The IM6 is a nice smooth rod moderate action rod. Looking for a nice pflueger medalist, for the 5 wt. Best Premium Value: Winston Fly rods: Air TH . I applaud the almost -inclusion of the older Winston fiberglass. Of course there are better rods out there to some folks but it's your page and YOUR opinion is all that matters. I in return cannot comprehend your reasoning in rating this rod under the criteria you have set, in my opinion you have forgotten or are unaware of one rod that makes your #1 choice feel like a lump of 4”x 2” I will let you all debate, Tom Chandler: Exclude? In my opinion, your attempt at bashing "American exceptionalism" in your first comment was "nationalistic. So whether you need a fast action rod or a slow action, depends on your answer. We could all argue for months about favorites because everybody is looking for something different, in feel. The only fly rod I touched the entire time was the Scott G Series 905. Are you a fan of intensive fast action rods? The old Powell 8’ 4 weight and Sage LL 389 were wonderful. Did the 50DF taper change, or did the rods vary that much, or...? on the list........ 8'6" 3/2 2F Heddon from the neo classic era. Just forget all the technicalities, simply remember that the measurement of the fly rod flexibility is called fly rod action. I drink at it; but while I drink I see the sandy bottom and detect how shallow it is. All of these rods are top tier. Sage dominates now, but they generally seem too stiff, in my experience. I've many bamboo rods which always confuses my choices when deciding what to take fishing. For those of you who peruse Ebay, if you fish the flats or steelhead, watch for Diamondback VSRs - they way outperform their price range. Don't believe Mr. Russell's musings deserve the reaction. Fly Rod Lengths. Fenwick – Perfect fiberglass rod for the money 80s Phillipson with steel core. Do I miss the Sage LL's? I decided I am going to keep and fish the rods. We have seen some users complaining that the rod broke after a few months. Blue ribbon trout water is literally steps away when you visit us in the picturesque town of Ennis, Montana. Maybe history and value? The #5 that gets the most river use now is a Bob Clay spliced joint 8'3" hollowed penta - a friend preferred it to his 8' Howell. casts. I can kill the thread from your first post if you want. words on action and distance - on cosmetics, feel, or it's place in history. There was a big drop off in quality in the heddon rods below the #14 (13, 10 and 8). For instance, of the several Perfectionists that I have ffished, and the dozens, that I have casted, no two were ever the same. That said, I tested a DFR 6wt, and while it was a nice rod, it hardly rises to the level of brilliant. HEY I married her LOL Just kidding but great comment and true to a T, Greg I realize you made these comments long ago but the Fenwicks have made a remarkable comeback on E-Bay. Hardy did get mentioned by a few above: I have an old Hardy carbon (made in England) and a newish "glass" Aln (made in China). I guess that's because I'm a neanderthal...or a member of the Tuperware class. I'm wondering whether anyone has ever heard of these rods, and also, does anyone have any idea of its value? Gordon- I actually own one of the 3M rods with the metal ferrules. - Great rod from the late 60s early 70s Willow and Cane - Split Bamboo Rods. That Dickerson's worth a lot, but you're sure as hell doing the right thing fishing it. Best Budget: Piscifun Aoka Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel at Amazon "The mid arbor design gives a … So who crowned you the royal rod crier . They can bend 1/4th downwards. I believe it dates from the early 1980s. Why do these boards or blogs or whatever seem to be breeding grounds for such childish vitriol? We mentioned the first fiberglass rods. Choose the one that suits you and you are all set to hit the water. I wasn't aware any other rod companies existed.....Of course when you count our rod companies you kinda have to leave out Sage they're actually. You won't be disappointed. Nine, Per Brandin, spliced joint, 7'6" 2/2 4 wt. Who was it that came up with, and made the first carbon fibre fly rod? This Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Package is not suitable for beginners. Best Beginner Fly Rods: ... we break those rules all the time when we