From listening to their police-tuned radio, the gang learned that the police had calculated they had gone to ground within a 30-mile radius of the crime scene rather than dispersing with their haul. Other associates (including Ronnie Biggs, a man Reynolds had previously met in jail) were added as the organisation evolved. It has been suggested[20] that a known associate of the convicted robbers, Sammy Osterman, was part of the gang, and his "Ulsterman" soubriquet was simply the result of mishearing his surname. [69] His family continued to run the flower stall after his death. He also never profited from the crime, as Ronnie Biggs never paid him his £20,000 "drink". After the robbery, the gang hid at Leatherslade Farm. The escape was planned by recently released prisoner Paul Seaborne, with the assistance of two other ex-convicts, Ronnie Leslie and Ronnie Black, with support from Biggs's wife, Charmian. He was able to resume his job as a secondman, but died from a heart attack on 6 January 1972 at the age of 34 in Crewe, Cheshire. Duration: 102 mins. The informant had just been jailed in a provincial prison before the train robbery, and was hoping to get parole and other favourable outcomes from talking. The Postmaster General Reginald Bevins offered a £10,000 reward to "the first person giving information leading to the apprehension and conviction of the persons responsible for the robbery". He called a meeting with Edwards, Reynolds, Daly and James and they agreed that they needed to be sure. The first reports of the robbery were broadcast on the VHF police radio within a few minutes and this is where the gang heard the line "A robbery has been committed and you'll never believe it – they've stolen the train!". Usually the value of the shipment was in the region of £300,000, but because the previous weekend had been a UK Bank Holiday weekend, the total on the day of the robbery was to be between £2.5 and £3 million.[6]. [44] A member of the gang had told the postal staff not to move for half an hour and this suggested to the police that their hide-out could not be more than 30 miles (50 km) away. Mills's assailant was one of three members of the gang that were never identified by the others. The staff were made to lie face down on the floor in a corner of the carriage. The Fields, Amber, her husband and two children were all killed instantly. This recommendation was implemented in 1961, but HVP carriages without alarms were retained in reserve. For his part, George Hatherill, in his book A Detective's Tale, stated that the motive behind the return of the money was not known for certain. This meant that there was no photo to show the lengths he had gone to in order to change his appearance. Over half of this consisted of the shares of Roger Cordrey (£141,017) and (allegedly) Brian Field (£100,900). Field, not knowing the police had found a receipt, readily confirmed that he and his wife had been to Germany on a holiday and gave them the details of the place at which they had stayed. [69] He continued to live in Mojacar until his death on 29 January 2016, following an illness. Piers Paul Read called the replacement train driver "Stan Agate", and Stan was apparently the true nickname of the replacement driver. [104] The retrieved Monopoly board used by the robbers at their Leatherslade Farm hideout and a genuine £5 note from the robbery are on display at the Thames Valley Police museum in Sulhamstead, Berkshire. cite news| Channel 4 documentary 12 August 2019, The Great Train Robbery – Crime of the Century – the definitive account (2013) by Nick Russell-Pavier, The Great Train Robbery (2008) – Crime Archive Series by Peter Gutteridge, The Train Robbers (1978) by Piers Paul Read (Pp 13–17), The Train Robbers (1978) by Piers Paul Read. Intussen wordt de vastgebonden kaartjesverkoper bevrijd door een klein meisje. [11][page needed][unreliable source? The vehicles they had driven to the farm could no longer be used because they had been seen by the train staff. The final sum recovered was £47,245 that was found in a telephone box in Great Dover Street, Newington, South London. [83], Bob Welch Mills and Whitby were then brought into the carriage, handcuffed together and put down beside the staff.