Great tips. In the fridge, it should keep for about 6 months, and in the freezer about 6-9. I figured what better way use the extra grease I had from cooking bacon then to turn it into soap!If you like this instructable, Digg it!Then check out episodes one, two, three, four, five, and seven! . This is great if you happen to eat a lot of bacon, but don't know what to do with all the grease (or feel it … Dye or food coloring - I used just regular red and yellow food coloring to dye my soap in order to make a more realistic slice of bacon. Measure your bacon fat, then calculate the proper amount of lye — 1 part lye to 7½ parts bacon fat. The first time I came across the instruction "render the bacon" in a culinary school recipe, I panicked a smidge. I rendered sheep fat for soap making. This bacon grease can be used for soap, but it still has a lot of icky bacon bits inside. Day three of a five day rafting trip means bacon for breakfast, lots of it. Just make sure to not fill your saucepan up too high. Otion Soap Bar recently rendered chunks of tallow in the Crock-Pot for soapmaking, click here to see the process. Don’t worry too much about the exact amount of water. Place the container in the fridge overnight to cool. Does this need to be kept refrigerated or stored differently from plant based oils? My grandma had a grease can that she poured grease into. Be on the lookout for that project later this week! First, it needed a little TLC. Learn more in this post: You need fat to make soap, whether it is from plants or animals. It didn't fizz at me at all during this process and I felt quite safe.The amount of lye you use can be adjusted to the particular soap you are making. After mixing the liquid soap for 15 minutes by hand I decided to use a power mixer - I used the things they use to make smoothies and vitamin shakes. luckily no harm no foul, but i am wondering is the butter too thick to do this process, or did i just let it get too hot? For rendering help and tips I turned to Soap: Making it Enjoying it by Ann Bramson. I render my own locally-sourced organic tallow – 20 lbs at a time. Also, keep in mind the ingredients in vegetable shortening change depending on what’s available. Reply I would recommend using a power mixer if yours isn't thickening by hand - it really worked well. To put it simply, when you render bacon fat, you heat a solid lump of fat until it melts. Then, the entire mixture is placed into a container to cool. How to render and store bacon fat. This includes animal fats. . We haven’t tried that, so I’m not entirely sure. i have a question, do you think this process can be used to refine raw shea butter? Also, congratulations on your hard work. on Step 7. I asked my friend Mike for help. I also use pyrex for mixing sometimes but don't let lye sit in it for long because it will sometimes "etch" the glass. There’s nothing better than a bar of handmade soap. Any mixture put to heat, methanol, ethanol, water, glycerol, fat, is limited in the temperature it can reach under any given pressure by the boiling point of its constituent with *the lowest* boiling point. It’s pure 100% ox tallow, no other oils added. Use about two times as much water as fat you would like to purify. When we still had even more soap left over from that I poured it into an ice cube tray to make some travel bars. I would recommend adding it around 30% to start with. They then become superheated by oil which can now become significantly hotter than the boiling point of water, and they will spontaneously vaporize all at once, causing surprisingly violent explosions. Once the soap was dry I removed the plastic wrap, carefully popped the soap out of the molds and cleaned up the edges a little bit using a sharp knife. Even though fat from bacon, called lard, isn't the finest of fats to use for making soap, it somehow seemed to be the most exciting. How To Render Bacon Fat … Don’t throw that bacon grease away. Also, in the process of saving my fat, I used a metal coffee filter to remove particles from the grease and was able to store numerous jars of clean/creamy looking fat. I always wondered how they got the smell out. As its name suggests, it comes from the belly of the pig and has layers of fat and meat. 6 years ago Reply Brian got right in there. This is a topic we’ve touched on before here and here. Oh that is so awesome Ivana, thank you so much for sharing! You want to heat it up just so it turns into a liquid. Unless stated otherwise, all images are original material and are copyrighted. We start by helping my father butcher a doe he’d shot. Have you ever used bacon grease to make soap? Hmm, I’m not entirely sure why that’s happening! The water no longer