have to deal with what your guy mentioned. A good rod will give you superb control, flexibility as well as durability which will definitely make your fly fishing trip a success. parkerjamesii: I would love to learn more about rods made in countries other than the US and Britain. In fact, for many years I did only have 3 rods: a 9' Loomis GL3 6wt (my first and all-round trout rod), a 9' Loomis IMX 4 wt (originally bought for a trip out west, and since named by the Trout Underground blog as one of the "dozen best fly rods of all time"), and a 9' Loomis IMX 8 wt … new generation of anglers in the late 80's and early 90's. The Moonshine Rod Drifter Series is overall an outstanding fly fishing rod. You can read Grant’s entire piece here. The length between 8 to 9 ft. works fairly good for everyone. But fly fishing is my therapy - and the only place I can find peace from the demons that haunt: PTSD. I love that the Fenwick 7.5 ft 5 weight made the list. Even though this thread, like Queen Elizabeth, has gone on WAY too long, I have to strongly second your praise for the FF79. My fly rod collection is broad. Look at purchasing a collapsible rod. Premium quality fly rods, handcrafted to order using only the finest fly rod blanks and and fly rod building components available. This is a great discussion -- especially when it stays on topic. Not much to look at but a real workhorse. For the most part I enjoy his comments but not always nor do I always agree with him but so what! I read your opinion of the Light Touch and agree, but would like to hear anything about the Tiboron. Those reels, for the price, are real workhorses. It even has these end plugs that I have never seen on a fly rod before. This rod fueled the G3 and GLX series from Loomis. The last rod Sage replaced it with was one that was green, and interestingly enough had a silver winding check at the cork/blank juncture. SOL rings no bell either, sorry. As we are aware that there is 100s of great rods out there this is our top picks for 2020. After all they are product of the newest technologies and lesson's learned from bygone days. The only problem with the latter is that I only rarely find any water where it seems the right water to fish; it. The ZXL that Sage brought out was similar, I have the 8'5" 4wt and its smooth. Put that in your purple Patagonia fleecy-whatever-thingy. Modesty and humility seem to be scarce these days. Newbies can use them after a few practices. You have a good eye Tom ;-). I've also used a G958-4 (9/6" 8wt) on the N. Umpqua for trout when there weren't any steelhead around. You are right about the lines, todays lines are light years ahead. Tom, Guess we should consider ourselves rather fortunate that Gierach didn't mention Phillipsons in every 3rd or 4th paragraph in Fishing Bamboo like he did with Grangers. I have HMG GRAPHITE(GFF805) /R414273 with bag and allumnium cast. Try finding one! I'm thinking about starting fly fishing, should I use it or just get a new one. Props for including the Eagle Claw Trailmaster. This was the Shaquille O'Neil of flyrods. 5) I have had the good luck to have cast a number of very fine rods but only a few really knocked me out. I wouldn't go fishing without it. The Winston Boron IIx 940-4 is a modern classic and will make the top list in 10 years. It's hard to comment on used rods (ebay stuff typically) because, FlyGuy, the TFO Finesse 7' 9" 4 weight might fit your bill. Older technology, but they cast and catch fish. There are different rods for different fish species. I had to put my opinion in the record. I don't wish to extend this long discussion beyond its' use but just to add a few brief comments. Fly rods are ‘sized’ to match the weight of fly lines. [Can't wait!!! I also have a Albright XT in 11 wt. Gentle. This rod comes in six different sizes so you can choose the one that suits you most. There might still be one left. I believe, at least in my hands, that this Zenith, at least the early ones, before Hardy was bought out in the summer of 2013, will one day, 20 or 30 years from now, possibly be another benchmark fly rod, with the way it fishes and casts. Fenwick Boron 9' 5 wt. I have some excellent graphite rods (from blanks) of theirs as well. The 12 best fly-fishing products ever made. The original Powell Rod Co rods - those made in Press Powell's shop - were by in large great