#define X_MAX_POS X_BED_SIZE #define PREHEAT_1_FAN_SPEED 0 // Value from 0 to 255, #define PREHEAT_2_TEMP_HOTEND 240 // is pressed, a value of 10.0 means 10mm per click. M106. Setting this incorrectly will lead to unpredictable results. The spare extruder and hotend temperature pins can be used for HEATER_CHAMBER_PIN and TEMP_CHAMBER_PIN. //============================= DELTA Printer =============================== For M851 and LCD menus give a range for adjusting the Z probe offset. #define BED_MAXTEMP 160, //=========================================================================== Control heater 0 and heater 1 in parallel. For the E3D V6 hotend, many use 285 as a maximum value. // because shifts and ors are used to do the ring-buffering. //#define USE_ZMAX_PLUG, // coarse Endstop Settings privacy statement. These depend on various factors, including belt pitch, number of teeth on the pulley, thread pitch on leadscrews, micro-stepping settings, and extruder style. #define FILAMENT_CHANGE_FAST_LOAD_ACCEL 25 // (mm/s^2) Lower acceleration may allow a faster feedrate. The first two options deal with continuous thermal protection during an entire print job. Allen Key Probes, Servo Probes, Z-Sled Probes, FIX_MOUNTED_PROBE, etc. Enable to add support for a filament width sensor such as Filament Width Sensor Prototype Version 3. With the next line you have to calibrate (roughly) the axis by setting the necessary steps per unit (Marlin … Activate this option to make volumetric extrusion the default method The last values loaded or set by M404 W and M200 D will be used as the Nominal and Actual filament diameters. //============================= SCARA Printer =============================== Change to white to illuminate work surface. Enable BOTH options. CoreXY uses a special belt arrangement to do XY motion, requiring a little extra maths. #define SERVO_DELAY 300, // Servo deactivation If the pins are able to do hardware PWM then a wide range of colors will be available. Marlin 1.1.5 and up include the BUSY_WHILE_HEATING option for hosts that treat host keepalive as a strict busy protocol. #define X_CURRENT_HOME X_CURRENT // (mA) RMS current for sensorless homing. #define CONFIGURATION_H #define INVERT_E3_DIR false ###Průša MK2 Single Nozzle Multi-Material Multiplexer. Enable detailed logging of G28, G29, M48, etc. Then each consecutive probe point uses the Z position of the probe point preceding it. // @section probes, // // Enable ULTRA_LCD for a 16x2, 16x4, 20x2, or 20x4 character-based LCD. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License, Advanced settings can be found in Configuration_adv.h. #define NEOPIXEL_TYPE NEO_GRBW // NEO_GRBW / NEO_GRB - four/three channel driver type (defined in Adafruit_NeoPixel.h), #define NEOPIXEL_PIN 4 // LED driving pin, #define NEOPIXEL_PIXELS 30 // Number of LEDs in the strip, larger of 2 strips if 2 neopixel strips are used. // Enable this option to leave the PSU off at startup. Override with M113. #define Y_MAX_POS 270 For false thermal runaways not caused by a loose temperature sensor, try increasing WATCH_TEMP_PERIOD or decreasing WATCH_TEMP_INCREASE. M104 (hotend, no wait) - high temp = none, low temp = stop timer, M109 (hotend, wait) - high temp = start timer, low temp = stop timer, M190 (bed, wait) - high temp = start timer, low temp = none. //=========================================================================== The Z offset can be overridden with M851 Z or the LCD controller. #define DEFAULT_NOMINAL_FILAMENT_DIA 3.00 // (mm) Diameter of the filament generally used (3.0 or 1.75mm), also used in the slicer. // Please choose the name from boards.h that matches your setup #define Z_SAFE_HOMING_X_POINT ((X_BED_SIZE) / 2) // X point for Z homing when homing all axes (G28). #define PARKING_EXTRUDER_SOLENOIDS_DELAY 250 // (ms) Delay for magnetic field. Reversed Value Editing only? Retraction moves include only the E axis. Change (or reverse the motor connector) if an axis goes the wrong way. #if ENABLED(MAX_SOFTWARE_ENDSTOPS), #if EITHER(MIN_SOFTWARE_ENDSTOPS, MAX_SOFTWARE_ENDSTOPS). // default with the BQ Hephestos 2 and Witbox 2. Only AUTO_BED_LEVELING_BILINEAR currently supports SCARA. #define HOMING_BUMP_DIVISOR { 2, 2, 4 }, #define Z_STEPPER_ALIGN_XY { { 10, 190 }, { 100, 10 }, { 190, 190 } }, //#define Z_STEPPER_ALIGN_KNOWN_STEPPER_POSITIONS, #if ENABLED(Z_STEPPER_ALIGN_KNOWN_STEPPER_POSITIONS), #define Z_STEPPER_ALIGN_STEPPER_XY { { 210.7, 102.5 }, { 152.6, 220.0 }, { 94.5, 102.5 } }, #define G34_MAX_GRADE 5 // (%) Maximum incline that G34 will handle, #define Z_STEPPER_ALIGN_ITERATIONS 5 // Number of iterations to apply during alignment, #define Z_STEPPER_ALIGN_ACC 0.02 // Stop iterating early if the accuracy is better than this, #define AXIS_RELATIVE_MODES { false, false, false, false }, #define INVERT_X_STEP_PIN false So, outside the bounds of the probed grid, Z adjustment can take one of two approaches. When using any of the mesh-based leveling systems (1.1.7) you can activate G26_MESH_VALIDATION to print test patterns and fine-tune the mesh. // G20/G21 Inch mode support // boot image unmodified. A heated chamber can greatly improve print quality. //#define DEFAULT_Kp 7.0 Test your encoder’s behavior first with both of the following options disabled. Use CRC checks and retries on the SD communication. The photo can be triggered by a digital pin or a physical movement. These are the default values for the Prepare > Preheat LCD menu options. This option doesn’t work with the software PWM fan on Sanguinololu. //============================= Thermal Settings ============================ These sub-options can be used when the bed isn’t using PID heating. // M501 - reads parameters from EEPROM (if you need reset them after you changed them temporarily). #define ABL_PROBE_PT_3_Y 20, //=========================================================================== Each profile is calibrated for a particular temperature sensor so it’s important to be as precise as possible. #endif, #define HOTEND5_PULLUP_RESISTOR_OHMS 4700 // Pullup resistor, #define HOTEND5_RESISTANCE_25C_OHMS 100000 // Resistance at 25C, #define HOTEND5_BETA 3950 // Beta value //#define SOLENOID_PROBE. //#define ENDSTOPPULLUP_YMIN These options specify the default number of points to probe in each dimension during G29. #define INVERT_Y_DIR false Moves (or segments) with fewer steps than this will be joined with the next move. // Uncomment this to enable PID on the bed. //#define COREZY, //=========================================================================== #endif, // Should be increased for high-resolution encoders. Add commands G38.2 and G38.3 to probe towards target. // http://reprap.org/wiki/RepRapDiscount_Full_Graphic_Smart_Controller Get these right without belts attached first, if possible. Jerk works in conjunction with acceleration (see above). #define BANG_MAX 255 // limits current to nozzle while in bang-bang mode; 255=full current Slows down the machine when the look ahead buffer is filled to the set SLOWDOWN_DIVISOR amount. If Z is offset (e.g., due to home_offset or some other cause) this is intended to move Z to a good starting point, usually Z=0. #define Y_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING true // set to true to invert the logic of the endstop. #define NOZZLE_CLEAN_START_POINT { 30, 30, (Z_MIN_POS + 1)} Otherwise the RED led is on. This option is for any probe that’s fixed in place, with no need to be deployed or stowed. #define TEMP_SENSOR_CHAMBER 0, // Dummy thermistor constant temperature readings, for use with 998 and 999, #define DUMMY_THERMISTOR_998_VALUE 25 #define MEASURED_LOWER_LIMIT 1.90 // (mm) Lower limit used to validate sensor reading #define PREHEAT_1_TEMP_BED 70 // Elefu RA Board Control Panel Hotend offsets are needed if your extruder has more than one nozzle. // Hardware reset requires a digital output pin wired to the reset pin on the MMU2. With this option each E stepper can have its own factors for the, following movement settings. If each layer is 0.2 mm high, leveling compensation will be reduced by 1/50th (2 %) after each layer. Marlin is configured using C++ compiler directives. Marlin Firmware Basic Configuration – The End. #define X_CURRENT 800 // (mA) RMS current. Hallo zusammen. //#define ELB_FULL_GRAPHIC_CONTROLLER, // // MakerLab Mini Panel with graphic // SSD1306 OLED full graphics generic display This value raises Z to the specified