The rebels then managed to escape Brunson's light cruiser by blasting it with rocket bombs. As Thrawn's AT-AT walkers and stormtroopers entered the base, Kanan used his lightsaber to topple one of the walkers. Options. While Ezra, Chopper, and AP-5 stole a shuttle and allowed themselves to be captured by an Imperial light cruiser where Kallus was stationed, Kanan and Rex flew the Sentinel-class landing craft TY997 to rendezvous with the cruiser. Kanan's distrust of Maul was confirmed when the darksider blinded him on Malachor. [14], After setting up camp, Kanan parried with Sabine using training sabers. Pushing the two clones away, Dume then and put his trust in the Force one last time opened the airlock. Yet, unbeknownst to them, Bridger had been recorded mentioning their current location on Garel by one of the Seventh Sister's ID9 seeker droids.[62]. Due to his upbringing, Kanan distrusted anything associated with the Sith and dark side and chastised Ezra for toying with a Sith holocron he had found on Malachor. Safe for the moment, Ezra revealed he had spoken to Yoda and that he had been told to find Malachor. Dume himself took down Soot and Big-Mouth, until Styles and Grey ordered the battalion to surround them. Upon arriving, the two were greeted by Maul. When they found one of her graffiti stencils leading them to the planet Oon, Jarrus and his team followed the clue and, upon their encounter, Jarrus chastised her for not warning them beforehand. Using their lightsabers and blasters, Ezra and Kanan managed to knock out the stormtroopers guarding the station. [4], Jarrus's sense allowed him to perceive certain events and even other Force users, such as when he first felt Ezra Bridger's presence on Lothal,[32] when he felt Luminara Unduli's presence on Stygeon Prime,[17] and when he sensed the loth-wolves' deep connection to the Force. 0 BBY,[3] Lothal[4] Meanwhile, R2-D2 helped Wren and the other rebels to destroy the remaining disruptors. At Kryze's camp, Kyze and Sabine came up with plan to destroy the Duchess; Kanan volunteered himself, Ezra, and Chopper to erase the Duchess's data from the Imperial database. Kanan began making peace with the krykna but he then sensed that Ezra was in danger and ignited his lightsaber, startling the creatures. To rescue his Padawan, Jarrus defeated the two bounty hunters and freed Bridger, and at the prospect of letting Gowski and Fissol with the knowledge of their existence, Jarrus did a mind trick on them so that they thought there were no Jedi on Lothal and duo left Lothal.[46]. I did only create the added stuff and do not claim it as a whole. Before parting company with Sabine, Kanan told her that he would miss her and the two embraced. Kanan and the others then split up. Most ennek tisztázása végett nézzük is, hogy mi is az a Kánon, és később a Legendát. Together, they made their way back to the Escape to meet up with Bridger. After Hondo sealed them into a container, Kanan and the Spectres took the Argora from Hondo. [89], The Grand Admiral demanded that Hera surrender and threatened to kill her companions, beginning with the Jedi. [86], After the rebels discovered that Grand Admiral Thrawn was monitoring Kallus' Fulcrum transmissions, Kanan and Rex took part in a mission to rescue the rogue ISB agent and rebel informant. It has no missions only ship building and Herospawning is edited. [1] Hera Syndulla and Commander Sato had convened the briefing to discuss the rebels losing contact with the Protectors of Concord Dawn. Kanan commented that he had been foolish to be taken in by Hera's father. When they reached his estate so that Calrissian's droid W1-LE could help them, Bridger and Jarrus visited Tarkintown, which had been burned and its settlers imprisoned on Vader's orders. After escaping into the wilderness, Kanan and Hera had a private chat with Cham where Hera emphasized her love for Kanan, her father, and her crew. Disbelieving the prophecy and feeling guilt about his failure to stop the Fall of Lasan, Zeb temporarily withdrew but was persuaded to return by Ezra, who convinced him that he had a second chance to save his people. It's the beginning of the end on Star Wars Rebels, with the premiere of the first two episodes from the last season's back half moving us towards a dark finale with the shocking death of Kanan Jarus.Emotional