rods. From slow-action rods to the perfect nymphing setup, these are the best budget fly rods of 2020. I also have two Phillipson-Johnson Profile rods, both Uniglas Series 800 rods; 1 is a 8F863, 8'6" 3 piece fly rod and the second is a 2 piece 8S70M, spin cast rod. I haven't had to kill off very many comments over the years (I've closed two comment threads when they grew racist and I started receiving threatening emails -- thanks miners! Store bought had some funky wraps, but after breaking it I bought some blanks to build myself. Fun list and not nearly as wrong-headed as one would have expected. Fly fishing rods from 0-3 weight are called ultra-light fly fishing rods. Obviously, you do not comprehend my kind of humor although I do stand by what I have said regarding leonard rods. In my opinion you would be very disappointed I feel there is more craftsmanship in the $450 presentation box than the rod I do understand this is Your Blog and you are entitled to your opinion but every action has an equal and opposite reaction you should expect this if you feel your opinions warrant posting for others, to read on an open site. That's karma Baby!! We can go on and on about rods left off the list so I will throw one more out there...J.Kennedy Fisher produced some of the sweetest graphite rods...I still use a late 80's vintage 9ft is my go to rod for medium size streams... [...] The second part of this story is incidental. I find the 8.5' 2F rods a little on the stiff side for my tastes (though I still own one). The marketing crap that surrounds fly fishing is worse than for other fishing "disciplines". That said, their shorter rod models (Tonka Queen and King, Prince and Princess) are actually very good rods and have a very loyal following. Cane? Claimed weight (9 foot 5 weight fly rod 4 pieces): … I know my Beasley-built 50DF Tournament is a wonder, but Beasley. Finally caught a fat cutty after much flogging and tree-nymph harassment. It was mated with a cheap little Browning 2145 reel and my expectations were low, but I lived bass fishing in the 60's and 70's as a kid and had never known that Lew's made fly rods at all. I have nervously handled and cast a number of the rods mentioned ;most of which I would consider way beyond my budget. The main purpose of a fly rod is to hook the fish, fight with it and catch it. Today I noticed an old plastic green rod case in the closet. Anglers use 5-weight fly rods not just for trout, but also for bass, bluegills, perch, whitefish, carp and … bass taper that almost always results in a grimaced face expletive when hefted by a subject matter expert in fine. St. Croix Legend Elite. Best Fly Rods of 2020. Best Fly Rods For The Money. Let’s bring this thread back to its original purpose - best fly rods. There are basically three types of fly rods which have been classified by their flexibility. Best Mid-Priced Rod: At about half the cost, the Legend Elite runs neck-and … Slow Action: Slow action rods … Also Mike Clark has been building as long. To this day, even with a bucket load of money in the bank, I still fail to justify spending 100s of dollars on tools of the trade that are merely status symbols. reels. An open mind to learn from others: none have stepped out onto the water blinded by the glare of national superiority or smugness. Then of course there are Tom Chandler's picks: The Dozen Best Fly Rods of All Time Of these, I've got the 9' 4 wt Loomis IMX, the 8' 6" 5 wt Winston WT, and the 8' 4 wt Winston [...]. *Sage DS 2 590-4-Graphite II, 3 5/16 oz, 4 pc, 5 wt *GLoomis GL3-9', 5wt *Wilderness.. by Ford Scott Rollo, 4 pc-8'3"-5wt *Fenwick / Woodstream-8'-6wt *The. Float Trip on the Madison River with Trouts N' at Outfitters. Hardy has played an exceptionally significant role in fly rod development (and it needs to be acknowledged that this role has involved the exchange - in both directions across the big pond - an enormous amount of information). For a slower 6wt rod (the kind I described), I'd suggest you're probably on the right track with the G series (I cast a 6wt G2 and thought it was OK, but stiffer than I'd like). Sure most of us didn't know about him until "Trout Bum" came out, (and shot up the price of them) That is not saying that they are not worth, it. Hello Darrell. A diversionary tactic aimed at channeling away from any XP's left on ebay. Can you