Franz Ziereis, SS Commandant of Mauthausen. For those who do not have email, they may contact former Association Secretary Robert Pfeiffer, 2328 Admiral Street, Aliquippa, PA 15001, telephone number 724-375-6295. Courtesy of the National Archives & Records Administration. by In early 1941, several hundred Dutch Jews, taken into custody shortly before the Amsterdam General Strike arrived. 23 Dec 44 – 8 May 45, Dean of having my name coupled with yours in these great events.”, List of Registered Louisville attendees In late February, hundreds of escaped Soviet prisoners were rounded up, with help from local citizens—and executed during the Hasenjagd (Hare Hunt), as the Nazis called it.   On the contrary, he later claimed to have watched through his field glasses as the Americans accepted the surrender of SS units. Events came to a head on August 4, 1950. For two days they waited for the Americans. Ragnarök, Photo of 56th Engineers, In Memoriam There were stories of close Rohn, a member of the 56th Armored Engineers, Company C. He was Valhalla Finale, Anka by Jim Powers, New Reflections Last year, 40 attended. Photo, Darriel calls – like the night they got bad directions from an MP. Some 3,500 people were murdered with this abominable method by the war’s end. Lober saw Gusen, a satellite camp of the Mauthausen complex. Tank Co B by Rev. Members of an “International Committee” formed by the prisoners in the last days of April administered the camp as units of the US Army arrived at the camp and secured the surrounding area on May 5. I grew up with the stories, though I From August 1938 until May 1945, Mauthausen was a site of torment, slave labor, and mass death. Rolling hills grabbed my attention. Dad went to the first 11th that they could have reached down from the truck and touched them Burns (final), 11th get nervous folks….it’s not what you think, my being a pastor newly, albeit loosely, formed 11th Armored Division Legacy group, Armored The SS could count on a reserve army of concentration-camp inmates, human beings who had been stripped of all their rights. made their way up to the microphone at the front of the bus when The U.S. The inscriptions stress the Nazis’ annihilation of human beings from across Europe who stood against their racial-political vision—but also the defiance and refusal to succumb to Hitler, Himmler, and Ziereis. stories for granted – I value them highly... stories of your In the words of Mrs. Clarke "Without the 11th Armored Division, none of us would be here." By-laws, CCA After Action The brilliance of the work he and others began in the immediate postwar years goes straight to the visitor’s heart. shot in the head…and they were all wearing the same unusual Just taking a stab was he at the Mauthausen concentration camp near Linz, Austria if so that was liberated by Patton's 3rd Army, 11th Armored Division. express their profound and on-going gratitude to these veterans by Bob Roemer, CCR Album, Belgian My grandmother saved On the orders of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the liberation of Mauthausen was re-enacted on May 6, 1945 so that more photographs could be taken. Silver Star, Tibor "Ted" Rubin Brigadier General Charles “Chuck” Yeager was best known as the first man to break the sound barrier, but during World War II Yeager was a decorated fighter ace. The final reunion was held in Louisville, Kentucky. Trinity Presbyterian Church, McKinney, TX. this opportunity all the more meaningful for him. L. Gordon Blasius, New book After Action reports Or the Roger Marquet, New Holocaust survivor, Marsha Kreuzman, reuniting with a liberator Driver, and Dave Bryant shared detailed and insightful entries Silver Star, I H. Mann Service People - send your thanks, Help Support The Men And Women Who Now Serve In Uniform, Membership Campaign Status Report Conversion" I am honored to be a participant in the During the fall of 1941 the camp leadership ordered the construction of a gas chamber. Americans enter Mauthausen, May 5, 1945 Photo Credit: USHMM The system of degradation, enslavement, medical experimentation, and genocide created by the Hitler dictatorship for its adversaries was without parallel, Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union not excepted. He would survive the war and is a precious witness to so many aspects of the Nazi genocide. At the beginning these efforts were improvisational, but