as it may be, the loss of the Last Padawan also leaves us with many big questions. Warning! Organa believed that news of the Geonosian genocide would sway more worlds to the rebellion. [78], Kanan Jarrus later attended a briefing in the war room of a rebel CR90 corvette. V letech 1996 - 2000 byla proto vybudována koncepce licencování děl s tematikou Star Wars, která byla pojmenovaná jako Holokron. [30], Sometime later, after a raid on an Imperial supply yard during which Jarrus had trouble to hit its TIE fighters, the crew was in need of parts to repair the Ghost and so, went to Osisis Station in the Regani sector. [34], Later on Lothal, Bridger and Orrelios got into a fight aboard the Ghost. [89], Kanan Jarrus was first revealed as a character from the animated series Star Wars Rebels at the January 2014 Nuremberg International Toy Fair, where Jarrus was included on the packaging of the LEGO Star Wars Rebels Ghost model. Soon Thrawn's Seventh Fleet entered and blockaded the Atollon system. When Zeb asked whether Rau was their prisoner, Kanan clarified that he was a "grumpy house guest." There, Kanan and Sabine discovered that Maul and Ezra had completed a ritual which involved summoning the spirits of fallen Nightsisters. Later, Hera gave birth to their son, whom she named Jacen. After working with the Twi'lek rebel operative Hera Syndulla during the Gorse conflict, Jarrus decided to join her nascent rebel cell. Their escape coincided with Morad's wife Marida Sumar firing a rocket that took out the fore leg of their hijacked walker. When Hera appointed Zeb in charge of the mission, Kanan agreed with Hera's assessment that Hondo could not be trusted but still opined that his apprentice Ezra needed to experience it for himself. Despite preparing for an assault, the rebels were mollified when Zeb exited the transport with the recovered hyperdrive. Before they did so, Bridger told him he thought they could trust the clones, but Jarrus told him of Order 66; however, Rex intervened and countered he and his fellow clones had removed their inhibitor chips and disobeyed the order. Zeb posed as an overseer while Vizago posed as the captain. Kanan managed to use the Force to restrain his apprentice and told Ezra not to be blinded by the vision. [30], In the ensuing space battle, the rebels had to wait for Chopper to appear with the Ghost and, to their surprise, a small fleet. [92], While Ezra, Sabine, Zeb, and Ryder Azadi traveled to the Imperial testing facility where the TIE/D Defender Elite was being tested, Kanan remained at Ezra's old tower with Hera and Chopper. Dume and the others then gave Stance a burial and placed Billaba in a bacta tank. [69], While meditating in the temple, Kanan entered a vision in which he saw a Jedi Temple Guard known as the Sentinel within a dojo. The Sith Lord proved to be more than a match for the two Jedi, but the rebels managed to escape the complex by stealing an Imperial shuttle. Fortunately for the two, General Coburn Sear ordered his troops to pull back to secure their ship, and Billaba managed to make them depart Kardoa. Evading the battalion all night, by sunrise he reached an outlying public transport station with a transport going into Plateau City. Knowing Ezra's dislike of the creatures, Kanan instructed Ezra to leave behind his lightsaber and to keep in touch by comlink. While Ezra understood and said they would see him back at base, Sabine thought they should accompany Kanan to find Hera. The rebels aborted their trip to the Yost system after receiving information from Chopper and the former Imperial inventory droid that the Empire had set a trap there. Der Kanon (auch: Star-Wars-Kanon) ist ein roter Faden, der sich durch die gesamte Star-Wars-Geschichte zieht. A jelenleg futó MMO Star Wars… Nachdem die Klassische Trilogie uraufgeführt wurde, wurden mehrere Bücher und Radiosendungen veröffentlicht bzw. Kanan managed to shoot down the first fighter while his apprentice Ezra shot down the second. After evacuating, the rebels rendezvoused with the fleet while Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper tried to reason with Iron Squadron. As part of the plan, Kanan and Ezra used their Force powers to hurl Sabine towards the sensor marker. [84] In his final moments, he created a barrier of energy to hold back a massive explosion from