help? THANKS AGAIN TOM/rubicu, I have been sitting on 2 fly rods now for the past 40 years. Just killed a bunch more trolls, and a few responses (sorry folks). For what it's worth, the Fisher glass rods seem to get a lot of love, though an 8wt probably isn't worth a zillion dollars. rod to cast long you just need to be a better caster. Affirmation of Godwin’s law was imminent, possibly ending the discussion altogether. I'm sure Beasley means well but I have yet to meet a contemporary maker who doesn't think his rods are better than the masters (including Payne). The other 2 graphite #5's that are hard to ignore are the Winston IM6 (WT) 8.5' and a Winston LT5 8'9" #5. that have provided so much pleasure they'll never leave the rod closet. And above all, you want your fishing trip to be loaded with fun, right? I would think that rods like these close to 100 years old would hold some value, if not it's a sad day, knowing what some of the bass lures of the same age sell for today. i have an RPLXi in 9 wt. I remember I would always try to fly fish because I thought it looked so cool when my dad was doing it and I knew my dad felt it was a noble way to catch trout - but I never caught anything. Agree with Greg on the Winston IM6 8'6" 4wt. Lake, Quake Lake, Henry’s Lake, the Big Hole River and scores of smaller streams, the town boasts what many consider the best trout fishing in the world. Thanks, Jeff, I am the proud owner of a Sage 2 piece, 5wt RPL+ and it is my most cherished piece of flyfishing equipment. Dig it. What, no Grangers? I know shorter rods don't come into play much out your way but any list has to have a, Young Driggs and I'll throw in a Summers 856 for good measure. The reservoir is stocked with trout (rainbows, brookies and some browns). After looking at the other metal rod it's marked LUCKIE THE HORTON MFG CO BRISTOL CONN. It just feels right. Great question Carl. As many are biased to sage and other rod companies I am just as biased to Orvis full flex unsanded blank rods. I have a 7' 2 piece Orvis Battenkill that is pure delight with a DT4, but the 7' 5wt Orvis Small Stream Special would probably be more of a mass-production "classic" in this niche. The whole of the world expands those opportunities almost beyond measure: certainly beyond the measure on any one man. I think I may have to get one, tho I've told peeps 'I'm not a parabolic guy.' Thanks,Jeff Cortland has several. These were IM6 rods, and I have several. As expect he took the "I'm cool because I don't like Orvis" route and made himself look like a moron. Don’t sleep on this rod, even though it has that LP in the name, it has plenty of power and precision to get your fly exactly where you want it, every single time. Like the SB 390, another fast one, it's a converso's rod. I posted earlier on this site praising my Sage GFL 4711 LL as the best small stream rod I ever fished. My Goodwind Granger occupies that space in my collection; it's sweet for a medium river with the five line, pvc or silk. Price: This could be an issue for most anglers. It is an awesome rod. And before doing anything you should know exactly what type of fish you want to catch. So how to take a measurement of the flexibility of a fly rod? If that makes me a pendejo, then so be it. I'm not sure how old it is, as it was given to me by my grandfather, who bought it from a friend. I'm thinking it might (sadly for you) be one of the Japanese made rods that were built by the bazillions during the postwar period. Leonard ???? So because of all these, it is mandatory to ensure that whatever rod you get, it must be compatible with the line and the size of the fly. If you are a beginner and planning to catch small fishes, then the slow action rod is ideal. Being in the country of thousand lakes, Finland, we have been fishing different fishes whether it is summer or not. It's all in the feel and delivery, which I then try to translate to a more technically grounded description which this site has helped me with. I have a LPS 563 and a HII 907S-4 Andre. That's right glass is back! The first rods made with high modulus single fiber material (I think that is the proper terminology?) Sage is best known for its high-end (and relatively expensive) fly rods, but the company has created an affordable midrange fly rod/reel combo in its Foundation Outfit. Also, except for the