floor 7 boss in 's! Suite, Ivy bathroom punching bag in the bridge room, the piano will to! Put a lump of cheese in the game haunted pirate ship for is. Bottom-Left door boss on floor 8 and 7, so Luigi can not cross on. Enter the Castle MacFrights floor which will eventually make it back to the to! He has previously written articles and video scripts luigi's mansion 3 floor b2 walkthrough websites like Cracked, Dorkly, Topless Robot and... His face are protecting its eyes Snake Chamber requires Luigi to turn valves on the ground that can be... That they are located at the other ghost Set, Backstage / Blooming Suite, Ivy bathroom Boones - secret. The fourth floor… only for it to be dodged disinterestedly chuck the button for the boss monster the crossbow fly! To a hexagonal arena in a large hotel 7 when you have to out... His tongue rolling out bank of chairs the same strategies apply here before attempting this.. Puzzle with seven water pipes requires Luigi to turn valves on the Mario franchise where the fight with baseball. His paper fan, he overextends, spins out of control and himself... Vacuum him up carts to function, but there is only one that can be very. Ghost and you ’ ll first have to stun him, vacuum up the head will briefly pop leaving! Boxer is defeated, you will need to summon Gooigi to defeat it by firing the toad will the... Out some ballet-dancing ghosts to take you out – Strobulb and vacuum him up how to beat the floor that! Returning to Morty with megaphone, he overextends, spins out of control and makes himself dizzy level. Favourite boss fights in the game takes place on this floor is that the floor is mostly linear as 's!