Middle Finger. It is believed that wearing a wedding engagement ring in the middle finger can definitely allow you to build a successful relation for rest of life. This idea of wearing a diamond ring on the middle finger will serve two purposes at a time. The middle finger is the symbol of love, beauty, mercy and compassion. From shop LuxueJewelry. Diamond is the gemstone for those who are born under Virgo and Libra as it bestows good luck and prosperity. © Netway India Pvt. See more ideas about middle finger ring, rings, finger rings. Other zodiac signs can wear the diamond at certain times and under certain conditions. Unlike yellow sapphire there are many gem stones available in the market that can undoubtedly bring great change in both personal and professional life of a wearer or the native. Usually venus according to gemology governs the house of venus i.e related to love, modesty, spouse, sincerity and a cordial relation with the opposite sex. Add to Likebox ... #134724013 - bride wearing ring to groom in wedding ceremony, lady hold man.. The middle finger is open to interpretation when it comes to wearing a ring. It showed to all the symbol of your Forever love and that your heart had been claimed by another. In gemology, diamond is associated with the planet venus. A lot of credit for the same goes to the planet Venus which is … Check out the reasons that might help you to get a detailed knowledge. Though it has been rightly said by someone, marriages are made on heaven, it is always fixed by all mighty god, we simply meet with our beloved or better half either through a person or through any medium. The ring finger became the ring finger a long, long time ago—specifically, during Ancient Egyptian times. This is what it means when a woman is wearing a right-hand ring. Ratna Jyoti: Benefits of Diamonds. Say for example, yellow sapphire is the ring that is basically worn in the index finger of right hand. Gemstoneuniverse-The World’s Favourite destination to Buy Gemstones Online.The Global authority on Pure Jyotish Gemstones.. Give yourself a pat on the back. Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of Saturn and is generally worn in the middle finger. Ring should wear in the Middle finger (Madhyama) of right hand. They will advise various kinds of remedies that you can practice to get your life on track. The stone is worn to enhance the already benefic nature of planet Venus in your Kundli/birth chart. Putting a diamond wedding ring on your middle finger will allow to improve the traits of venus. How confident are you in wearing additional rings? Diamond wedding ring is just a wedding band that openly allows you to disclose that you are already in a bond of marriage. All rights reserved. It is governed by the planet Venus and associated with zodiac Taurus. by Hindu Shastras, so is known as Venus is the most shining and beautiful planet in the solar system.A native born with the sign Taurus and Libra should always wear a Diamond (Heera).If someone is going under with the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Venus (Shukra), he/she must wear a diamond. It is suggested by the astrologers that people who are having problem with Jupiter, they can wear this stone to acquire wealth and prosperity. If it's black it's a symbol of asexuality. The middle finger is where you put a ring that you don't want to be affiliated with anything. Another reason to wear wedding ring made of diamond in your middle finger is, since middle finger is straightaway related to heart and whoever will be your better half, the wedding ring in the middle finger will allow to build a bond from deep core of the heart. According to astrologers different types of rings are worn in specific fingers for a particular reason. They have answers to all your problems and are just a call away. Learn more here. Nov 1, 2013 - Explore Deborah Brown Cruz's board "Middle finger rings for after divorce" on Pinterest. Wearing a diamond as an ornament is different from wearing it as an astrological gemstone. Wearing a diamond wedding ring in the middle finger symbolises the status of a married relationship. It often might create breakups, separation and divorce. Download Diamond ring hand stock photos. Wearing diamond gemstone will only work if the planet Venus is in a good position and is benefiting you. Diamond Middle Finger Ring, Unique X-Ring, Index Finger Ring, Birthday Gift, Friend Gift, Mother's Day Gift, Hypoallergenic Ring LuxueJewelry. But if the planet is in the malefic state then it is advised not to wear the stone as it might affect you negatively. Remember the stone should not have black spots as it would not be of any use. In such case, if you have put the. The middle finger, extended with the other fingers held beneath the thumb, is thus documented to have expressed insult and belittlement for more than two millennia. You can ask them about all kinds of problems which are intentional or uncalled for. Or, you know, a diamond-studded ring that happens to fit on my left hand, on the finger next to my pinky. It is considered as the significator of wife’s in male birth’s chart. It is available in other colours too but the colourless is considered the most important in all aspects. It can lead to several kind of disturbances and problems in your married life. Be Confident. People wear them to look fly while flipping people off. It is the symbol of purity, beauty and is directly linked to women. Note: The ring finger represents the Sun which in turn represents the Law. Similar Images . Women should also wear the Blue Sapphire/Neelam stone in the middle finger of their right hand unless their left hand is their working hand.4. If you’re not confident, don’t try to … Hope the reasons given above can surely allow you to get proper clarification regarding the reasons for wearing diamond engagement ring in middle finger. It has unique features based on astrology and is known to spark energy and fire in the person. The ring should be embedded in silver or gold.5. CLICK IMAGE to See Original Ring (See Similar Sample)In 1886, Tiffany & Co. scientifically developed a specific solitaire six-prong setting to maximize the light return on the diamond. Diamond (Hira) is the stone of planet Venus. Ltd. 2001-2021. For example, Capricorn men and women as well as Aquarians can wear the diamond along with a Blue Sapphire. One, it will solve your problem in your life and the other one you … Add to Likebox Accelerating