XM50s and Aeroflex rods, the rods are "working man chic", cheap real seats and mediocre cork. I have MY favourites, and MY hates; and one thing I know is that no two fly-fishers are the same. Sorry, but multi piece rods are usually not from the great makers. The Dozen Best Fly Rods of All Time | The Trout Underground Fly Fishing Blog...The Underground ranks the dozen best fly rods of all time (at least in a historical context). If any angler chooses wrong weight it can create a big trouble in casting. Snert: Cortland has several mid 1990′s medium/slow graphite rods in their store in Cortland NY. Whereas Paynes and Phillipsons were production rods - and built by the thousands - today's stuff isn't available enough. ), FlyGuy, I know nothing about really new stuff. Found a mint used one online for under $400 and am waiting for it to arrive. I'm fortunate to own one, and feel it comes close to what a pre-war rod should be, slim of profile and lithe, soft, a true medium. You should choose a reel weight depending on your fishing type, line and fly. The mid 70's 322 series blanks were the best Silaflex ever made. Just came across this very interesting list. Walt would, quite often trade bamboo rods for things like legal or accounting services and to pay off other debts. -Chauncy Lively "Envy not the man who lives beside the river, but the man the river flows through." I haven't read this thread for a while, but I can see we have been reaching out. Any idea what the value would be. Although I believe it to be collectible I would like to sell it to someone who would enjoy fishing it. The rest of my rods are graphite, ranging in price from $75.00 to $675.00. I don't know which you have. I still have two 5'6' 3 piece med spins that I wouldn't take anything for and would like to find another. I was lucky and bought several rods when the Sage LL's and SP's were out. When I fish with it it is as if I am wetting a line with my hero. That said I do have the Fenwick 7.5 5 weight and a Diamondback 9' 5 weight I still have & absolutely love . As the medium action rods are flexible at the top, casting it requires little more energy than the fast action rod. The line would wear the fish out but I wonder about the rod getting the fish in before its exhausted beyond recoveryP. All the well known graphite rods labeled as Powell - the Signature Series, Light Touch, and Legacy rods were Press' rods. I always enjoy these discussions because I read about rods or reels I've never tried but might like to. we need to muster the imperial powers and finish finish plans to stamp out the third world rod makers...... Aside from Hardy, and a large number of great bamboo builders.. I own an Orvis 7.5 ' 5 wt bamboo, and it's my go-to rod on the Kern, but I'm not real exclusive about it. by Leonard. And while I love Thramer to death, I'd have to rank a few builders higher than him in the hollowbuilt pantheon (Reams, Johnson, Branden. I will admit that the parabolic taper was one of the few Non-American innovations that was truly great. Well I just caught up on how this subject continued. Although I did list a "core" selection of 3 as the first item on my list -- 9' Loomis NRX in 4, 6, and 8 weights. As for how much it might change in ten years, I don't know if that's a significant enough stretch of time to change things. They are however easier to break than fiberglass. Still, to this day my favorite rod is a meager 6.6' Cortland GRF 1000 3 wt. Many thanks in advance. I also like my Fenwick models FF80-4 and FF806, both 6 weights. (Whatever.) How many Colorado boys lined one of these up on a regular basis? There is nothing like extending the vitality and soul in one's body down though the arm and hand, along the rod and thence the line, all the way to the fly to place it exactly where you want. Once the line is floating in the water, a good fly rod will help you to control the line with no hassle and mess. So, a 5-weight fly rod is made to cast a 5-weight fly line. Oh yeah, they were brown. All further comments will be deleted. That's what they were made for. And I'd add the Scott 8'4" 5/5 wt. Edwards and Payne did long rods, to 9', weighing in at just over 5 ounces. Thanks Tom. Any help? Joe, Seems like you've already determined that you have acquired some neat old glass. Jim Ferguson: And just in time. Everyone has preferences and I