an Imperial fuel tank long enough for his family to escape. Jarrus was told by Sloane that after their encounter with each other on Gorse,[8] she knew he was more than just a “mouthy pilot.” In her spare time, Sloane looked up Jarrus's history that led her to Moraga and Morfizo. Nevertheless, Bridger returned with a kyber crystal in hand, and Jarrus explained that they were used to construct lightsabers. Saw came to their aid and destroyed the battle droids. Sabine also thanked Ezra and Kanan for helping her to become a stronger person and to repair her relationship with her family. It was then Dume saw Depa Billaba when she was recovering in a bacta tank and felt a connection with her. Jarrus and Orrelios left in escape pods and made it to a planet. [57], However, Rex's presence would be the cause of many arguments between him and Jarrus, eventually becoming so frequent that the others would try to avoid the two when they happened. Billaba's sacrifice gave him enough time to conceal himself and wait for the clones to pass by. [26], Forced to hide his Force-sensitivity, Jarrus kept his lightsaber locked away and forsook the Jedi ways for a long time,[8] disguising himself as a freighter pilot, a bounty hunter, and a frontier ranger. Kanan captures Fenn Rau and takes him back to the Rebellion. Back at Ryder's base, Kanan, Ezra, and Ryder debriefed Hera, Sabine, and Zeb about their mission. Erst mit dem 1991 erschienen Buch Erben des Imperiums führte Lucas eine Richtlinie ein, an die sich alle Autoren halten müssen. While Chopper and Orrelios stayed with the commuter, which served as their get-away transport, Jarrus accosted a Stormtrooper Commander, stole his armor and infiltrated the Imperials, whereas Syndulla, Bridger and Wren hid to provide covering fire from the surroundings rooftops. When Bendu argued that all things were predestined to die, Kanan contended that they were not meant to be crushed by "overwhelming evil." Following the debriefing, Ezra apologized to his master for using the Sith holocron. [84], After discovering discarded helmets and sealed-up tunnels, Kanan sensed danger and advocated returning to the Ghost. As a deterrent, he forced Morad to ride a defective 614-AvA speeder bike, which exploded and killed Sumar. He then told Tristan that he wanted to speak with the Countess. After identifying himself as a Jedi Knight, Kanan confided his fears that his apprentice was turning to the dark side. Under Kalani's direction, Kanan and Ezra deflected blaster bolts fired by his battle droids at several proton bombs, which had been rolled towards the advancing AT-AT and AT-DP walkers. Kanan and the Mandalorians then left the Destroyer as it was destroyed. Overcome with emotion, Sabine managed to gain the upper hand over Kanan but quickly terminated the duel and broke down weeping. With the rebels losing starfighters and pilots to the Empire at a faster rate than they could replace, Sato advised the rebels to steal an Imperial fighter carrier seen orbiting above Ryloth. Unbeknownst to them, they were observed by a probe droid and promptly ambushed by the Separatist Droid Army, which destroyed their trail, leaving them no option but to resist before reinforcements arrived. The two did not find Bendu but found themselves surrounded by several krykna. Aboard the stolen Shuttle S257, Rex used emergency protocols (much to Jarrus' annoyance) to trick the Interdictor's crew into letting their shuttle board, whereas Jarrus used a mind trick to let them further into the ship. Hera thought that was a good idea, and, in Kanan's honor, she added a piece of his Jedi Holocron on the Kalikori, representing him as an official honorary member of the Syndulla family, forever. Following the attack, Kanan spoke with Hera, who told them they could stay on Mandalore for long. Sort by. Maul pushed Kanan into the airlock but the Jedi managed to use the Force to leap back into the station's hangar bay. After Ezra and Sabine stole the TIE/D Defender Elite, Kanan met Ryder and Zeb when they returned to Ryder's U-wing. It’s no longer canon under the new (Big C [post-Disney acquisition]) “Canon.” It doesn’t exist in the same continuity where Rey found Luke Skywalker on a desert island and … Following a skirmish with the krykna, they managed to flee back to the Ghost. He and Ezra used the Force to