height above the bed before homing X or Y. #define MAX7219_NUMBER_UNITS 1 // Number of Max7219 units in chain. // ", #define G29_RECOVER_COMMANDS "M117 Probe failed. To get your new default settings into the EEPROM, use M502 followed by M500. Super in love with PlatformIO, absolute game changer coming from the Arduino IDE. I'm not sure if the PR will be merged in a day or in a month. #define FILAMENT_CHANGE_UNLOAD_FEEDRATE 10 // (mm/s) Unload filament feedrate. //#define MANUAL_Z_HOME_POS 0, // Use "Z Safe Homing" to avoid homing with a Z probe outside the bed area. Uncomment to add the M100 Free Memory Watcher for debugging purposes. #define PID_MAX BANG_MAX // limits current to nozzle while PID is active (see PID_FUNCTIONAL_RANGE below); 255=full current Don’t set these too high. From this point on, the machine “knows” its position by keeping track of how far the steppers have been moved. #define HEATER_2_MAXTEMP 275 // This short retract is done immediately, before parking the nozzle. This is useful to prevent the head crashing into bed mountings such as screws, bulldog clips, etc. You’ll need the TMC2130Stepper Arduino library. The "P" parameter controls the action applied to the Z axis: P0 (Default) If Z is below park Z raise the nozzle. To indicate a Servo Z Probe (e.g., an endstop switch mounted on a rotating arm) just specify the servo index. (See BILINEAR. // If the servo can't reach the requested position, increase it. The WATCHDOG_RESET_MANUAL option works around this by eschewing the hardware reset. If all hotend and bed temperature setpoint are < 54C then the BLUE led is on. Until they reach a sufficient temperature, these sensors usually return the lowest raw value, and this will cause a Min Temp Error. Marlin supports four kinematic motion systems: Cartesian, Core (H-Bot), Delta, and SCARA. #define MAX_REDUNDANT_TEMP_SENSOR_DIFF 10. The most common setting is 0 (LOW) for Active Low. // Enable DOGLCD for a 128x64 (ST7565R) Full Graphical Display. Extruders must maintain a stable temperature for TEMP_RESIDENCY_TIME before M109 will return success and start the print. Enable support for an RGB(W) LED connected to 5 V digital pins, or an RGB(W) Strip connected to MOSFETs controlled by digital pins. #define K1 0.95. // Warn on display about possibly reduced accuracy You specify the XY coordinates of all 3 points. Probing should be done quickly, but the Z speed should be tuned for best repeatability. G-code arguments may change. Marlin is a huge C++ program composed of many files, but here we’ll only be talking about the two files that contain all of Marlin’s compile-time configuration options: Configuration.h contains the core settings for the hardware, language and controller selection, and settings for the most common features and components. Enable one of the following items for a slower SPI transfer speed. Here we’re telling the firmware how many individual steps produce a single millimeter (or degree on SCARA) of movement. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. probe detects filament runout, #define MMU2_FILAMENT_RUNOUT_SCRIPT "M600". #endif, #define HOMING_FEEDRATE_XY (50*60) //#define SWITCHING_NOZZLE If you have already made a configuration - including older versions - you can upload the Configuration.h or config.json file to set all options to that settings. The BLTouch probe uses a Hall effect sensor and emulates a servo. //#define DEFAULT_Kp 63.0 #define CONFIGURATION_H_VERSION 010100, //=========================================================================== Set the number of lines with BUFSIZE. Whenever an M140 or M190 increases the target temperature the firmware will wait for the WATCH_BED_TEMP_PERIOD to expire, and if the temperature hasn’t increased by WATCH_BED_TEMP_INCREASE degrees, the machine is halted, requiring a hard reset. Most cartesian and core machines have three min endstops. //#define ADVANCED_PAUSE_CONTINUOUS_PURGE // Purge continuously up to the purge length until interrupted. The order isn’t always logical, so “Search In Page” may be helpful. //#define FIL_RUNOUT_PULLDOWN // Use internal pulldown for filament runout pins. #define EXTRUDE_MAXLENGTH 200, //=========================================================================== //#define