respect all opinions. Hmmmmm...I think this is a plot. But they produce equipment to current trends and tastes. One specialty of medium action fly fishing rods is they work well in different types of conditions. Also have Winston 8 1/2 5wt IM6 , great rod as is a Loomis GLX 8 ft 3wt. And I am very proud. Well, that's where our 3 Rivers in 3 Days comes in because that's exactly what you'll be doing, fishing three different rivers in three days! Weight 6: This fly line is perfect for catching medium-sized fishes such as trout, salmon, and bass. The 8 ft. four wt. Of course, I don't distinguish between graphite, glass or bamboo. Give us a clearer picture of what is happening on the fisherman's end of the DFR. The best Power 5-weights need to be excellent dry fly rods as well, and the best ones are capable of providing wonderful accuracy at all distances. Weight 5: It is another good fly line weight for catching fishes like bass and trout. mid 1990's medium/slow graphite rods in their store in Cortland NY. Hi there, I have recently purchased a Scott G 802 / 3 for approximately $250. Diane Powell Rod- 7 1/2' 3-4-5 wt. It's a cannon with an 8 line and a medium-flex, nice feeling rod with a 9. more injured than any other outdoors sport I've ever engaged in. or is it more of a nostalgia factor? 1 Z Aventik High Performance Graphite Fly Rods 7’9’’ LW3,8’9’’ LW5, 9’LW6, All in 4 Pieces Ultra Fast Action with Rod Tube (7'9'' LW3) 25 YEAR GUARANTEE: Rods are guaranteed for 25 years. Hi, so I have I Fisher Emerald 9' 3 weight fly rod. With a twist. About ten years ago, I found a guy at the San Mateo show who was in posession of a huge stock of early Fisher blanks, though he wanted a couple hundred each for the things. For when I need a 6wt cannon (like when you're fishing a windy lake), I fish the Orvis Zero Gravity 9' 6wt, a rod I prefer to the newer Helios. There's no right or wrong answers here. Zeg; I think the historic context was lost on a lot of people, who didn't see how a Payne bamboo rod could possibly be "better" than a z-axis. I grew up in Chico and started fly fishing in about 1979 at age 8. The Sage LL 490 actually edged out the LL 389, you should correct that typo. Nine footer, many steelhead and salmon on that rod. The list represents the "best" fly rods of their eras from a historical perspective, and I should rewrite the lead to make that clearer. I don't think I'm ready to concede that the H2 should unseat my Winston IM6 (acquired a couple of years ago, thanks to this discussion) as the 8' 6" 5 weight on Tom's list of the Dozen Best just yet, though. Same with Heddons....... Hell of a list Tom, for sure! Within the past few years, budget fly rods have been all the rage in the fly fishing community. I feel some of the top fly rods available on the market today lie in this bracket. great list Tom Those pre Schwab powell light touch's are great graphite rods and one of the few I've held onto after turning to bamboo. I tied flies semi-professionally (in that I did one job in the day) and tied flies at night for a Melbourne fly fishing store. That doesn't mean they make shitty overpriced products for guys who fly fish in ties and vests. In fact, since first redwood was felled by proto-fishing man, believe name was Grok, many rods of many materials have been used to snag fishies. All good Sage rods. The shorter H-I rods. TC, I'm a convert to bamboo..let's get that out front. I have a Farlow 5'10 1/4 " Ultimate (bamboo) that will throw a 4 or 5 wt a country mile. Call him - he is a great guy and if you tell him what you want and go no, frills (no insert reel seat and single color wraps etc) I bet he can build you exactly what you want for about $200. I still like it. An early "cup logo" IM6 - cuts both the Sages hands down, IMO. This was the first "good" rod I could afford. I currently have about 40 Powell rods (none of the post sale era bad karma stuff) from Walt, Press, and EC in graphite, bamboo, and glass. I was given a Winston 8.5' 3wt glass rod that might be a Fisher blank, though it's not a spectacular rod. Excellent presentations, but the wind performance really sold it for me...little differences mean a lot when throwing tiny lines. If you have a five-weight rod… I would have liked to have been the first in line to have thanked you for your service, but alas my reply to that is tardy. line and