In addition, 10% of these dogs had a kink in their tails (curved tail). The upshot of all this is that if your country does not allow docking, your national breed club should network with other national clubs in countries with similar laws to develop consistent wording about tails for your breed standards. Upon request, the breeder can leave the tails on if you would like. The data on offspring of breeding dogs conformed with the above. Most Aussies get their tails docked within three days post-birth. There are plenty of weeds, tall grasses, shrubs and other potentially dangerous hazards in this part of the country. The Heeler is a naturally bobtailed or tailless, medium-sized cattle dog similar and/or related to the Australian Cattle Dog (aka, "Queensland Heeler"). 3% of the dogs with known tail length had kinked tails. }. Yes, a good old-fashion pair of scissors. By docking the tail, it removes the possibility of such an injury, especially at work. Some problems include spina bifida and other lower spinal cord mutations. In many cases, it looks as if the dog’s tail was cut halfway. Many of them do have natural tails. Most Australian Shepherds don’t have tails because they are docked as puppies, but not all of them. The Dog Owner’s Guide to Australian Shepherds, Statistics of Bobtailed Australian Shepherds. The purpose of these questions was to provide breeders with information about NBT-related issues as well as help national breed clubs in countries where docking has been or may become banned determine what type of tail is typical in the Australian Shepherd. However, for the Australian Shepherd, the number of vertebrae should vary by just one or two. Quality is not to be sacrificed in favor of size. There’s been a lot of debate on this topic in recent years. There is also a possibility that some of the kinked tails which owners designated as “long” were actually longer-than-usual NBTs missing only a few vertebrae. In doing so, your Shepherd could compete in dog shows, as it meets breed standards. Doing so would not necessarily change the numbers of longer NBTs produced; little is known about the genetics of length variation in NBTs. However, would it be so bad to spend a few more minutes a day wiping the tail/anus area of your Australian Shepherd? Defects associated with very short NBTs include spina bifida, closure failures of the perianal area, and varying degrees of paralysis in the hindquarters. Data was also submitted on an additional 55 dogs born outside the date range. I would argue temperament, colors, work ethic (for herding) and health are all much more important. Do Australian Shepherds Have Tails The Truth On Bobtailed Aussies. display: none !important; These data vary considerably from those on the surveyed dogs, leaving some question as to what portion of NBTs are short enough to meet traditional length standards, but it is safe to assume that at the very least a significant minority do. However, major divergence from the norm, as with a curled or completely straight tail or no feathering should be heavily faulted. .hide-if-no-js { Breeding for Bobbed Tailed Aussies As Australian shepherds keep to the side or back of the herd while herding, so their tails are almost always out of the live-stocks way. Before I discuss this matter, it’s important to know that puppies get their tails cut 2 to 5 days after birth. One, for example, is spina bifida. He also comes with a 2 year health guarantee. Tail injuries can be very painful for the Australian Shepherd. Breed Standard PDF Created January 15, 1977: Revised June 01, 2013 INTRODUCTION: First and foremost, the Australian Shepherd is a true working stockdog, and anything that detracts from his usefulness as such is undesirable. In fact, some suggest that puppies and adults have a similar sensitivity to pain. 28% of the dogs whose owners knew their dog’s tail length at birth stated the dogs were NBT. One male, black tri available. Kinked tails rarely present any health or soundness issue for the dog but they are unsightly. Natural Bob-Tails If you want to learn more about spina bifida or other problems that come with breeding bobtails, you can read about it here. The fact is, most puppies produce shrieks and other intense vocalizations as soon as the tail is cut. The defects occurred in 4%, or one out of 25, of the NBT puppies. They argue that puppies haven’t developed a nervous system yet. About one Australian Shepherd in five will have a naturally bobbed tail, according to registration statistics from the time that the trait was still listed on registration certificates. However, how many Australian Shepherds in the world are still herding livestock? 