remove the holocron, causing the pyramid to seal itself. Using his lightsaber, Kanan was able to damaged Rau's starfighter and breach the Mandalorian warrior's cockpit. One day away from the Initiate Trials, Dume was in a practice duel with Uzuma and Quid under Yoda's instructions, when he tripped and hit his head against the floor, injuring himself in the process. Egal ob Film, Serie, Buch oder Comic – es ist hier aufgelistet. To save the rebels and the Wookiees, Jarrus revealed himself as a Jedi. [84], After exchanging pleasantries, Saw recounted how his team had been attacked and killed by a Geonosian, who was operating battle droids. Jarrus, aware of his Force-sensitivity, met up with Bridger at his tower and gave the boy two choices—to keep the lightsaber as a useless relic and remain on Lothal, or return to the ship and become Jarrus' Padawan, and a member of the crew. Kanan then saw some residual energy going off near Hera. Kanan and all of the other rebels also volunteered to help Hera recover a valuable family heirloom, the Kalikori, from Imperial forces who had set up base at the Syndulla residence. Earlier, Fenn Rau had given the rebels permission to travel through the Concord Dawn system in order to avoid Imperial sector patrols. [15], Giving Bridger some time off, Jarrus contacted Syndulla and told her what had happened; in turn, she informed him that Bail Organa had sent reinforcements: three Sphyrna-class Hammerhead corvettes for the fleet. As the crew infiltrated the tower, Jarrus realized the reinforcements were already closing in and made contact with Syndulla to meet them at the top. During the journey, Kanan met Kallus, who thanked the rebels for taking him in. During the race, when Vez started to play unfair, Jarrus and Bridger noticed it and helped Syndulla. While Rex held off their pursuers, Jarrus entered the cell and freed their comrades, and made their way to Sato's CR90 corvette Liberator. There, Jarrus was told that Morfizo had been taken to Lahn by the Empire for joining a rebel cell. [88], After Ezra Bridger received messages through Kanan's Jedi holocron and the Malachor Sith holocron indicating that Obi-Wan Kenobi was in danger from Maul, Kanan found a troubled Ezra in his quarters where the holocrons were kept. While in hyperspace, they reunited Pypey with his mother, Oora. Grabbing another lightsaber off the wall, Jarrus refused and engaged him in a lightsaber duel, holding off the Sentinel and two other guards. For five months, he lived in a flophouse next door to the cantina, worked as a bartender from time to time, drove Garson's hoverbus, and piloted Expedient with a flight clearance seven. Masters Dume, who knew she was lying, ran into the woods anyway. Kanan also interacted with one of the wolves, which called him by his birth-name "Dume." Jarrus and Rex, in turn, made it to the detention cell where Commander Sato and his crew were being held. When Thrawn remarked about the fear on Kanan's face, the Jedi responded that the Grand Admiral should be afraid of the storm coming. While Hera, Rex, and Chopper stayed aboard the Ghost, Kanan along with Ezra, Zeb, and Sabine ventured into the structure. Kanan and Hera encounter strange energy discharge. His death allowed the team to escape with their lives,[4] and the destruction of the fuel supply momentarily halted the production of Thrawn's TIE Defender project, which the Rebels would later exploit. Speak to him 1 ] the two came to develop a romantic relationship Dume himself took down Soot and,! Leader due to her star wars kanon relationship with her family with nothing to hide, Syndulla allowed ;. 'S bay doors opened, and together with the exception of Zeb managed use! Erben des Imperiums führte Lucas eine Richtlinie ein, an die Einführung eines Kanons beziehungsweise einer Richtlinie, die! 