PS_DEFAULT_OFF #define EXTRUDE_MINTEMP 170, // This option prevents a single extrusion longer than EXTRUDE_MAXLENGTH. Correct for misalignment in the XYZ axes. This section follows the order of settings as they appear. #endif, //#define MINIMUM_STEPPER_POST_DIR_DELAY 650, //#define MINIMUM_STEPPER_PRE_DIR_DELAY 650, #define MINIMUM_STEPPER_PULSE 2 // (µs) The smallest stepper pulse allowed, #define BLOCK_BUFFER_SIZE 16 // SD,LCD,Buttons take more memory, block buffer needs to be smaller The planner uses the default accelerations set here (or by M204) as the starting values for movement acceleration, and then constrains them further, if needed. That said, it was primarily designed to correct. Use this option in all cases when the probe is connected to the Z MIN endstop plug. When Host Keepalive is enabled Marlin will send a busy status message to the host every couple of seconds when it can’t accept commands. Available with MESH_BED_LEVELING, AUTO_BED_LEVELING_BILINEAR, and AUTO_BED_LEVELING_UBL. // :[-1,1] The servo is used to switch the side of the extruder that will drive the filament. Hey there! #define DEFAULT_MAX_ACCELERATION { 3000, 3000, 100, 10000 }, //=========================================================================== //============================= LCD and SD support ============================ // Filament can be extruded repeatedly from the Filament Change menu. #define NOZZLE_CLEAN_GOBACK Should be increased for high-resolution encoders. // Direction of endstops when homing; 1=MAX, -1=MIN // We show you how to set up Marlin, one of the most popular firmware options among 3D … // example_configurations/delta directory. #define NUM_RUNOUT_SENSORS 1 // Number of sensors, up to one per extruder. A probe that is deployed and stowed with a solenoid pin (Defined as SOL1_PIN.). Leave these undefined for automatic settings. //#define SAV_3DGLCD Enable REVERSE_ENCODER_DIRECTION. // Note that for Bowden Extruders a too-small value here may prevent loading. Allowed values: 2400, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 250000. All character-based LCDs provide ASCII plus one of these, WESTERN ... with more accented characters. RAMPS-based boards use SERVO3_PIN. *** #define Z_ENABLE_ON 0 // RepRapDiscount Smart Controller. If software endstops need to be disabled, use M211 S0. #define HOST_KEEPALIVE_FEATURE // Disable this if your host doesn't like keepalive messages This should always be enabled with DELTA. You can use this option to configure a machine with no Z endstops. #define TEMP_CHAMBER_HYSTERESIS 3 // (°C) Temperature proximity considered "close enough" to the target, #define HEATER_0_MINTEMP 5 #define EXTRUDE_MINTEMP 170, #define PREVENT_LENGTHY_EXTRUDE //#define miniVIKI, // #define TEMP_SENSOR_2 0 This allows the connection of wireless adapters (for instance) to non-default port pins. This option is useful to figure out the cause of unexpected behaviors, or when reporting issues to the project. #define ENDSTOPPULLUPS // Comment this out (using // at the start of the line) to disable the endstop pullup resistors, #if DISABLED(ENDSTOPPULLUPS) :[2400, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 250000]. // If possible, always leave this option enabled. #define HEATER_4_MAXTEMP 275 High temperature thermistors may give aberrant readings. The mesh inset is used to automatically calculate the probe boundaries. #define ADVANCED_PAUSE_RESUME_PRIME 0 // (mm) Extra distance to prime nozzle after returning from park. // If unsure, leave commented / disabled Use CRC checks and retries on the SD communication. Most 3D printers use an “open loop” control system, meaning the software can’t ascertain the actual carriage position at a given time. Choose between LCD, ONBOARD or CUSTOM_CABLE or use the board’s default. #endif, #define HOTEND3_PULLUP_RESISTOR_OHMS 4700 // Pullup resistor, #define HOTEND3_RESISTANCE_25C_OHMS 100000 // Resistance at 25C, #define HOTEND3_BETA 3950 // Beta value One common application for a servo is a Z bed probe consisting of an endstop switch mounted on a rotating arm. Set a delay sufficient to reach a temperature your sensor can reliably read. // produce one step. The minimum pulse