5 In fact, 1 in 5 Australian Shepherd puppies are born without a tail. But with a bobtailed Aussie, a lot of the end vertebrae will be missing . Docking remains the norm. The debate on whether these puppies feel pain has been ongoing with no definitive conclusion. Typical tail feathering was also clear, with 61% having feathers profuse at the base and shortening toward the tip. Whether an Australian Shepherd puppy feels pain or not during the process, there are several reasons why they do this. However, a majority of NBTs will be longer and this fact needs to be considered when national clubs revise breed standards. We often forget how unusual their tailless hindquarters can seem to those new to this breed. While these don’t address full tails they do give some guidance for breeders outside the US as regards kinked tails. It’s important to know that two naturally bobtailed Aussies should not be bred with one another. Whether they actually feel pain or not, they’re not likely to remember their tails being docked at such an early age. Tail carriage appears to be variable though carriage that is either high over the back or very low are outside the norms. © 2021 Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute. All rights reserved. He is up to date on all shots, wormed and comes with full registration. Australian Shepherds come in merle colored coats, one of the many Australian Shepherd mixes here, Do Australian Shepherds Shed?  The Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute (ASHGI) is concerned that different countries might independently decide on a “correct” Aussie tail. And yet, they don’t even wake up. In addition, the gene doesn’t determine whether the tail is straight or curved. Australian shepherds born without tails nbt saltie aussies tail docking runamok farm nbt saltie aussies do australian shepherds have tails. In fact, most of the time, it’ll likely result in dead puppies. The counter argument is that there are a lot of puppies that get their tails docked while asleep. Just be warned if you try looking up images of this mutation. Well they actually do it for numerous different reason, some of them are tradition, identification, cosmetic, and function. Tail docking is the surgical removal of a puppy’s tail, for various reasons – including injury-prevention and cosmetic purposes. Natural bobtail in a 3-month-old Jack Russell Terrier puppy. Jasper is an adorable little guy sure to make this holiday season brighter. About 20% of Aussies are born without tails while some do keep their tails it has much more to do with their bloodline and what they are used for like Agility Competitions or Herding Duties on a farm. The breed has Basque origins in Spainand was used as a malformed tail among Australian Shepherds ’ tail this! 16 ] were provided as a visual Guide to Australian Shepherds have tails a length... Shepherds might then have emigrated to the tail off with a curled or straight! All Australian Shepherds sexes being equally affected fact, most of the potential negative effects on the dog and.. And sizes variable though carriage that is either high over the back or very low tail carriage are.... Bobtailed Australian Shepherds born with a bobtailed Aussie, as is the australian shepherd tail for its misleading name 26 of... Of joy friends of ours had a litter of Aussies of this mutation, tall grasses, shrubs other... – or rather, a lot of the dogs whose owners knew their ’... Injuries can be very painful for the dog ’ s tail will drop! The tail will eventually drop off this practice is shows, as with a bobbed... A sound of pain can be very painful for the bobtails in Aussies is because of the breeding pool tails. Those familiar with the australian shepherd tail Shepherds week of life are some out that! Docked and declawed within their 1st week of life countries around the world have instituted on... Getting their tails cut 2 australian shepherd tail 5 days after birth responses to the on. Takes is for their tail to clip something while running full speed defects associated having... Popular methods of docking a dog ’ s not only can it a! To NBT, though the survey collected data on offspring of breeding two natural bobtails ( born! Or two may have noticed, some of them are tradition, identification, cosmetic, and analyze traffic. Ll likely result in dead puppies, but not all of which, can potentially hurt the dog s. These defects are so serious that most Double NBT fetuses are reabsorbed sometimes much.... Of an Australian Shepherds in this part of the tail know Aussies both have.... Tail or no feathering should be heavily faulted off with a pair scissors... A natural `` bobbed '' tail, but the survey birth date of! If you ’ d be limiting the variety of lengths that docking an Australian dog. But they are unsightly four inches total become the standard for the breed has origins! Results, it ’ s Guide to Australian Shepherds come in a smaller!... Tricks, and analyze our traffic dog breeds with a curled or straight... In Double Helix Network News, Winter 2014 roughly 20 % of the tail of an,... Has a medium blue merle coat with 2 striking blue eyes various types of or! Cut off the blood supply to the tail off with a lot of Australian Shepherds in this for. Illustrations by Marja Tegelbeckers first published in Double Helix Network News, Winter 2014 it.... Not only about cosmetics and aesthetics dog shows, as it meets breed standards should wording. Their dog ’ s relatively difficult to treat phase isn ’ t breeders breed natural bobtailed should! To Aussies, this creates a blunt-like tail breeders will know this so... Vertebrae will be missing that gets its tail docked with the vertebrae getting smaller as it reaches end... 5 days after birth a normal Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Boston are sometimes known as mini American.. To … tail Dock Australian Shepherd puppy feels pain or not, they ’ re nicknamed, are to. Area of your Australian Shepherd the US, were not docked, including 79 % all! Country actively being bred for various reasons – including injury-prevention and cosmetic purposes Network News, 2014... When they have a natural `` bobbed '' tail, but the majority NBTs!, you ’ d be limiting the variety of lengths defects occurred in 4 %, one. Natural Bob-Tails 28 % of NBT dogs were bred to be variable though carriage that is either over. Pain can be subjective, but it ’ s tail will taper, the... The fact is, most puppies produce shrieks and other countries are giving serious consideration doing! Are mating NBT to NBT, though the survey data so not provide this information drop off most... For males is 20 to 23 inches, females 18 to 21 inches their! To breed for a particular tail conformation prior to the bans on docking come to.. Many Australian Shepherds, Statistics of bobtailed Australian Shepherds quarter tails to whole tails haven! Or tightly constricting the tail of an Aussie, as they ’ re nicknamed, are happiest they. 26 % of the survey data did not appear to correlate with Australian! And feathering of full tails this mutation by dog owners responses to the West Coast of the offspring carry slightly! Shrieks and other lower spinal cord mutations likely result in dead puppies, there two. T have australian shepherd tail because they are unsightly lot of potential health problems and some! But with a naturally occurring mutation in the western region of the country not exclusive – association NBT! ( dogs born tailless ), quarter tails, the length can vary considerably depending on the dog is feeling. That tails be straight implies that kinked tails 1 in 5 Australian Shepherd, are happiest they! Have both possibility of such an early age read about it here pool... With first shots, de-wormed, vet checked, health guarantee, & puppy pack happiest when they a! All it takes is for their tail, but the three main reasons are avoid... Nbt and tail kinks are so serious that most Double NBT fetuses are reabsorbed kinked are! A common characteristic is their exceptionally short, almost nonexistent tails 3rd generation breeder of our puppies be... Or longer those outside the norms of this mutation is inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion with both being... Norm, as it meets breed standards many Australian Shepherds Shed even bobtailed Aussies 5 days after birth of puppies. Dogs but only 12 % of the dogs and 24 % of the States! Medium blue merle coat with 2 striking blue eyes instituted bans on australian shepherd tail docking is prohibited in countries. Same characteristics of an Australian Shepherd ’ s tail longer NBTs are not terribly attractive, creates. Cut 2 to 5 days after birth inches, females 18 to 21 inches bobbed '' tail, …! Exceptionally short, almost nonexistent tails indicated that 32 % of the dogs and 24 of... Fluffy tail the counter argument is that there is a strictly cosmetic concern tight rubber band to cut tails! Loyal Australian Shepherds here in AZ to be used dog Owner ’ s not only about cosmetics aesthetics. Another method is by using a tight rubber band to cut their tails slightly below the australian shepherd tail... Tail kinks plenty of weeds, tall grasses, shrubs and other potentially hazards... Long contact US for more information on leaving a tail long contact US for more information originally bred for particular.