But aren’t we grateful for the alchemical, unquantifiable mix of factors that allows this woman — embodied by this actress, at this moment, in this place — to share with us so raptly what she knows, or even thinks she knows? 36 people found this helpful. Theater review by Adam Feldman . Review: Elizabeth Strout’s My Name Is Lucy Barton is an exploration of memory. Her hospitalization reunites her with the mother she hasn’t seen in years. It is for her daughter to fill in those gaps for us, with accounts of the kind of numbing, oppressive and outright abusive existence that so many people accept as a life sentence. Aside to Everyone Else: Read the book, and you will know why this is a compliment. Also My Name is Lucy Barton suggests that watching one character ruminate a bout her life following a mysterious illness can catalyze an audience’s own personal reflections and revelations; in this sense, it’s profound. It's clear that Lucy's mother, Lydia, remembers certain things very differently to the way Lucy does. What a relief to be in the company, for once, of a thoroughly reliable narrator. Strout avoids sentimentality by imbuing Lucy's narrative with a pervasive sense of uncertainty ‘My Name is Lucy Barton’ returns in January 2019.I have not read Elizabeth Strout’s 2016 novel ‘My Name is Lucy Barton’. Other actresses have beautifully portrayed Strout characters onscreen, notably Frances McDormand in “Olive Kitteridge.”. My Name is Lucy Barton. Scenic and costumes design by Bob Crowley. It is the silences, the ellipses in conversations that articulate the emotional truths of relationships. Plays adapted as monologues from memoirs and close first-person fiction are seldom satisfying onstage. Click here to order a copy for £10.39, An exploration of the love between mother and daughter is both affecting and wise, Olive Kitteridge box set review – a darkly knotted mess of lust, crime, affairs and heartbreak. The Bridge Theatre. “Except I do know it, I think. But her slender, tremendously affecting 2016 novel, My Name Is Lucy Barton, is as direct, deceptively straightforward and singularly focused as its title implies. She is separated from her husband and two daughters, aged five and six, whom she misses desperately. Tickets Through Feb. 29 at the Samuel J. Friedman Theater; manhattantheatreclub.com. My Name is Lucy Barton - in pictures. That’s one of its signal strengths. My Name is Lucy Barton is a 2016 New York Times bestselling novel and the fifth novel by the American writer Elizabeth Strout. Video design by Luke Halls. In June 2018 Laura made her London theatre debut in Richard Eyre’s limited three-week run of My Name Is Lucy Barton, the stage play adapted from the Elizabeth Strout novel of the same name and opened to rave reviews. This is where many years ago, a younger Lucy spent nearly nine weeks of her existence, with a life-threatening infection that is never fully identified. And Elizabeth Strout’s haunting new novel is, in fact, a kind of book-within-a-book, framed as a memoir or possibly an autobiographical novel. In this follow-up to My Name Is Lucy Barton, sharply compassionate stories find suffering, pity and grace in smalltown America Elizabeth Lowry Sat … Directed by Richard Eyre. Christina Patterson. Every breath of Linney’s performance acknowledges this contradiction. And I Unexpectedly, her mother, from whom she has been estranged for years, arrives at her bedside. This review is from June 2018. Aside to Elizabeth Strout: YOU are a ruthless writer! Phone orders min p&p of £1.99. My Name Is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout review – powerful storytelling There is a moment in My Name Is Lucy Barton when the protagonist, struggling to find her voice on a creative writing course, is advised: “You will have only one story… Lucy’s mother is unable to tell her daughter she loves her except “when your eyes are closed” and there is a quietly devastating tragedy about the way Lucy endeavours to make peace with this: “I feel that people may not understand that my mother could never say the words I love you… It was all right.” And yet this is a novel about love: about the complicated, complex love between a mother and daughter.

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