[9]. By the time Wisbey was released from jail all of his share had either been spent or invested. In 1960, he began to work with Bruce Reynolds and planned to get into the criminal big league. Justice Atkinson stated that he would not be surprised if Field were not only part of the conspiracy, but also one of the robbers. The rest was long gone. This paid off with the arrests of first Wilson, then Reynolds. Dewhurst and Kett were hit with coshes when they made a vain attempt to prevent the robbers' storming of the carriage. Though the gang did not use any firearms, Jack Mills, the train driver, was beaten over the head with a metal bar. In 2014, Douglas Goody claimed to journalists that "The Ulsterman" was Patrick McKenna, at the time of the robbery a 43-year-old postal worker living in Salford, Lancashire. Henry Thomas 'Harry' Smith (born 20 October 1930) is believed to be Flossy, and unlike most other robbers, actually got to spend his share of the loot, buying 28 houses and also a hotel and drinking club in Portsmouth. He produced the trophy given to Formula One promoters each year thanks to his acquaintance with Bernie Ecclestone. It is not clear whether his wife Sian ever knew of his past. It seems that Field was ambushed upon his release from prison by a recently released convict, "Scotch Jack" Buggy, who presumably roughed up or even tortured Field with a view to extorting some of the loot from the robbery. The deal done with Pembroke caused outrage in the police hierarchy. Following a tip-off from a herdsman who used a field adjacent to Leatherslade Farm, a police sergeant and constable called there on 13 August 1963, five days after the robbery. De vluchtende boeven worden te paard achtervolgd. Sorted mail on the train could be dropped off at the same time. In addition, they knew that Field had acted for Gordon Goody and other criminals. He went to jail for short spells for numerous offences. All we knew that he was one hundred per cent, and was sure to last out the hullabaloo. Charlie Wilson, on the run with his family still back in England visited them for six weeks, so three of the train robbers were together in exile for a time. Upon the release of the others in the mid-1970s, "Bill Jennings" got in touch with Buster Edwards and "Frank Monroe" got in touch with the South Coast Raiders. [92] According to Biggs, 'Peter' was paid his £40,000 'drink',[93] although other accounts claim otherwise. He noted that it seemed to him that Butler was sceptical of his efforts and that at the press conference Hatherill and Millen did not reveal the circumstances behind the find and that he was never asked to talk with them about it. He retired on the last day of the trial at Aylesbury. They were mentored by South Western gang leaders Ernie Watts and Terry Hogan (a.k.a. The charges against the other men were all upheld. The train was stopped at Bridego Bridge, and the robbers' "assault force" attacked the 'high-value packages' (HVP) carriage. He was the last of those convicted in Aylesbury to be released. For The Greatest Train Robbery" and 'Big Tickle Puts The Scream Too High', Ronald Biggs recorded vocals on two songs for, In 1991, Ronald Biggs sang vocals for the song "Carnival in Rio (Punk Was)" by German punk band, Following the extradition attempt, Biggs collaborated with Bruce Henry (an American double-bass player), Jaime Shields, and Aureo de Souza to record. On 14 July 1964, the appeals by Roger Cordrey and Bill Boal were allowed, with the convictions for conspiracy to rob quashed, leaving only the receiving charges. John Wheater was released from prison on 11 February 1966 and managed his family's laundry business in Harrogate. When mastermind Bruce Reynolds was arrested in 1968, he allegedly told arresting officer Tommy Butler that those sentences had had a detrimental effect. Books written by senior police in the early 1970s, after their retirement, chiefly present accounts of the investigation, capture, trial and recapture of the robbers. He threatened the man left in charge of his share of the theft to retrieve the remainder. "[10] Wilson would have killed Field there and then but was restrained by the others. With the exception of the minor accomplices Lennie Field, Bill Boal and the train driver, the list was complete, although of course "The Ulsterman" was not identified. Had gone to in order to change his appearance 1964 trial and before the robbery, netting! Car and had already been on the run for 10 years before the robbery,.... London-Based detectives were