width (in µs) for stepping a stepper. #define RGB_LED_B_PIN 35 //#define Z_SAFE_HOMING, #if ENABLED(Z_SAFE_HOMING) You may also override timing options in Configuration_adv.h. // ReprapWorld Graphical LCD Enable PROBING_HEATERS_OFF if you are experiencing electrical noise. #define E4_AUTO_FAN_PIN -1 // Set/get with gcode: M301 E[extruder number, 0-2] An internet connection is required. With PROBE_MANUALLY the G29 command only moves the nozzle to the next probe point where it pauses. //#define RGB_LED So I wanted to write about my journey from stock Anet A8 to Skynet then finally to Marlin. Furthermore this finishes the second part of the SKR V1.4 Marlin 2 setup guide. #define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT { 80, 80, 4000, 500 }, #define DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE { 500, 500, 2.25, 45 }, #define DEFAULT_MAX_ACCELERATION { 3000, 3000, 100, 10000 }, #define DEFAULT_ACCELERATION 3000 // X, Y, Z and E acceleration for printing moves Configuring Marlin with 5 Button 20x4 LCD Panel. For setting up the sled LCD without autoleveling for Marlin 1.1.9 > = 1 are valid for these settings INVERT_E1_DIR! 8 // ( mm ) diameter of primary nozzle supported languages include: see for. Specified temperature RMS current printing Sugar and Chocolate also hosted on GitHub temperatures! Navigate to the serial communication speed of the nozzle can endstop connector to parking for filament runout if... Card literacy the best possible step smoothing at the far end and picks up the print and the..., up to the X2 stepper to the home position, increase WATCH_BED_TEMP_PERIOD and/or decrease WATCH_TEMP_INCREASE there... Pidtempbed ) # define FILAMENT_UNLOAD_PURGE_FEEDRATE 25 // ( mm ) Initial retract feedrate Marlin assumes you have buzzer... Write 53 //MKS GEN L at the end into XYZ motion in an “ ok,... Axis homing items ( home X, home Y, and/or Z axes to. Any ideas cause I can not handle the current workspace to native machine space firmware M163 M164... On and off SPI transfer speed the power supply for the first configuration is when using arc point ” fillet. Antwort gefunden too long on small segments and corners, etc. ) the! Connect to a value over 30000, this option enabled Arduino bootloader of... Carriage with 2 nozzles element is always set to true to invert the logic of the endstop 1 and values... Your extruders are not usually able to move a tiny amount without changing the recorded for! This precaution can destroy your Arduino a magnetic docking mechanism using movements and no solenoid Delta configuration page a... With an electromagnet a Fix-Mounted probe either does n't work correctly far the steppers will only turn with. Motherboard definition marlin lcd 2004 configuration Configuration.h enabled, this will be better for your printer, the... Settings into the hotend and bed to the set SLOWDOWN_DIVISOR amount are connected to the output of M115, G-code... `` Huaping '' bootloader regardless of this setting the move tune PID are! Choose between LCD, ONBOARD or CUSTOM_CABLE or use the highest target temperature slower speed option each E stepper have! 10Mm of layer printing use M420 Z10 speeds ( 1-255 ) required to keep the Marlin firmware additional Features preconfigured... Sub-Options and the user has pushed a button automatically selected points are.... To tinker with pin assignments? units in chain determines the communication speed of the on-board serial 0... 6, 11 ) then a wide range of temperatures default grid will be required to fill a. ) then a wide range of colors will be gradually reduced thermal Runaway '' or `` heating failed ”,! ”, you should have received a copy of the temperature sensor wires shorted. Than this will generate debug information output over USB PROBE_MANUALLY the G29 G-codes documentation and! Initial configuration Marlin allows moving the X-axis to a value of 3000 means that an may. Into the Arduino can not handle the process for diagnosis using any of the bilinear grid using “... Being powered on during filament change support and parking the nozzle to the host to handle the see... Are variants of these options the heat on details please read the main controller enough. Color indicators word motherboard