This includes applications for both renewal and new licences. Trinity’s ISE B1 SELT English language tests for private hire drivers (PCO)-TfL An English language requirement applies to all applications for private hire driver licences received by TfL (Transport for London) on, or after, 14 October 2016. ACCEPTED BY TFL | Level 3 English Course & Test. English Language Tests for Private Hire and TfL Drivers Who Needs What? The GLA Transport Committee is being called to investigate the English Language Tests introduced by Transport for London’s Taxi and Private Hire Departments in October this year. Uber is now appealing this judgment and so I am sure the Assembly will appreciate that there is a limited amount I can say on this matter. The test is set and run by a recognised training organisation and covers the following key This course is equivalent to GCSE Grades A* to C. There are many steps to acquiring a private hire driver licence (PCO licence), which allows you to make money driving in London. We offer the Level 2 Functional Skills English Language Course for Private Hire Minicab drivers. ISE test for taxi drivers; English test for TfL Private Hire Driver Licence renewal; B1 SELT; ISE 1; They are all the same thing. TfL have only approved 3 test centre’s that are in Holborn, Hammersmith and Croydon. English language tests for private hire drivers The College is a Listed SELT Course Provider for Trinity ISE (B1). No further action is needed by anyone who has submitted satisfactory evidence that they comply with the ELR, unless we contact them to request anything further. –Transport for London On the 14th October 2016 Transport for London officially announced that they will be implementing new English Language requirement for all NEW and RENEWAL Private Hire Drivers’ Licence applications. These include everything from ensuring you have a PCO-approved car and undergoing a medical assessment, to completing a DBS check and passing an English language examination. The pandemic has also had an impact on Transport for London’s (TfL) ... also announced new statutory standards for taxi and private hire drivers. ... [2017], which found in favour of TfL’s proposals for the English language requirement. Starting from 14 th October 2016, all applicants including new and renewal whether born in the UK or not will have to provide evidence that they can communicate in English. 2017/1997 - Private Hire Drivers English Test. Effects of another Lockdown on the Private Hire Industry. TfL Advanced Driving Test 2017. Uber has won the right to take Transport for London (TfL) to court over new rules which would require its drivers to pass English tests. Proof of English level must be shown to TfL before a licence or renewal of licence will be issued. Industry trade bodies are hailing yesterday’s protest at City Hall in London as a success (Thursday 8th December). All private hire drivers must sit the test at a cost to the driver of £180 unless they can prove they have a qualification in English GCSE. In light of these factors, we have decided to extend the deadline for compliance with the ELR to 30 September 2021, giving drivers a further twelve months to comply. Transport for London (TfL) has announced that all new applicants, and existing private hire drivers applying to renew their licence for the first time since the introduction of this new requirement, must now meet the equivalent of a B1 English language requirement. The private hire regulations have recently changed and included a new English language Test requirement to apply for PCO (Public Carriage Office) Licence. Stay up to date with the latest news from Transport for London and Private Hire industry. Leeds City Council All applicants must undertake an English comprehension test. Transport for London (TfL) announced in 2016 that all new applicants, and existing private hire drivers applying to renew their licence for the first time since the introduction of this requirement, must meet the B1 English language requirement. to test English language proficiency for taxi and private hire drivers. "TfL are entitled to require private hire drivers to demonstrate English language compliance," said Judge John Mitting as he rejected Uber's claim that the standards were too high on Friday. This is now known as the PCO English Test, B1 English Exam or some call it the PCO English Exam. That’s because, even if you’ve always spoken the language, Transport For London (TfL) has implemented a mandatory written English test for PCO drivers. It is essential for public safety that all licensed private hire drivers are able to communicate in English at an appropriate level. Any application for a new or renewal private hire driver's licence that was received on or after 14 October 2016 have until 30 September 2021 to provide evidence that they comply with the English language requirement (ELR). The much-anticipated TfL private hire English Language Requirement is now officially in place. All Private Hire Drivers in London now need to prove to TfL that they have a good level of English. Although the ability to speak English is a given for PCO drivers, the written element of the test caused some controversy at the … TfL’s PCO Licence English Language Requirements. Mr Buckner, who runs his private-hire vehicle around Heathrow and areas of the capital was told he needed to pass the costly test as part of new regulations for taxi drivers. Provide evidence of an acceptable NQF Level 2 English literacy qualification or to have completed a BTEC/NVQ qualification in Transporting Passengers by Taxi and Private Hire. This requirement applies to both new and renewal licence applications. To book click here Tips for passing TfL’s English Language Test for Drivers With Transport For London announcing this summer that private hire drivers to have to pass English speaking listening, reading and writing test, WeFlex thought it would be a good idea to look at the latest updates on the new rule, and put together some tips on how Uber Partner’s can prepare for the tests. The Trinity ISE I (B1) Secure English Language Test (SELT) meets this requirement.. This includes a requirement for licensing authorities to test English language proficiency for taxi and private hire drivers. The announcement has proved an element of success for the Licensed Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA), as this was a major topic discussed at the … Private Hire News. Description. As mentioned on the Taxi and Private Hire Action Plan 2016, Transport for London has said “by summer 2017, the standards of driving across the industry by requiring that private hire drivers pass an advanced driving test before they can be licensed or relicensed.” Tier 4 Lockdown effects on private hire drivers in London. One of the steps we often get questions about is the TfL topographical test — … All new and existing private hire drivers must meet the equivalent of a B1 (intermediate) language requirement for all four English language skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking). GCSE Equivalent English Language Course & Test. TfL officials also met representatives of the British Dyslexia Association, which had warned that some private-hire drivers would find it “impossible” to pass the new test. Changes to the Topographical Skills Test, updates on the TfL English Test. The new requirement means, from 2020 you will have to provide TfL with evidence to prove that you can communicate in English. And for those PCO drivers that have renewed or received a new private hire vehicle license on or after the 14 October 2016 have got until 30th September 2021 to prove their English language ability is up to the standards of the new TfL requirements. Drivers need to be able to communicate with passengers to discuss a route or fare as well as read, understand and respond to important regulatory, safety and travel information sent by TfL. The test centres are Secure English Language Test Centres … Only tests taken at a SELT centre are approved by TfL for private hire driver licence applications. TfL have said they will need to further assess the legislation to “make satisfying the requirement as simple as possible”. Transport For London Taxi English Test - 020 3143 4742 It is a requirement for all applicant applying for new or renewal Taxi Licence with Transport for London (TFL) to provide evidence that they can Speak, Listen, Read and Write minimum at B1 CEFR level. The Private Hire English Language Requirement can be passed by doing the B1 ISE 1 (SELT) English Language Test. Private Hire Drivers: English Test for Transport of London (TfL) From 14 th October 2016 onwards, all private hire drivers have to pass an English Test when applying for licence to TfL (Transport of London). Transport for London (TfL) has announced that all new applicants, and existing private hire drivers applying to renew their licence for the first time since the introduction of this new requirement, must now meet the equivalent of a B1 English language requirement. Under the new policy, TfL requires all drivers to communicate in English at CEFR B1 Level.