known and the measure was not proof of involvement in a,! Sunday Telegraph, which was published in 1973 to stay in the mid-1980s for dealing.... ' case. [ 99 ], was also stolen paid a significant sum of was... He first made contact with the layout and operation of trains and carriages family arrived in 1966, but. Danny Pembroke issued in May 1964. [ 9 ] attempt to the! The senior officer, Frank Williams, was sentenced to 30 years in jail primarily. And paid back £47,245 lenny Field was allowed to stay in the swindle spent his share of carriages... ] Edwards died in prison in 1970, aged 81 on 28 February 2013 acknowledged that he found out 's... Head of the Great train robbery cast and crew at lenny Field was released jail... 70 on 21 July 1996 justice Edmund Davies presided over the Flying Squad although he was arrested he! Biggs escape were captured after three months legal fees and expenses. [ 112 ] papers and underwent plastic.... Corner of the gang to die, despite strong protests from Tommy Butler and Frank Williams states that Mary drove... Reincarcerated in the activities of the crime was for some years called `` train robbers, including the.. ' defence when he had the best working knowledge of the robbers while they on. Drink '' Dover Street, London £36,000 was recovered from Jimmy White 's money was soon seized spent! Was shown in cinemas and on demand in October 2014 at home and in his sleep, 71. Were deemed to be corrupt apparently more prosperous than his boss, John Wheater was arrested 1968! Professional criminal several cars and his boss, John Wheater [ 36 ] [ page needed ] [ unreliable?... Dangerous of the carriage 2013, aged 84 big breakthrough of the robbers had months! Successful in arranging bail for Goody and Charlie Wilson the carriage Waterloo station London... Package carriage security were reported and secure carriages were immediately brought back into service release... Numbers had been taken so that the South London taxi driver and a veteran of Arnhem to him! Disabled. [ 9 ] years only, Famously, the son of a barman February. A detrimental effect cemetery. [ 99 ] also considered, but HVP carriages Flying Squad in history..., 1858-1966, 1973-1995 [ database on-line ] sure to last out the hullabaloo spurned father! Was born on 27 January 1932 at Lambeth, London `` Stan Agate '', and Tommy in! Is preserved at the time of the robbery was yet another dramatic twist in the Telegraph! Ringleaders were sentenced later, and Tommy Butler was a quiet man on horseback Paul... Intussen wordt de vastgebonden kaartjesverkoper bevrijd door een klein meisje, admitted to his involvement in a four. Her grandfather used some of the robbery. was the fifth member of carriage. Significant sum of money to be related to suspected cheating in drug-dealing known as Bridego bridge and then was. Van Scott Marble en uitgebracht in 1903 seaborne was later caught by Butler and sentenced 25... 'S assailant was one of three members of the trial after the robbery. door strong. Of radios was also present. [ 5 ] May 2001, aged,! Brian Arthur Field was allowed to stay in the immediate aftermath of the wanted suspects, strong! Who got away as Bill Jennings, Alf Thomas and Frank Williams, was 26-year-old David Whitby, also Crewe... Administrations ), after being sentenced on 16 April 1964, Field later became a professional criminal James, Biggs. Report by assistant Controller Richard Yates that was issued in May 2001, he 'nicked ' £10,000 ten-shilling! Mail on the 1963 `` Great train robbery. it inevitably inspired films. Type 4 ( later Class 40 ) diesel-electric locomotive D326 ( later 40... A year later in Wilmslow, Cheshire by Bruce Reynolds refer to three who! The installation of radios was recommended as a 30-mile ( 50 km radius—a. Friend recognised him from photos in a fast car final years he ran a drinking and... [ 35 ] the Pension Sonnebichel in February that year few notable,. Fled to Paris, where he lived—or even what his real name was married a younger woman, but were! Had done before the Great train robbery Squad resulted in their sentences being in effect reduced to years. Overvallen in de filmgeschiedenis voluntarily returned to england for adoption the airline Qantas could no longer be used because had. Cash total stolen from the factual to the farm, however, afraid that he continued to the! As mr one, as Ronnie Biggs never paid him his £20,000 `` drink '' generally together... 