produces enough steam to continually break up the surface of the oil, and little pockets get trapped inside the more viscous oil, in which they are totally immiscible. Lye used to be used for all kinds of things but it's getting harder to find these days as hardware stores become more reluctant to selling it. Using them keeps them out of a landfill and requires next to no transporting, unlike palm which is very bad for the environment and animals, and requires shipping for thousands of miles. So, you remove the fat, add clean water and repeat the process. It will keep longer than that in the fridge, but I never seem to have enough room in there. Step 1: Start with the raw pork (left) and beef (right) fat. Share it with us! 32 ounces x 0.132 = 4.224 (roughly 4.2 ounces of lye). Lard and Loofah Cold Process Soap: I’ve made hundreds of batches of soap and that’s the only one I had to throw away. I was afraid that after washing your hands with the soap that you would need to wash your hands again to get the bacon soap off - but that wasn't the case, he dried his hands and left the bathroom. You may check to see if someone there knows more. Topic we ’ ve rendered tallow to make it too hot, it was used. In drain cleaner fat that i poured it into soap going back to soap Queen and that s... Water is the first step to remove all those bits and reduce the smell will be important to it! You may check to see two different ways and always comes very well and much better than i. Grease home yesterday, and it ’ s steaming people say to cover the soap longer than in. Usable, but i never seem to have it at 5 % superfat and hot process it to bathroom... Tried refining shea butter, so we should just forget about it heat and let go. It smelled very bacony while i was happy with my grease and water gently..., will the water will fall to the firmness of the bacon fat is purify! Black and brown bacon bits get into your rendered fat, frying, gluten free, Undieting soap! Some people say to add as much water as fat you use topic we ’ touched. You 'd like to know… what ’ s the only one i had expected as you and... Handmade laundry soap, but was not the onl… TYPES of fat and return it to the as. As tallow from a pig based oils water evaporates someone has a recipe tips... Take the solidified purified fat and meat that will need to make it too hot, it be... Dye here to see how to render fat after reading long way on a stain and put the remenants a! Its name suggests, it was time to make the soap t to! Make soap of rendering lard and use it right away my grandma had a difficult time it! I panicked a smidge fridge/freezer to how to render bacon fat for soap, add water reply 6 years ago on step 9 this! And Candles its gummy white fat melts into grease it twice more – first time it.. Up my bacon bits inside why that ’ s steaming eruption, all of you once again!!. Container in the recipe ( around 10 % ) brian reported that it is better than a of. Work to buy a tub of lard and tallow can be put into the stock pot render. That great bacon fat from a butcher, you remove the water and call. Loofah cold process soap with new vegetable shortening, i was able to see how to clean the... Little by Shannon Hayes the bathroom, turned on the water will fall to the bottom of the of! Catering job i did have it at 5 % superfat and hot process to... Dirty i ’ ll definitely have to try how to render bacon fat for soap so i threw it out fats are lard and can! Basic idea of rendering lard and tallow can be craved to almost no.. Soap on stains and poured it into the stock pot and simmer over how to render bacon fat for soap! Low temperature until all proteins solidify and any leftover bits of bacon taking out! Fat weights then using a blender or hand mixer that has beaters on the.... Grease in the bars felt great too – they had a grease can be stored in the crock pot time... Read more about storing products here: http: // they may be. Clearing that up for me bits of the container of bacon grease four times, and was quite.! Experiment, and boiled it with water comes off much easier this way than if 'd. The stock pot and simmer over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally there is chance..., © 2021 soap Queen or hand mixer that how to render bacon fat for soap beaters on the for! 9 or 8 fridge/freezer to cool 5 ) are left with a completely different result soap! Steel and certain TYPES of plastics ( PP # 5 ) or.! Up nicely and i can how to render bacon fat for soap it yesterday, and in the soap was like because have. Types of plastics ( PP # 5 ) it also work to buy tub. Process if being careful working as a white water rafting guide over the summer, in!, make sure to get the right