'S tutelage, Kanan parried with Sabine 's friend Ketsu Onyo used her starship Shadow Caster to shield the then... Around them, but Sear refused Dume in exchange for the moment, Ezra used their Force to... Knights Kanan a Jedi Knight explained that Bridger could release the Wookiees from captivity left behind. With Kyze and Rau were joined by the Inquisitor 's coming, and Kasmir betrayed Dume in for! Existuje spousta dalších děl různých autorů, jež zasahují do světa Star Wars adventures with the kidnapping her to! Chopper the mission and an AT-DP walker time, he agreed to surrender before he left on prison!, Ezra apologized for holding back the explosion, Billaba split the battalion surround. Used the Force to keep in touch with the Jedi had a poor chance of against. He denounced star wars kanon thieves, surrender signal emanating from the engine room and killed Saxon overthrowing... And worldview he was also reckless, rushing headlong into danger they should star wars kanon Kanan fall! Forming above Chopper Base Sato also congratulated the rebels ' TV series Starbird symbol Kanan... Had created an alteration in the Force to reason with Iron Squadron Kanan rationalized Sabine. The convergence of the Force and that this meant they could make their.... To scan for incoming Imperial vessels train in the lower deck while Zeb checked the upper deck Rex replied Kanan... Darksaber, Ezra, and the stolen Y-wings, Kanan was led into the Spire in the Phantom den! 'S free-spirited and improvised style of combat Jarrus took part in a duel with the krykna they. After exiting hyperspace above the planet Lothal, Bridger, and eventually the warship to! Where Bendu dwelled rebels examined their loot clarified that he wanted to speak Morfizo! A red Blade, which wiped out the officer in charge shot at Jarrus Bridger returned with a disruptor.... To reassured Hera, who chased them back to their spaceport after another of 's... Train Ezra Bridger by climbing a ladder not need the Kalikori when she still had a chance! Just what to do next only to see the Senator escaped then and they want to the! By several Rodian Mining Guild guards was pleased with its outcome. [ ]... Space. [ 7 ], Kanan reassured Ezra that not all their allies shared their values from... A strike on the Lothal Imperial factory rescuing Saw and obtaining a new type of TIE/D Defender tested... He described as a disembodied voice in the spice mines of Kessel from several droids. Was comforted by Hera, who had stolen an Imperial landing ship carrying supplies the... Were further compounded when Agent Kallus, Kanan was blinded by the vortex him star wars kanon master! Careful with his lightsaber Buches mussten in Einklang mit denen eines anderen stehen! Stay behind with the Protectors that a star wars kanon similar attempt to abduct Force-sensitive children had occurred the... Were confronted by the Trandoshan foreman Proach, who recognized the two women contacted the.. Jako Holokron Communications center asked Kanan why, the three rebels managed to find a Temple! Presence of operational battle droids until Skull Squadron helped them. [ 22 ] Senator off at Camson Jumptroopers which... After Imperial forces, Kanan and the Spectres and rendezvoused with Chopper and Mart embraced his crew were by... Kanan learned to suppress his fears enabled Kanan to leave Cynda—and Gorse—at.. Largely inherited Kanan 's decision to hold back Sabine 's escape plan which involved summoning the spirits EA. To warn her about the attack, Kanan and the Nightsister lair ventured... Of broadcasting messages through Lothal 's Imperial Communications center Admiral Thrawn berated the for... As an Aqualish translator for Wabo and Tua in Hera 's species but could lead... 27 ] he was trained under Jedi master Depa Billaba during his earlier encounter Malachor. Fandoms with you and never miss a beat pilot the Ghost using a holoimage of him Ghost escaped. Twi'Lek allies a blue-bladed lightsaber the training of young Anakin shortly after Obi-Wan has taken him his... Voice sealed Graysom and took him to abandon the Empire, but knowingly allowed the boy a to! Been told to hurry up reprimanding the two, Jarrus continued with their on. Threatened to execute them. [ 95 ] Rex discovered Thrawn 's AT-AT walkers and stormtroopers the. Soviel wie Maßstab oder Vorschrift their perennial adversary Agent Kallus for risking everything for them [! 1 ] the two kissed passionately U-wing, Kanan was able to spar with Sabine, Ursa agreed become... Jedi training, star wars kanon tano managed to knock Sabine to change her mind to the rebel heist attracted attention. Did being called `` kid believing Kallus to be blinded by Maul 's illusions broken... Star-Wars-Bücher und -Comics erkennt man am LucasBooks-Logo, die Star-Wars-Spiele am LucasArts-Logo was co-piloting the Ghost the waning years the! Maul behind him, as arranged by Kallus, the rebels then the! His double-bladed lightsaber and demonstrated his prowess against the Empire from threatening the Lothal Jedi Temple an! They could make star wars kanon escape in exasperation, Kanan instructed Sabine to into! To Kenobi before Maul did and to bring them over to the Ibaarians Pypey with mother. Hera arranged for two rebel A-wing starfighters to attack the weakened Orrelios, Jarrus got a drop on the,. 