What an utter waste of a character. As for Percy, he trusted Piper and felt responsible for everyone on the ship, including Piper. Piper McLean. There is somewhat an inconsistency in Piper's clothing in the American cover of. However, Piper was jealous of Reyna and felt guilty about being Jason's boyfriend after she met her for the first time, and was worried that Jason had feelings for her. High quality Piper Mclean inspired Mugs by independent artists and designers from around the world. He hugged Piper before he left then glared at Leo and Jason, telling them to protect her. Jason defended Piper from the Romans when they were getting pelted with stones and plates, getting hit with a brick in the process. Her father arrives and tells the others to use the landline to call an ambulance. The seven and Nico fight Clytius before Hecate comes to finish him off. In these memories, Jason Grace, Leo, and Piper had been friends for about three months after Jason first arrived. She later told Apollo that Jason was her closest friend, even more than Annabeth. Apollo was very surprised by Piper's beautiful voice, and even more surprised by the sadness in the tune she chose, making every note he played on his ukekele a note of sympathy for Piper. However, Piper still preferred her old look. As one of the seven, Piper is definitely an extremely powerful demigod whose powers develop rapidly throughout the series. In return, Percy saved Piper from Otis and Ephialtes. At the end of The Lost Hero, Piper challenges Drew to a fight to become head of the Aphrodite cabin. Thalia Grace, Artemis's lieutenant and Jason's sister leads them to Aeolus's palace before getting separated when the ice vapor bridge melts after Leo gets too excited about a theory he formed about Jason's appearance and Percy's disappearance. And when Piper was going to the Parthenon underground, Piper was very grateful for Hazel and considered her one of her best friends, and that without her or Annabeth, she wouldn't of been able to discover her own courage or sing to Geminus. During the quest, Piper learned to be appreciative of his healing skills, like when he healed Percy and Jason after being possessed by Eidolons. Piper defends Nico against all the releasing monsters, while Percy and Jason go against the Giants. I’m daughter of Aphrodite and I’m part of the prophecy of seven so I’m ALWAYS on a adventure with my best friends!! As for Jason, he had feelings for Piper, but when he remembered Reyna, her memory made him question how he felt about Piper, and made him wonder if he was doing something wrong. She dives for the bomb that Zethes had told her about, but grabs it right as it explodes. When they were done, Piper was in awe of Frank, and called him terrifying, but amazing, and helped bandage his wound. 1 Biography 2 Early Life 3 Appearance 4 Alliances 5 Enemies 6 Powers/Weapons/Abilities 7 Gallery Piper Mclean was born on August 14 to Aphrodite and Tristan McLean, a world famous actor. Before they can move she and the Pandos are knocked out by Incitatus and taken to Caligula with a wounded Apollo. Hazel also winced at Piper when Jason was acting clueless of Pipers feelings about Reyna. However, Piper and Apollo’s newfound friendship deteriorated after Jason died. When Leo returned, Piper cried and freaked out, jumping in the ocean to greet him. Along with Jason and Annabeth, Piper infiltrates Odysseus's palace with the help of Hazel's magic. Jason reassured Piper that he didn't have feelings for Reyna and apologized for telling her to contact her, and said he would never go back to Camp Jupiter unless she came with him. She explains why she thinks Jason is the storm, Leo is fire, and Gaea is the world that must fall. Katoptris Cornucopia (formerly) Boread Icicle Sword (formerly) Blowgun (formerly) Charmspeak She also seems worried when Percy almost drowns in the tainted water along with her and Jason. When Jason was two, Juno commanded his mother to bring him to the Wolf House. However, Piper managed to let go of her anger enough to save Apollo and his comrades from Medea and Helios, though it was her second priority after getting revenge on Medea. Reyna was skeptical and wondered if Nico told her, but Piper said it was because she can sense it and see how much it drains her. He published six volumes of light music and one of pibroch, and after his death Iain Macdonald compiled a further volume. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. The idea of her never seeing Leo again made it hard to breathe and almost destroyed her. She seems to think he is a bit reckless and rebellious but has no complaints having either Jason or Percy being the "leader" of the Prophecy of the Seven. In The Son of Neptune, Reyna exposes a strong relationship or feeling for Jason, suggesting a rivalry between the two might occur. Piper also does not like it when Drew bullies the other Aphrodite children. Piper and Jason's back-story is a rare one, since they are the only two known demigods who met and befriended each other before they even knew they were demigods. She refuses help from Apollo but accepts ambrosia from Meg. Charmspeak allows her hypnotise people to do anything she commands. A birthday cake comes out along with the rest of the food, Jason admits it is his birthday. Piper and Leo had known each other for a long time, for about a few months before the events of The Lost Hero. Shop high-quality unique Piper Mclean T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Possible Opponents 1.2 Battle Record 2 Death Battle Info Piper McLean Vs Lelouch Vi Brittania Piper McLean vs Agent Connecticut(completed) Gambit Later, Piper was determined to save Nico di Angelo since he was Hazel's brother, and put her hand on Hazel’s shoulder, reassuring her. This can be seen when Jason mentions that her eyes "constantly change color, like a kaleidoscope going from brown to blue to green. She wants to try to use charmspeak on the goddess; however, Annabeth says that Nike may see Piper as a threat. Biographical information Apollo tried to give Piper Ambrosia and Nectar to heal her but she slapped it out of his hand, dazed with grief. View size guide. Drew and Piper primarily dislike each other, because they both like Jason, Piper's current boyfriend. Out of fear, Drew steps down anyway. After Piper arrived at Camp, Reyna seemed to have been over her jealousy also and said it was about time she came, and Piper grinned, saying she had some giants to kill. In September, they spent the entire month looking for Leo, then they went to school together in California.

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