Only certain people may witness a Commonwealth statutory declaration. If you are not granted an exemption, you should not continue with travel plans, as you will not be permitted to board a flight to Australia. .alphaList{ Your declaration must include all of the following details: You must have the statutory declaration witnessed by one of the following: For police officer or transport inspector issued infringement notices, you can mail your completed statutory declaration with your infringement notice to: Department of Transport and Main Roads PO Box 673 FORTITUDE VALLEY QLD 4006. cursor: pointer; A form combining both the Commonwealth and Fair Work Commission requirements can be downloaded from this page. This guide deals only with the use of statutory declarations made under the Statutory Declarations Act 1959 (Cth) in matters before the Fair Work Commission. height: 30px; border-radius: 0; Example 1: Birth mother. It is affirmed by the declarant and not sworn. To make a statutory declaration, download and complete the statutory declaration form below. Giving false or misleading information to the Commission is a serious offence. /*--> div.content > h3{display:none;} Please use our complaints and compliments form. To be valid, your statutory declaration must be signed by an approved witness. } .tblCss th a:hover{color:#182B49 !important;} Under the legislation dealing with statutory declarations, a person who wilfully makes a false statement in a statutory declaration is guilty of an offence and may be fined, jailed or both. This is also available from our Forms page. padding: 1em 1.57143em; #block-service-links-service-links > div.content > h3, Queensland Statutory Declaration Form A statutory declaration, sometimes referred to as a “Stat Dec”, is a written statement that allows a person to declare something to be true. Statutory declarations are not usually used in court cases. completing a statutory declaration. You can request to transfer a fine using our online service, if: You can complete an online nomination to transfer a fine from a camera detected offence issued by the Road Safety Camera Office (RSCO) of the Queensland Police Service, or Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) for the following types of infringements: *Note: You can only nominate another person for unregistered/uninsured vehicle offences if you sold/disposed of the vehicle or it was stolen/illegally taken before the offence. A statutory declaration (also called a stat dec) is a written statement that allows you to declare something to be true. How satisfied are you with your experience today? Please make only one request per person. When you write a statutory declaration, you should include: your full name ; your address ; your occupation ; a statement that you "do solemnly and sincerely declare". .field-type-link-field a[href$=".xlsx"]{ What is the process for general protections dismissal applications? We will only send an infringement notice by email if: Fake infringement notice emails are sometimes sent by scammers. In the Fair Work Commission context, a declaration is a written statement that has been signed by the person making the statement. A witness to a statutory declaration should do the following: It is also important for the witness to check that the statutory declaration does not contain any blanks and that all the information requested on the form is provided, including the name, address and occupation/qualification of the person making the declaration and the witness. And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of the Oaths Act 1867. color: #ffffff; Obtaining a travel exemption does not guarantee you will be able to get a flight to Australia at this time. A declaration does not need to be signed in the presence of a witness. Statutory Declaration. #block-bean-slideshow-1-label > div.content > h3, Attending medical appointments and elective surgery. background-size: 100% auto; */. submitting an online nomination through the, a fine was issued to you or your organisation, but another person was driving, a fine was issued to another person or organisation, but you were driving, you sold or disposed of the vehicle before the fine was issued. If you have a disability or impairment and use assistive technology, you may not be able to access our forms. You can fill it out on your device, or print it and complete it by hand. When you sign a statutory declaration, you are declaring that the statements in it are true. demerit points will be added to your traffic record from the day the offence was committed. Once you have completed the online nomination, the details will be sent to the issuing agency along with any uploaded documents, and you will receive a confirmation notice which can be printed or saved. .views-table th a:visited, .views-table th a:active, .views-table th a:focus{color:#ffffff !important;} dt{margin-bottom:10px;} complete an identity declaration for you; confirm your photographs are genuine; Certify copies Make a copy of the original document. transition: all 0.2s linear 0s; vertical-align: middle; Of: 1 Pitt St Sydney. display: block; background-color: #393E45; } If you are transferring a fine, do not pay it and keep a copy for your records. You can request to transfer a fine using our online service, if: a fine was issued to you or your organisation, but another person was driving (L-92798) Oaths Act (QLD) 1867; Access Level . #block-menu-block-4 > div.content > h3, text-shadow: 0 0 1px rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.75); A list of people who can be witnesses is set out in the Statutory Declaration Regulations 2018 and at the end of the Commission's statutory declaration form (Word). #block-fwc-blocks-header-search > div.content > h3, [CDATA[/* > div.content > h3, #block-block-96{display:none;}#block-menu-menu-footer > div.content > > h3{display:none;} You should not use a pencil because information could be erased. text-transform: uppercase; What are the obligations of a witness to a statutory declaration? QLD - Statutory Declaration (form) A blank 'stat dec' form for declaration in the State of Queensland. background-color: #182b49; .alphaList li{ .newspad{ More information on checking whether an email is legitimate. .link-textfield,.phone-textfield{display:none !important;} Section 2 of a statutory declaration is where you write your statement. This PDF is fillable. border: 1px solid #325a9a; confirmation that you were responsible for the offence and accept responsibility for the fine. *While this department has taken every possible precaution with the creation of these files they are downloaded and used at your own risk. you're pulled over by a Queensland Police Officer or transport inspector, the police officer or transport inspector issues you a fine. background-size: 20px 20px; How to write your statutory declaration Using the Sample NSW Stat Dec as shown in the image below - Complete all of the information identifying who you are, as instructed by the instructions contained in the highlighted square brackets. QUEEN SL AND . Statutory Declaration - Queensland. } } The Statutory Declarations Act 1959 and the Statutory Declarations Regulations 2018 set out the requirements for Commonwealth statutory declarations. Before writing your affidavit, contact the court for the correct form of affidavit to use. 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