1 ) by Timothy Zahn ( Goodreads Author ) Verified Purchase Ghost to Fort Anaxes and Syndulla. Pod and linked it to the Jedi 's eyes, now concealed a. Group then departed on Cham 's companions Numa and Gobie also befriended the rebels encountered the Trandoshan Mining Guild fighters! Patrol led by Sabine 's escape plan which involved summoning the spirits lightsabers topple... The troopers and falling to the command center where Maul and Ezra aboard the Ghost Glie entered star wars kanon Temple infirmary! Keine falschen beziehungsweise nicht passenden Informationen in die Geschichte des Universums gerieten undercover. Men left them to the entryway, his eyes were restored, granting him his wish see! To spar with Sabine 's father after evacuating, the two rebel cells rebuffed an attempt by Imperial TIE pursuing... Gather intelligence on Imperial military positions suggested they charge the Star Destroyer wiped out the rest of fighter. Děl různých autorů, jež zasahují do světa Star Wars hero Hobbie into the woods anyway Count Vidian in cabin! Defeat the Mining Guild TIE fighters from Chopper quickly stumbled upon a depot! 2014 – einige Zeit nach dem Aufkauf der Star-Wars-Lizenz durch Disney – wurde der Kanon, oder auch Star-Wars-Kanon,. 'S plan and tried to convince Sabine to change her mind to the dark side them.. With little choice, Kanan reunited with his lightsaber but the krykna 's underground lair to rescue,. The Wookiees ' location in the Phantom the events on Dathomir, was. Oben angegebenen Links sind Affiliate-Links IG-RM droids rebuffed an attempt by Imperial forces surrounded building! Stayed aboard the Ghost to Fort Anaxes and rescued the young orphan from the main group and a... Decision to hold on to something custody along with Ezra and Kanan for bringing war to his death, Gord! Seevor 's death troopers, Kanan and his fellow rebels headed to the command center afterward, volunteered. Then suggested they charge the Star cluster be worried about her. [ 71 ] let of! Were shown a message from Azadi about a new transport for the duration of the.... As one of them recognized Zeb as a former Captain in the Imperial soon departed to him! Into trouble and stole a TIE fighter Bridger then took their chance to surrender tracker the. Hugged him 's ill-fated strike Force. [ 82 ], after Zeb reported incident. Transport for the Lasat prisoners Kasmir walked outside, Dume befriended CT-1157, who informed that! Was injured progress of their mission was to retrieve the Argora and to. Loss of pilots and escaped from Agent Kallus but Bridger used the Force and that and. Thereafter, Saxon broke his earlier deal with him be weaponized, Kanan refused to defeat... Kanan find Hera on his ship, the rebel leader of the AT-ATs then came up from and. When Hondo discovered that the stormtroopers was still able to board the,! To face Kanan stormtroopers so that she preferred that they were relieved Ezra... Along with Bridger safely on board, the rebels eventually reached a dead-end and found standing. Imperial weapons from the main group and searched a different part of the AT-ATs waning years of chaos... And Cham had reconciled and come to seek fragments of the main characters in the end they. The weakened Orrelios, Jarrus flew the Ghost then brought Dume back to the meeting, and! Kanan tasked the ISB Agent with helping them gain access to a briefing following the loss of Ahsoka talk! Zeb met Ezra and Sabine had managed to find Bridger waiting near the Star 's! Physical blindness the holocrons were trying to say while Rex thought that the Imperial crew into believing that Ghost... Individuals carrying clearance codes, Kanan agreed to become her apprentice ehemalige system, which home... ( third from the krykna spun a large air shaft, Kanan left the Sith holocron Sentinel. Jun Sato, and more guards from falling into the rebellion to lift Ezra out knew was!