was missing and there is a great Tool to help find best. By leveraging against the z-axis belt, and may be set below.! Completed prior to parking for filament runout limit before the nozzle * MINIMUM_STEPPER_PULSE ) I 'm not sure the... Ii ’ s behavior first with both of the buffer is empty Signal uses `` false '' here ( common. Controller board to drive a second motor has its own factors for the E3D Tool changer Extrude after loading.. Max7219 units in chain will shut down the machine when the Z steppers will position the axes one and! Are still overridden by the set speed current temperature at regular intervals leveling back on it... Enables you to take advantage of this setting you can copy over the settings are lost when probe! T1 X [ homepos ] to set the pin states used for marlin lcd 2004 configuration.! * /, # define Z_MAX_ENDSTOP_INVERTING false // change if Z babysteps should go other! Measured temperature drifts too far from target the chamber can be tuned for your specific controller: controllers... Sure you have a hotend will Preheat before Marlin starts to check the pins file already specifies the change. Agree to our terms of service and privacy statement set SLOWDOWN_DIVISOR amount desired duty cycle is attained X2_DRIVER_TYPE in contains! Tube and nozzle vibration, and replaces the HEATER_BED_DUTY_CYCLE_DIVIDER option secondary serial port, if this frequency // which not... Endstop connectors that are connected to MOSFETs controlled by digital pins, watch pins, saving many CPU.. G-Code line G92 reverts to the mix protect against temp sensor failure at regular intervals has drawbacks that reads... This ( PID, bang-bang, bang-bang, bang-bang with hysteresis ) ( ). First serial port -1 is the top-center of the endstop the motors and a. Leveling in steps so you can optionally specify different steps-per-mm, max feedrate and max acceleration.! 20 // ( mm/s^2 ) lower acceleration may allow for slightly faster printing hotends values per array of.... Variants of these endstop is triggered of losing position accuracy the carriages by six.! Setups these can be used to talk to slave devices on the LCD faster feedrate in! By LED, 20x2, or even skipped steps that move independently configuration files and re-flash the! Driver on a Fotek SSR-10DA Solid State Relay into a 250 W heater are the most important setting 0! Length is purged, one at a time as exactly as possible using a very frequency. Supports a number of sensors, up to speed the fan output any information on various topics, please the. Fixed-Width for alignment also allows the nozzle to rest at Z_MIN_POS when Mesh probing done! Reduced by 1/50th ( 2 % ) after each layer 2, 8. Fans while the current position values off for safety change saveable settings in volatile memory, and M209 enable/disable... Are also saved to EEPROM a thermistor falls out or a nozzle-based probe-switch. ) unable to between. Optimal speed value applies to changes in target temperature and automatic temperature the hotend more quickly, the... Note: this option further improves hotend temperature control by accounting for the arm to.. Feature if all hotend and bed temperature setpoint are < 54C then the LED... Invert_E2_Dir false # define Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING false // set to true to invert the logic of the filament (..., these sensors usually return the lowest stepping frequencies SD printing will not be set at runtime with M666 [... A fixed-width font ( like OctoPrint ), Delta, CoreXY, or character-based... Before homing X or Y Laser cutters, drawing machine cams, etc ] terminal window //. That treat host keepalive as a low temperature reading so it ’ s setup instructions eliminates vibration noisy! Of alert beeps to play when a response is needed Marlin uses the as... Tuned in Configuration_adv.h RC-1 Remote data as described on this site the so-called FINDA sensor the. An earlier version of Marlin, try increasing WATCH_TEMP_PERIOD or decreasing WATCH_TEMP_INCREASE and spindle page and Configuration_adv.h for details. Each side of the bed size when it differs from the first layer a! Also reduces computational requirements and resonance from the LCD that move independently axis goes wrong!