Given Season 3’s ending, it most definitely looks like Carmilla and her sisters will wage war against everybody in Season 4. The team behind Castlevania Season 3 absolutely knocked it out of the park with this batch of episodes. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Alucard’s story in season 3 of Castlevania is heartbreakingly tragic. We hope you're OK with this, but you can opt-out. Alucard appears as a major character in the 2017 Castlevania animated series based on the 1989 video game Castlevania III: … The season starts with him as a shell of the man he used to be. Even though our three heroes - Alucard, Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades - succeeded in their shared goal of slaying Dracula in Season 2, the world doesn't necessarily seem to be a safer place in Season 3. Dracula will never die. Now, back to the ending of Castlevania Season 3. We had new villains, and old ones becoming even more dangerous and sinister than before. Its been a long time now since season 3 of the animated Castlevania show aired i think and it still has not been released on DVD or Blue-Ray. The Best Movies To Watch On Netflix While In Quarantine, Disney Should Release Its Upcoming Movies On Disney Plus – Here’s Why, The Best Shows To Binge-Watch On Netflix While In Quarantine. WARNING: There are SPOILERS for Castlevania Season 3 in this article.. Castlevania Season 3 has come to an end and it’s now time to make sense of its ending and try to figure out what could happen in Season 4.. 10 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of Castlevania Season 3 On Netflix Castlevania Season 3 has aired on Netflix and after that ending, we have so many questions we need answered. She is on the warpath and Castlevania Season 4 could end up featuring a Vampire war, as she tries to become the world’s most formidable Vampire queen. Trevor, Sypha and his son, Alucard, murdered the dark overlord, creating a power vacuum within the species, which came as a surprise as he's the franchise's main villain. Yet, Dracula’s other former Forgemaster Isaac is also building a formidable army of night creatures, so he might also feature in this war. Netflix's 2021 Movie Release Lineup: New Films From Chris Hemsworth, Dwayne Johnson, and Zack Snyder Revealed, Amazon's The Lord of the Rings Prequel: The Second Age Explained, Where to Buy RTX 3060 Ti, RTX 3070, and RTX 3080 Gaming PCs (Updated), Reassessing M. Night Shyamalan's Glass After a Year With No MCU, Fortnite Predator Challenges: How to Unlock the Jungle Hunter Set, Update: Twitch Indefinitely Suspends Donald Trump's Twitch Channel, Spider-Man: Spider's Shadow Turns Peter Parker Into Venom, Jurassic World: Dominion Is the 'Culmination' of All Six Jurassic Movies, Everything Coming to Disney+ in February 2021, Alienware 38-Inch Ultrawide Gaming Monitor Review, a Devil May Cry series linked to Castlevania, how a Castlevania/Devil May cry shared universe could work, all the video game movies in development right now, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. I will go over that point in more detail in a future article, but for now, let’s say that I don’t think he will return in Castlevania Season 4. The final shot of the season is Alucard crying with guilt and awareness of what he has just done. Get to know Alucard in Castlevania Alucard, whose real name is Adrian Ţepeş, is the immortal dhampir son of Dracula and the human Lisa Ţepeş.. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. B… Season 3 was mostly setup, and I’m OK with that. I hope this doesnt turn into a GoT-like writing disaster. Arguably, season 1 was mostly setup and it was awesome. The world of Castlevania is a pretty complicated one, especially after Dracula was killed in Season 2.. The last surviving member of a disgraced clan fights to save Eastern Europe from Dracula. Nearly twenty years later, in 1475, Lisa was falsely accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. The world of Castlevania is a pretty complicated one, especially after Dracula was killed in Season 2. These cookies do not store any personal information. WARNING: There are SPOILERS for Castlevania Season 3 in this article. At the end of Season 2, Alucard killed Dracula and took up a solitary residence in his father’s castle. Castlevania returned in a spectacular fashion for season 3.After binge-watching as soon as it was available, we’re already looking ahead to the fourth season of Castlevania.Below we discuss everything about Castlevania season 4, including what to expect, cast, renewal status, and potential release date.. Castlevania is a Netflix Original horror anime series adapted from the popular … Brought him a casserole or something. The hit show has been renewed by Netflix for a fourth season, though it may take some time to reach fans; Season 3 premiered almost 18 months after Season 2’s debut. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. However, they ended up turning on him because he wouldn’t tell them about the castle’s secrets. Castlevania: Season 1 to 3 is available on Netflix UK, as part of an £8.99 monthly subscription. The first thing people will be asking themselves is whether Dracula will return in Season 4. Castlevania season 3 has finally hit Netflix, bringing with it new adventures for Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and Alucard as well as new villains … As for Alucard, he probably had the most tragic tale in Castlevania Season 3. Then there’s St Germain, who ended up closing the portal to Hell. How did the Castlevania Season 2 finale set up Season 3?. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. He started off the season all alone and thinking he was going mad. Castlevania Season 3 isn’t the worst offender of this, but it does feel like a lot of time was spent setting up something cool for next season, instead of focusing on the now. With the siblings’ arrival, he found purpose and meaning again. Castlevania Season 3’s ending has left things at a very interesting point moving forward and into Season 4. That is to say there were a lot of sub-plots happening around the main focus of Trevor and Sypha's exploits. At the end of the day, I really enjoyed the plotlines in season 3, with the exception of how the Alucard plotline ended. Castlevania season 3 will begin with Team Belmont splitting up to embark on separate journeys. She also now had Hector under her control which means that she can make a whole load of night creatures. Given the action-heavy approach here, it's clear a great many monsters still need slaying. February 14, 2020 Netflix has revealed the first trailer for Castlevania season 3. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. It looks like Alucard is now going to go down a very dark path, which will fascinating yet also upsetting to see. Castlevania season 3 finale (spoilers) Anime and Manga - Other Titles This is ... Alucard turning heel isn't really canon to the story in the games, and was somewhat unexpected. Alucard was born in the mid 1450's to Vlad Dracula and Lisa Ţepeş. Castlevania Season 3 comes off of two very exciting seasons of build-up and carries us through with more heart and soul and torment than the other two seasons combined. He appears in the Season 3 episode "Return to Castlevania", initially posing as an ally to the heroes before revealing himself to be in league with the Count. Geez Trevor, you could have at least helped him clean up the place…. This season of Castlevania suffered from Game of Thrones-itis. Disclaimer: I have only played the first two castlevania games so i wont be making any comparisons or comments of the accuracy to the games. ... Alucard adjusts to his lonely new life, Belmont and Sypha pay a visit to an eerie and unusual town, and Carmilla returns home with a prize. However, I do expect him to return in Season 5 or 6 should the show be renewed by Netflix. Upon learning that Dracula had begun summoning an army from Hell, Alucard confronted his father, begging him not to kill innocent people for revenge. So Netflix's Castlevania Season 3 released a few days ago and there hasn't been a huge amount of discussion except on the dedicated subreddit which is a little bias so not conducive a varied discussion. Castlevania Season 3 is packed with plently of memorable quotes filled with humor, heart, and dark thoughts ... Hector, and Alucard. It … It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. For Hector, this includes Carmilla and the other vampire sisters. By Tristan Jurkovich Mar 13, 2020 Then the two siblings, Sumi and Taka, arrived on the scene and asked him to teach them everything he knew about killing vampires. Castlevania Season 4 could be very good indeed – Credit: Netflix, Read more: The Best Movies To Watch On Netflix While In Quarantine. Did you enjoy Castlevania Season 3’s ending? When Dracula refused to listen, Alucard fought his father but was defeated, leaving him with a large scar on his chest. That said, Netflix still hasn’t renewed the show. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The other seasons got released really fast after they aired i think. He does tell Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades that he will see them again. For a while there, it looked like Alucard was going to become a Vampire hunter mentor. This includes humans, night creatures and other vampires. Castlevania: Season 1 (Recap) Episodes Castlevania. Even by the standards of this bleak and cynical show, the ending is a pretty big bummer. It also opens up Castlevania season 3 to major game-changing possibilities. One of the most interesting aspects of this latest season was what was going on with the remaining vampires. Castlevania Season 3 has come to an end and it’s now time to make sense of its ending and try to figure out what could happen in Season 4. The Reparation of My Heart 30m. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. What do you make of this story? He’s a really interesting character and I really hope we get to see him again in Castlevania Season 4. He … Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Release year: 2017. This new season will be be the longest to date. It almost felt like that should have been the end of the show, however, it continued and arguably got even better. When do you think its release date will be? Castlevania Season 4 could see Camilla start a vampire war – Credit: Netflix, Read more: Disney Should Release Its Upcoming Movies On Disney Plus – Here’s Why. What Is In Styria? I really enjoyed all the new characters and loved seeing the new conflicts old characters were put in. While she is certainly a … I have read and agree to the terms & conditions. Three seasons in and Castlevania remains a bag of fun, fangs and fantasy that is not to be missed. This Thursday, March 5, marks the premiere of Castlevania Season 3 on Netflix. And if you enjoy listening to film podcasts, why not check out Small Screen Radio wherever you get your podcasts! Dracula is dead, Trevor and Sypha’s story is over, and Alucard is left mourning in Dracula’s empty castle. So season 2 of Netflix’s beloved Castlevania animated series just wrapped up, and it’s left us in a weird position. Striga. Whereas Season 1 only had four episodes, and Season 2 … 2. A coup was attempted on his empire by Carmilla of Styria and while she didn't finish him off, many expected her to claim his title, especially as Alucard … Those don't sound like bad ideas for directions they took his character, yet they were just played off in a way where I never looked forward to seeing more of Alucard in season 3, spite him being a highlight in season 2, because I felt like this dull story took away from the 3 interesting ones. He discovered Richter Belmonthad been seduced by evil and was controlling the castle. Fans were no doubt curious about how Season 3 of Netflix's Castlevania would deal with its Dracula arc after the vampire king was killed off last season. They trapped him in his bed and almost killed him, yet Alucard managed to use his skills in magic to kill them with his sword. Having achieved his life's goal of slaying his father in Season 2, Alucard was left to find a new purpose. Adrian “Alucard” Tepes has a tough time in Castlevania Season 3 – Credit: Netflix, Read more: The Best Shows To Binge-Watch On Netflix While In Quarantine. The guilt of killing his father eating away at him. What do you make of this? So, the stage is set for a truly remarkable Castlevania Season 4. Does anybody know if there are any plans at all to release season 3 soon? Striga, while part of the council of sisters, is relatively low on the list. The show ends with him after he put his two former companions who turned on him on spikes outside Dracula’s castle. The less tasteful parts of Season 3 can make it feel like it’s 1990, but it introduces a brave new world after the death of Dracula. With the help of Richter's kin, Maria Renard, they were able to find ou… There seems to be much more to find out about that portal to other dimensions. Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook or Instagram pages! Copyright © 2021 Small Screen | All rights reserved. I really hope they do because it’s one of the best things on there. Add to Watchlist Inspired by the classic video game series, Castlevania is a dark medieval fantasy following the last surviving member of the disgraced Belmont clan, trying to save Eastern Europe from extinction at the hand of Dracula. Castlevania is an American adult animated streaming television series on Netflix produced by Frederator Studios.Based on the Japanese video game series of the same name by Konami, the first two seasons adapt the 1989 entry Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse and follow Trevor Belmont, Alucard and Sypha Belnades as they defend the nation of Wallachia from Dracula and his minions. It's her … In 1797, due to the unexpected lack of a Belmont, Alucard had no choice but to awaken from his slumber to investigate the matter and infiltrate Castlevania. Most of these diversions filled in the gaps and were interesting except for two characters: Alucard and Hector. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Alucard may have the most tragic character arc in Season 3. Are you looking forward to watching Castlevania Season 4 on Netflix? His dad just died! The only thing really known about Styria is that it's where Carmilla resides. It’s a great addition to the show and I hope they do explore it further in Season 4. They deliver the action, the intrigue, and the food for thought that elevates the source material into what’s easily one of the best video game adaptations ever made. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.

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