Two of the strategies which The need to look at livelihood strategies at the household level inevitably poses a problem about how to generalize the learning obtained from individual household livelihood profiles. Livelihood strategies: How people access and use these assets, within the aforementioned social, economic, political and environmental contexts, form a livelihood strategy. Course: Livelihoods Assessment and Analysis Lesson 1: Introduction to Livelihoods - Learner’s Notes Learner Notes 4 1. Livelihood analysis is based on the assumption that the current livelihoods reflect people’s rational choices. It encompasses people’s capabilities, assets, income and activities required to secure the necessities of life. Further, when experiencing income losses, they may resort to negative coping strategies, such as distress sale of assets, predatory loans or child labour. Context Livelihood strategy Livelihood outcome (Source: Drinkwater & Rusinow 1999) 7 Introduction to the livelihoods framework CARE’s approach is similar to DFID in that it emphasises the dynamic interrelationships between different aspects of the framework. However, rather than looking at using the ‘five capitals’ approach to assets, it distin-guishes between assets, capabilities and activities. Few would deny the importance of the ideals of the 'sustainable livelihoods approach' - poverty reduction, reducing livelihood vulnerability, improving environmental sustainability, and … Back in 2017, Kirt Hainzer was a Crawford Fund conference scholar from Central Queensland University. their combinations of source of income, to identify livelihood strategies. The strategy takes a short to medium term view of actions which will enable affected Syrian households to protect, sustain and re … resources, Livelihood strategies, and Institutional processes and organizational structures. LabourNet, set up in 2005, is an innovative social enterprise that is leveraging the capacity of informal sector micro and small entrepreneurs (MSEs) to provide a technology-enabled labour exchange for matching demand and supply. The determinants and effects … The sub strategies are grouped as follows: Strategy 1: Pastoral livelihoods Strategy 2: Agro-pastoral livelihoods Strategy 3: Agricultural livelihoods Strategy 4: Fishery based livelihoods, Strategy 5: Vocational Skill and Small Enterprise Training (Urban, IDP and Youth) Strategy 6: Cash or food based interventions Strategy 7: Early Warning and Early Action Strategy 8: Other Shocks and … Drawing on an economic metaphor, such livelihood resources may be seen as the ‘capital’ base from which different productive streams are derived from which livelihoods are constructed. The vulnerability context refers to the full range of factors that can impact on … Thirdly, it guides the development of national and local livelihoods strategies. He is now a Senior Researcher with CQU working on an ACIAR funded project to develop market chains for sweet potato farmers in Papua New Guinea. Alternative livelihood strategies built on strong rural–urban connectivity (e.g., Andersson, 2001) and farmers’ adaptive capacity to perceived environmental changes (e.g., Enfors et al., 2008) play also a major role in the resilience of these systems. A generalized linear model showed that livelihood strategies were significantly associated with food security outcomes. cultivation, … The ability to pursue different livelihood strategies is dependent on the basic material and social, tangible and intangible assets that people have in their possession.

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