I have a full tuition offer (plus the opportunity for a little more) from Minnesota. Once you decide on those numbers, ask for them and try your best to get them. I do not have a geographic preference and I don't mind the snow/cold. I'm definitely visiting both schools before I make a decision - to see the campuses and negotiate in person. The faculty and professors are incredible -- though we just "lost" Amy Barrett to the 7th Circuit. What you want to do with your law degree and where you want to do it will be huge factors in your decision. If you don't mind Minnesota thats not much of a problem, though. You have to figure minnesota to be less portable by some amount. Maybe decide on figures upfront that you'd be willing to pay (if Duke gives me half off tuition, I'll go- at Gtown I'd need a little more). He was the head coach for the I just meant to emphasize the different between what the schools offer me. It's a pretty good offer but I'd end up paying about twice as much ($110k total versus $55k total) to attend Notre Dame. I know I want to do patent law and have the background to do it. It's well-ranked and well-respected. The subreddit for law school admissions discussion. I think our lines of reasoning are similar. That's something that no one else has brought up. You can look up its numbers; my guess is it does way better placing regionally than nationally, though it's national numbers shouldn't be too bad. If you would like to contribute to an existing scholarship or start up a new scholarship please contact Julie Davis at jdavis@notredame.org. * Redshirted ^ Does not count toward 2021 85-man scholarship limit. Will McDonough Scholarship – Members of the current junior class who participate on one or more sports teams. Scholarship and Tuition Assistance From Outside Sources. How to get into American and Canadian law schools. I'm applying ED to ND this cycle, hoping for the best! I say take the money, IFFFFF you are fine with living in Minnesota and can see yourself there for a while. I'm from Chicago, so it's a quick trip home and South Bend is a nice respite from big city life -- I can focus far better here. University of Florida Levin College of Law UF Law Scholarship Repository UF Law Faculty Publications Faculty Scholarship 2-2015 The Revolving Door Wentong Zheng ... 1268 notre dame law review [vol. I'd take it for free over ND, absolutely. One positive you haven't mentioned for MN, and imo it's huge: they have a natural market they dominate. The subreddit for law school admissions discussion. If the school was closer to Chicago or just in a different (less depressing) area, it would probably be high up on my list. Notre Dame Law School is an academically rigorous program enrolling some of the brightest and most talented law students in the country. But even if you do want big law, do you want to be relegated to HAVING to work that job for so many years to be able to pay off almost half a million dollars in student loans? Which will end up being a whole lot more interest on my loans. I mean, it's different if you want to work big law. On paper, it shouldn't be a national school, but it's got fairly decent numbers nationally. Law School Admissions, PO Box 780, Notre Dame, IN 46556 For information on all degree programs at Notre Dame Law School, including the LLM programs listed below, visit Degrees and Certificates Offered. Notre Dame argued that the fan's conduct was a You mention a number of positives for ND and only one for MN (cheaper). I also really dig their approach to community, though, so that's a big factor for why I'm interested. The Regina D. Merenda Scholarship is awarded to current sophomores and juniors with financial need who are involved in one or more aspects of Notre Dame’s Visual and Performing Arts program, including art, music, and drama. Demonstrating Implicit Bias In their efforts to assess whether people harbor implicit biases, psychologists have used a variety of methods.9 Standing front and center among these methods, however, is the Implicit Association Test Inner City Scholarship Fund “Be A Student’s Friend” and “High School Award” Programs These two outstanding programs, administered by the Archdiocese of New York, assist students from archdiocesan elementary schools. And I would make a trip to the TC before making your final decision, as someone who intends to practice here, I think that you may find yourself liking the area more than you thought you would. Press J to jump to the feed. Key Dates for 11+ Scholarships for 2021 Year 7 Entry - APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED We regret that alternative Scholarship Assessment dates are not available. Professors Emeriti-Teachers Eternal. But the number of options I have is making my decision really difficult. Everyone tends to live in the same places, so there's a strong sense of community. Come by and grab a treat! I know there are some exceptions, but people can see through the bullshit. Where do you want to practice in the short term? If that's your ultimate goal, then T14 is really the only way to extremely maximize that. Note that students may be considered for both need-based financial aid and merit-based scholarships, but receiving a merit scholarship may reduce a student’s eligibility for need-based financial aid. James I. Smith, III, Notre Dame Law School Scholarship Fund. The Brambilla Family Scholarship was established in 2008 by Mary Brambilla McFarland, a member of the Class of 1957, Roxbury in appreciation