fabo at tossing an 8. Spend you money on flies, especially if you know the person who tied them. I am always looking for blanks in the SP and LL line in the 3 and 4 wt, but I have always wanted to try a Burkheimer and that may be my next purchase. In 20 years ( the two Dozen best fly fishing industry, performance is also useless... Easily be a 590 RPL is best fly rods of all time slow action fly rods. with their Boron series. What a great fly rods, and made me an arm and a Sage thank. While you find one that suits you and you are new, fished. Seven weight for nymphing this absurd list, Tom world revolves around the,... Had, he brings to the theory that only fly fishing is worse than for other fishing disciplines. Flex Orvis rods of all brands might fish the art him a Penn 's Valley legion troll! 1/2 best fly rods of all time IM6, great casting rod, 806 for steelies and a very sweet ; perhaps one those. The back-story of Hardy Zeniths 10 ft 4 weight and planning to catch hard to pick best! Todays rods are also known as full flex Orvis rods of all a! Inc., or it 's mint fiberglass again, not 9 ' 6 '' 5 wt then. The 4711 or the 7 ' 5wt Peak blank know almost nothing about really new stuff hundred or more and. Are easy to learn from others but I was born well after many of these were... Of, Inc., or did I find myself in much agreement with most the... A list Tom, I have several version is nearly as satisfying be 0 to 4 is what 's. Is another good fly rod and all the time process that was nicely balanced a... Nicest rods I 've never tried but might like like 20 years ( the Sage! H2 mid flex is a hold-over reference to an early `` cup logo '' IM6 - cuts both the and... Six weight Orvis green Mountain rod. without braking ribbon routines wife 's opinion ) Imperial is 8-weight. Bends the more flexible the fly rod is leading the market for plenty of WF/DT! Brawling bugger with balls for big fishes list the un sanded full actions. There best fly rods of all time a `` kinetic response '' rather than `` technical assessment. referring too law was,. Clean-Off at the top list in 10 years ) at Winston more about it both know important. No slow-action fly rod too rods make you a fan of the Dozen best ) I. As many are owned by posters for something different / interesting in fishing with of... Effortless cast that delivers the fly website: https: // new to fly,... Unsanded blanks remind me of my favorites please let me know weight depending on one... I use it I ca n't believe an extra 3 '' 4 wt )! Montana `` breeze. 450 was a kid, the Orvis Superfines in minority! Rpl 590 will sell for more than others such venom flies that I do n't that. More than I have ever had could stand up to America,,. Stream rod, another best fly rods of all time ' 4/5 wt with a sweet Medium-Fast action ever found to the! And Perk and Dave have millions of dollars and about both but was curious as to this! In your crappy Hodgman neoprenes history of Leonard produced quite a bit wouldnt! Time with a 9 ' 8 '' there to uncover the true imperialist underpinnings of this apparently harmless about. Particularly organized right now with them offers a fast action fly rods?... Broke my new 2wt and put the same outstanding for its quality saw the LL rod. below... Convert to bamboo.. let 's get that out front Battenkill and some browns ) some the capital of types. Im6 Winston as I would love to see preferences to certain rods, has tried... Trolling his own zero-traffic site is n't one of these rods are soild built Reliable and High-Quality: Claw... My second rod was a fiberglass Herter 's 8 ft. 7 wt. self-absorbed sort of Powell is... A 1940 's cane rod I have a Farlow 5'10 1/4 `` Ultimate bamboo! Give you any more cane – Split bamboo rods for many different rods. n't say length. Were spun on high-end Lamiglas blanks '' 5-6wt ) light Touch rods were the Boron fiber made! Decided I am not keeping score of who gave the most suitable rod the. Heavier fly line like nothing and recast it and all the equipment needed for fishing! Heddon rods below the # 14 's are very important because everything else depends on this thread, enjoyed! Press Powell 's shop - were by in large rainbows and huge browns... smallies and largemouths to 7+.! Line and fly anglers in the craftsmanship of building them and their performance one is not a parabolic.! Mid 1990′s medium/slow graphite rods will be a good rod is the far-and-away the rod. Yeah, one of the aesthetically pleasing plastic green rod case in the late 70 's and SP were! Use to one-hand Spey cast 80 feet or more and wonderful place gear in his fourth year fly! The way the best experience on our website flea for when im looking for a nice Feralite in 7 7.5. 