financial prosperity, this gemstone is also known to attract beauty, charm, and wealth. While every engagement ring is undeniably special, only a custom-designed diamond ring can truly mirror your thoughts, your emotions, your desires, your love. CSIYAN 6-16 PCS Knuckle Stacking Rings for Women Teen Girls,Boho Vintage Finger Rings Stackable Gold Silver Midi Rings Set Multiple Rings Pack Size 5-10 3.8 out of 5 … An engagement ring is a ring indicating that the person wearing it is engaged to be married, especially in Western cultures.A ring is presented as an engagement gift by a partner to their prospective spouse when they propose marriage or directly after a marriage proposal is accepted. Many people have different conceptions regarding why should a married couple need to put diamond wedding ring in the middle finger. For best and quick results, one should wear hessonite silver ring on the finger … ... De Beers, the the diamond company known for its "A ... heck, wear it on any finger (nope, it … It represents a formal agreement to future marriage. Benefits of Wearing Diamond Stone It enhances name, fame and artistic quality in the person It keeps off evil spells and people from wandering around It blesses the wearer with comfort and peace If you have the position of venus low in your birth chart, then it can disrupt your family life as well. 5 out of 5 stars (203) 203 reviews. For people who are professionally associated with women-oriented products and businesses, it will benefit you in a lot of ways and increase your profit. By wearing Diamond you can give the strength to your Venus and get all beneficial results from. Home remedies can often treat it. Have you got engaged with someone or are you going to get engaged in a marriage relation with your beloved, then this blog might help you to get suitable information regarding reasons to wear diamond engagement ring in your middle finger. Life Will Take Care Of Them: Revenge is NEVER The Answer. The birth chart is the blueprint of your life that exhibits the status of all the planets in your life whether good or bad. Even wearing diamond wedding ring in your middle can help you to think positive in life and allow you to walk towards good social life. Then burn incense sticks and seek the blessing of Shukra Deva. The gemstone needs to be energised by an expert astrologer before wearing it to maximise its effect. For rings, the middle finger tends to be the last port of call when the rest of your hand is full. According to astrology like other gemstones are associated with pacifying the planets and reducing its ill-effect, on the contrary wearing diamond gemstone can affect negatively. Trigger finger is a condition in which a person’s finger locks or catches if they try to straighten or bend it. It will not just help you to prevent an act of cheating to your spouse but at the same time it will enable you to lead a happy married life. If you want to live a happy married life and a luxurious life you must wear a Diamond, but it is must to consult with an expert Astrologer to confirm. 'Phallic gesture' Hence, wearing a diamond wedding ring in the middle finger can allow you to improve the comfort zone along with happiness in your married life. Chant the mantra told by the astrologer to attain the full benefit of wearing it, It enhances name, fame and artistic quality in the person, It keeps off evil spells and people from wandering around, It blesses the wearer with comfort and peace, It helps to treat problems like diabetes, urine and skin disease, It assures the wearer luxury, romance and partnership, It helps to take timely decisions and not delay, It helps the wearer enjoy a good social status, It brings love and clarity between lovers, It helps the wearer attain spiritual evolution. You have come to the right place. Middle Finger-(Responsibility, Beauty, and Self-Analysis) Rings worn on the middle finger are surprisingly uncommon. Putting the diamond wearing ring into your middle finger will also remind you about your marriage relation, the connection with your spouse and also family values. Wish you to enjoy a happily married life . Incidentally this Gentleman and his family have been involved in a messy litigation after he started wearing the Blue Sapphire in the ring finger… It is always best to wear diamond in the middle finger of right hand. Reach out the best ones overcome stress and tension in life. Since planets affect the events in the life of humans in various aspects, the expert astrologers at Astroyogi at this time, suggest and advice how to treat the malefic planets and reduce their ill-effect in your life. Just like gem stones can bring an immense change in a wearer’s life if it is worn in a specific finger, similarly for any boy or a girl who is supposed to enter into a marriage relation in future need to put on diamond engagement ring in their middle finger. There are certain reasons why a diamond engagement ring need to be put on your middle finger. Similar Images . With the heart at the centre of your emotions, this was thought to be the best finger to wear your engagement ring on. A Communicator’s Guide for Everyday Communication. ... #139313178 - Close up of an elegant engagement diamond ring on woman finger.. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. Day to wear: The diamond gemstone should be worn on Friday early morning, What to do before wearing: It should be dipped in fresh milk, honey and pure water for 20 to 30 min. For people who are under Mahadasha or Antardasha of Venus should wear the stone to nullify its effect. Diamond is the hardest substance and is also one of the most preferred jewellery pieces amongst both men and women. As soon as you start wearing a diamond, you never have to worry about your forgetful nature again because a diamond can help you sharpen your memory. Reasons to Wear Diamond Engagement Ring on Your Middle Finger. It simply signifies that you are engaged with someone. Come and discover the deep personal satisfaction of contributing to the creation of your partner’s ring. You might not have faith in astrology, but it is always advised to wear diamond wedding ring in your middle finger. Wearing time, metal, chanting mantra or pooja energization, all are important enough to be followed carefully. Both the stones must be set in platinum. It can be said that a diamond ring not only shows the status of a marriage relationship, but it also enhances the glory of the middle finger.