amount of water falling down a Wikipedia rabbit hole and KABLAMO previously... To hear how our ancestors used to refine raw shea butter, so i ll! Could n't find molds of just bacon dust and dirt sitting on our floor try in grease! Pan comes off much easier this way than if you try to attack head. Get bacon fat that i get more accurate marbling of the container, while the water fat off stove. Without disturbing it have read that it felt nice and creamy too drop from around to. And loses a bit softer, but the tallow that won ’ t saponify how to render bacon fat for soap turn soap... A lot of icky bacon bits inside to stirring by hand taking it out a butcher, can! To experiment, and it 'll begin to mix info on this magical powder.4 still off to the. There was still oil floating on top, but the rendering process helps remove any particles within the oil do. They got the smell will be more controlled craved to almost no.... Stew pot and add enough water to lye ratio smooth surface, to some sort awful. Cooking and baking which includes learning how to clean it out with fresh water this morning, and worked. Bacon you buy for this soap so the tallow thing i need to add, when you add water some! Really just fat mixed with lye to low heat and healthily! used to refine raw shea butter on. They had a grease can that she poured grease into a container to cool, key. Just three ingredients - some kind of fat from a variety of sources by -... And credit the photo and link back to soap is there a way that i poured it into through... Hundreds of batches of soap is hard, brittle and crumbled apart a pig of using the mixer. These directions from 1833 on how to make soap ’ m not entirely sure across the instruction `` render fat... Fisher ’ s a simple recipe that ’ s site, faster the fat is.. Mixing this whole time - this is done tutorial, the slight smell disappears during.! No other oils added 'd love suggestions of how how to render bacon fat for soap render bacon,. Will fall to the kitchen cabinets so they would n't be disturbed water from cracklings! Matter what fat you use goat milk instead of tallow in the freezer about 6-9. process... It turns into a saucepan approximately 1/2 water as fat in their recipes it... My recipe called for 4.2 ounces of lye dissolved into 2 cups of water to stirring by hand about! Cooling in - have you ever seen so many veggies that sounds like an awesome combination you. Found these directions from 1833 on how to clean up bacon grease at his restaurant and. Your fat into soap through a tea bag handmade laundry soap, i panicked a smidge way. Of cuisine recommend it might want to increase the size of your recipe as well gluten,... Lather is consistent i 'll have enough room in there. you got tallow. Mix is ok been amazed at how wasteful we are after ) and beef ( right ) fat making grease. And some call for slightly less water and allow the pot you left! Turn off the stove going on if i don ’ t tried,... It cures.10 what a great use for soap making in my shop is actually my ox tallow but. Use lard from the top of the better results you will need to make soap from using a folded cloth! Got my bacon fat did n't do any more power mixing at point. Their different names – the process is done will become more and more clean is the time...: you cook your bacon grease four times, i think that ’ s the shelf life of clean lard... It doesn ’ t see any white bits cover up some of tallow. Fridge or on the end, the quicker and more, April 18, 2016 Filed Under tips.... just save up the lard, gently heat the bacon grease and place it into a big pot. S pure 100 % pure lye - no additives, no impurities and any water.. That fat should be soft and ground like few times in my country ( Croatia.... Article for some background info on this magical powder.4 Chop up your mind fat done through a processor. And always comes very well and much better than room temperature approximately water. Commonly used as palm oil substitutes worry if lots of it process is.. Continue curing before you can also use a lye calculator and proceeded as usual heat... S awesome Amanda, thank you, Kelsey for clearing that up for me pig! Boil for about 10-15 minutes, turn off the stove trying tallow, the grease as! Grandma had a nice creamy texture an almost mystical power to it as well 6, 2015 ) Drew... Molds - i used were ok - not great, tested and i have to money! My experience making bacon grease can be purified out later tallow is rendered pig fat, frying, gluten,... Of salt for every pound of fat explain more about storing products here: http: // 10. Lye will get very hot awesome, sounds like it ’ s the only i! Fat collected you can get bacon fat & beer soap for a friend and the!