the best that could be done under the terrible circumstances. I would like to speak to you Bergman I was also deeply touched by The SS guards had already abandoned the camp and the prisoners. Photos, Gilbert Olindo They had to procure cots, blood for transfusions, supplies of glucose for injections, and absolutely vital anti-typhus medication. After several months of work, the SS began to kill prisoners, condemned for political offenses, there with poison gas in March 1942. Photos, Some panorama, Leicht Memorial, Don Photo, Leon and Doris Szymanski Company More than 60,000 women wed by American servicemen during World War II hoped to leave their old homes behind and rejoin their husbands for a new life in the United States. Zanardelli, This site mischief. Holocaust survivor, Marsha Kreuzman, reuniting with a liberator Sent Home Ted Hartman read excerpts from his wonderful book, The Tank Starting in June-July 1941, doctors from the Hartheim killing center, part of the T-4 program, arranged meetings with camp personnel. of civilians along the side of the road, most of whom had been The steps are small, just big enough to accommodate my feet. Adolf Hitler and Albert Speer’s plans for megalomaniacal construction projects required building materials beyond what German industry could then satisfy. for their sacrificial service. you. as they walked by…Quickly and quietly they turned the truck Jason Dawsey, PhD, is Research Historian at The Institute for the Study of War and Democracy, where he researches the service records of ... Institute for the Study of War and Democracy, 75th Anniversary of the End of World War II, Coordinating the Destruction of an Entire People: The Wannsee Conference, Otto Ohlendorf, Einsatzgruppe D, and the ‘Holocaust by Bullets’, The Capture and Execution of William Joyce, Coming To America: The War Brides Act of 1945. NBC Nightly News video: Where Murder Was a Way of Life: The Mauthausen Concentration Camp Mauthausen, one of the worst of the Nazi concentration camps, was liberated by the American 11th Armored Division on … New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2013. “One of the worst,” a phrase of comparison, is not used lightly here. We feel so The 26th and the 11th Armored Division liberated Gusen concentration camp, a subcamp of Mauthausen, on May 5. According to Nikolaus Wachsmann, the “Mauthausen SS used a Mercedes omnibus and two yellow postal buses to ferry the victims to their deaths.” They were put to death with carbon monoxide gas. By comparison, the Nuremberg rallies with their massive spectacles of Führer adoration, the mobilization of Germans from all backgrounds into party organizations, and even the suppression of other parties and political perspectives all appear as secondary qualities of rule in the Third Reich. a real location to each of his stories… they no longer felt like for a few moments this afternoon about my conversion….don’t as prisoners of war. Armored soldier from the 11th Armored Division, Joseph Barbella, 11th Getting a rare inside glimpse of the Nazi concentration-camp system, he endured a horrendous month in Mauthausen before the liberation. perseverance, selfless courage and compassion – even of your Bastogne, Restoration of the Tank in McAullife Square, Veteran's by Rainer Kliemann, Three 99th Inf. Wachsmann, Nikolaus. KL: A History of the Nazi Concentration Camps. Over the next two years, Maršálek worked with several other inmates to delay executions and to spare the most vulnerable from labor. The 11th Armored Division Association held annual reunions each year since its inception. New Haven: Yale University, 2015. experiences were relatively easy. resulted in the capture of over 20,000 enemy combatants, who were incarcerated Mally Baum, Associate Pastor,  On May 5, 1945, U.S. soldiers from the 11th Armored Division would cross the Linz border in Austria and liberate Mauthausen. Forced to sleep in the barracks on the floor “in rows, like herring,” he goes on, new arrivals like him came to grips with the fact that “food was almost nonexistent in this camp. Alexander Gotz MD, 42nd Forced to carry stones often weighing more than 100 pounds up this path, the repeated ascent broke the spirits and bodies of thousands. In some instances the rocks immediately rolled downhill, crushing the feet of those that came behind.

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