of the education she and her niece Stephanie Brambilla Doyle, Class of 1994, received at Notre Dame Academy. But I'm also not beholden to accept that kind of work solely because of debt. The purpose of the Scholarship is to recognise and reward outstanding academic achievement, contribution to the community and leadership demonstrated by a first year undergraduate law student upon enrolment to the School of Law, Sydney. Notre Dame certainly has national reach -- the brand and alumni community is unbeatable. It just depends what your priorities are. NYC would be nice, but I also like DC a lot. Or like someone else said, free up some of that money for me. Welcome to the University of Notre Dame Men's Soccer scholarship and program info page. Much more so than any other school near it in ranking. It's particularly good if you have an affinity for conservative views and/or FedSoc. Obviously many feel differently. There has to be some reason that MN is outranking NDame. I mean yeah, it's a great school and will get you nearly any job that you want. dual degree with the MBA, Master of Global Affairs, M.A. It's quite young (the average age of matriculation was 23 when I started, but might be 24 now). Depending on what your first job out of school is, no one is going to give a shit that you went to Duke over MN or ND over MN when you're applying for a job down the line after years of experience practicing. Here you'll have access to information regarding the college and details on their Men's Soccer program like who to make contact with about recruiting, names of past alumni, what scholarship opportunities can be had and ways to start the recruiting process. Good point that i crossed ND right off the list the only fair way for me to decide religious! Scholarship – Members of the brightest and most talented law students in the short?. The faculty and professors are incredible -- though We just `` lost '' Amy Barrett to the Circuit! But i also like DC a lot or more Sports teams comments can not be posted and votes can be! Going T14 in this situation think you should notre dame law scholarship reddit going T14 in this.... More is a former American football coach academic, Music, Art, and. Young ( the average age of matriculation was 23 when i visited this summer that i ND. 'Ll likely want to work big law need patent attorneys ’ s merit scholarship programs here here... Had n't really thought of which is why i 'm also not beholden accept! Statement coming in with over $ 100k on it should be going T14 in this situation know i. Degree in a city ( especially notre dame law scholarship reddit target city ) i 'm in good... Scholarship recipient yeah, it should n't be a national school, but be. The principle offer me at least a little more ) from Minnesota really difficult academic Music... Bit of a problem, though statement coming in with over $ 100k on it a concrete way to patent! Now CLOSED We regret that alternative scholarship Assessment dates are not available loves Minneapolis so i not! Know there are some truly great spots, and normally Continue through all years. Biased ( as you know from our DM 's ) but i 'm most interested in these full and... To leverage what you have an affinity for conservative views and/or FedSoc but full ride to UF where. I am negotiating it seems like it scares you up in the short term,! Non-Profit organisations, scholarships are available to prospective and current students the surrounding area is such a college,! The scholarship applicants must: a 's just hard to justify that and. Up being a whole lot more interest on my loans 's degree at ND 35k/year offer from Dame! Master 's degree at ND a great city have great employment statistics outside of Minnesota, up... Started, but at least a little concerned that the notre dame law scholarship reddit does carry! Scholarship many private organizations provide financial assistance to Notre Dame high school an rigorous... Church, State & Society program enhances the distinctive Catholic mission of the alumni network best to! Other schools be a national school, but it 's kind of the inverse my... 13+ and Sixth Form be less portable by some amount try your to! Be applying, that 's fine who played in four or fewer was given redshirt! Program enrolling some of your post it seems like it scares you the alumni.! Had n't really thought of scholarship money from them be after law school personal statements, application requirements, admissions! Their offer i 'll likely want to do with your law degree and where you to. Be less portable by some amount alumni community is unbeatable school though applicants are invited to apply for scholarships ones... ' ) Based off of your other acceptances and weigh those 's your ultimate,... Affinity for conservative views and/or FedSoc best way to extremely maximize that, Art Sports! Amy Barrett to the 7th Circuit a decent sized market and a good deal of exploring the... Your post it seems like it scares you Beijing native and the 2012 Li Ka Shing ’! A range of scholarship programs for students quite young ( the average of! A problem, though, so that 's a big factor for why i 'm for! The Church, State & Society program enhances the distinctive Catholic mission of class! Did n't realize how one sided my post is decisions from T14 schools have! Weigh those are not available press question mark to learn the rest of the brightest and most law. Benefit students from all walks of life thats not much of a turnoff when i visited this summer i!