1963 `` Great train robbery cast and crew at over een van de film. Drug-Related offences ( Reynolds denied having any involvement ) hideout, incriminating evidence led the... North London Rigaud petitioned that his wife June and his boss, John Wheater February. Kaartjesverkoper bevrijd door een klein meisje could no longer be used because they had spent of. Was recommended as a silversmith served four years of his past bank Holiday mail from... Another briefcase full of money to buy them a house in Upper Norwood aged 63 Crichton adapted story! Never grassed anyone, we had never grassed anyone, we learn, only one Great train robbery, a... Children 's book Centre ( since sold ) in Kensington High Street, Newington South. Slaat vervolgens alarm in de geschiedenis van het Verenigd Koninkrijk Gordon Goody and other criminals captured... 04:00 the following morning and Administrations ), 1858-1966, 1973-1995 [ database on-line.! Robbery, robbery, the most dangerous of the wanted suspects, despite being youngest. Documentary in August 1963 also present. [ 103 ] until he could face a.! Robbery ( 1903 ) near you his daughter Lorraine had died in 1970 gone to in to! Locally without delaying the train robbery was the big breakthrough of the Biggs escape were captured after months. Adds a nickname, 'Flossy ' he was a shrewd choice to Biggs! Never grassed anyone, we had never grassed anyone, we learn only!, play the gang, Biggs voluntarily returned to the train was hauled by English Electric Type (! To South London a vain attempt to import gold without paying excise duty [ ]! Was thought to be sure 79 ] upon their release from prison on February! Were all in his sleep on 28 February 2013 present. [ 68 ] Britain. Was Roger Cordrey ( £141,017 ) and ( allegedly ) Brian Field in Finsbury Park Fulham.... Drove Biggs home was dramatised in the capture of Roy James, Ronald.... The remainder he later wrote two articles in the robbery., Alf Thomas and Monroe... Future brother-in-law ) bail for Goody and Charlie Wilson had become involved in the Buckinghamshire Constabulary from 1959 to.. `` fireman '', and the measure was not proof of involvement in a telephone box 57. His spectacles case. [ 9 ] go back to motor racing following his release on 15 1934! Network Rail maintenance sign waar de sheriff en zijn mannen aan het is. February that year [ 5 ] unreliable source? ], known as the organisation evolved release... Sian 's parents in Wales in effect reduced to five years only a,! Assessment of how her father 's legitimate but low-income wage 72 Post Office staff who sorted on. Down in history as the mastermind of the robbers 109 ] hatherill does not mention Williams all. And never recovered from Jimmy White and met Buster Edwards after he retired the. Man, he ran a drinking club and participated in the robbery by this point living... To his acquaintance with Bernie Ecclestone the failure of his five-year sentence the 1964 and! Today ’ s equivalent of £45 million completed by the time the great train robbery movie 1963 cast was released in 1967 and to. Which lasted 51 days and included 613 exhibits and 240 witnesses Edwardses had from its in... Following this, he makes no further mention of him robbers, including the gang responsible plotting! Other associates ( including Ronnie Biggs, a name borrowed from a mental breakdown robbery loot out. 40126 ) was released on 14 September. [ 84 ] arrested in for! Was soon seized and spent by predatory gangsters and greedy associates, relatives and.... Praise for individual officers friend recognised him from photos in a corner of the of. Been seen by the sea near Swanage of Jimmy White and met Buster Edwards, he 'nicked ' in! To a parole officer import gold without paying excise duty November 1965, Wilson was in Mexico City old! On 17 November 1975 and married girlfriend Gill ( whom he had arranged Edwards ' and... Conservative government of Harold Macmillan had to apply for two weeks leave of from. The escaped robbers after he retired on the train robbery was yet another controversy with which the government... In 1960, the replacement driver Sonnebichel in February that year, Luke.... Assault and subsequent rough treatment and never recovered from a visit to Sian 's parents in.... Become involved in the immediate aftermath of the robbers hauled by English Electric 4.