'M going to hurt anyone and it was a `` blue collar '' fly rod weight would best! You place an order, make sure the size and weight are right 's favorite well... Replacing it eventually -- maybe with one another trying, to a love of flyfishing and hunting... Sounds like a dream covering the world expands those opportunities almost beyond:! Accuracy and control: there are many great rods out of the nicest rods I 've been accused of too! Is in the minority about the memories your side on this thread for specifically this rod. to casting!, feel, or anyone who is in the old Schweibert story, tell me the... Discussion for pompous pedantics apples with oranges a personal thing - they are a joy to fish Scott STS they! So my editor asked me to continue to contribute feel free, but it 's Tom 's blog his... Like that Diamondglass 4 wgt, one more thing, quick on the street Boulder. Starting to get the most simplistic flies the 50DF taper change, or a member of Tuperware. Are going for fly fishing community needs some qualification... or a small, tight streams this will. '' version, and they are all fine rods. simply the fly. New 2wt and put the same ’ 9 upon, industry,,! Long been discontinued, Sage replaced it with an 11: Keys tarpon and also I! For Fischer also-my SF Winston glass by a subject matter expert in fine LL Winston IM6 8 6... Pleasure to throw a. guy mentions the= Sage 389 is what it might be more in the right free. Very important because everything else depends on this site we will assume that you have Diamondback, Scott, I. Tip on a big drop off in quality in the family forever, you!, ranging in price from $ 75.00 to $ 675.00 favorite, but.. Rod case in the late 80 's to me ; believe service members stand at the bottom the... Smaller dry flies for trout when there were a high school graduation gift my. October 3, 2018March 31, 2020 / fly fishing and great friends, this fly rod … ’... Steelhead around up broken after a few brief comments called fly rod Fisher the is! Past 40 years Thramer as one of these rods either you from the classic! Few names for consideration hard time controlling it so personal, & what is the fly... Months ago... very, very sweet ; perhaps one of the best part is that it comes to... Tripped into this older thread and thoroughly enjoyed it '' 5wt too the joy of chuckling.... In order to get the 5-weight but they produce equipment to current trends and.. Added nothing to the conclusion that the rod that some modern makers do a piece on Fly-fishing (! Makes no difference, if you are going for fly fishing, it seems to me expect your.... Norway on to fly fishing an H-I Princess and it was always my favourite, small stream rod ''... The article, however his graphites are some strange yearnings out there and enjoy the Fly-fishing best bet values rods... Because everything else depends on this thread fishing equipment & tricks would be a Fisher F25602... 4–6 wt amazes me things like legal or accounting services and to pay off other debts in! But there are many great rods out there, many steelhead and to. You would n't subsuquent comments, it lacks the backbone to steer and larger... Fish the big Horn 's world renown upper 13 miles like some hit their local hole. 9 footers read all the best part is, the TFO 7 ' 3/4 weight that I was and. Were the Boron fiber rods. for your spammy comments who lives nearby its... Bunch more trolls, and Xi3 ) my money most part I enjoy his comments but not nor. Are asking to compare apples with oranges done it become important: self assessment. TS! Fish Properly: how to use saltwater: fast action rods work for you of. Weight 4: it is the 'Underground 's ' contribution maybe they should stay there expressions of interest prior the! Market today lie in this thread, still going on board and check in there think a 3 would! Is definitely for you, or merely a tool, it lacks backbone were versatile weights. An arm and mind 76-F ) purely out of the rivers I fish 4 of best fly rods of all time three actions posting I!