segment meaning: 1. one of the smaller groups or amounts that a larger group or amount can be divided into: 2. part…. See also: metamere . Define segmented. German Synonyms free dictionary (Deutsch Synonyme Wörterbuch) is a free offline dictionary (vocabulary) with easy and functional user interface, covers over 68.000 words. Søgning på “segment” i Den Danske Ordbog. A segment is one of several pieces that together create a whole. She’ll probably enjoy the … That includes, possibly somewhat surprisingly, those in the luxury segment. ... and each group or segment has a unique demographic profile. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Moving from Segmenting to Spelling. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Vi fandt 3 synonymer for segment. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find. The renal segment of the IVC is formed by the confluence of these two systems, that is, suprasubcardinal and postsubcardinal ... All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Einen anderen Grund angeben Das Anliegen ist nicht aufgelistet. The Times has priced its contextual targeting tools on a par with its audience-based products, with the exception of some in-demand narrow segments like C-suite execs, so marketers can target campaigns based on how suited to the objective it is. Synonyms for segment in Free Thesaurus. Another word for segment: section, part, piece, division, element | Collins English Thesaurus For a division to be considered a segment, it must directly earn revenue for the company. One of the parts into which any body naturally separates or is divided; a part divided or cut off; a section; a portion.quotations ▼ 2.1. a segment of an orange; a segmentof a compound or divided leaf 2.1. Now they're under serious competitive pressure, Nimble footwork helps Wausau Paper compete with tissue giants, Coltiviruses and seadornaviruses in North America, Europe, and Asia, Speed reader: gene sequencing gets a boost, Toyota wins highest scores in 10 of 18 vehicle segments: survey, General Electric v. United States: impact of overfunded pension plans; Given that the bulk of contract claims under CAS 413 relate to pension surplus attributable to inactive participants, the COFC decision will have significant financial impact on contractors with overfunded pension plans, Segment Automatic Building Intelligent System. Sushant Nayak of Tata Motors will be handling the Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Further, we note these Regional Presidents attend meetings with your CEO as well as your NRG Business, Fortunately, the Fast Retransmit technique [14] which is well-defined in TCP (transmission control protocol) and widely used in most TCP versions can be exploited to reduce such latency In the Fast Retransmit technique, the sink-transmits a duplicated ACK, The company added that the expansion from two to three reportable, Since the phase separation and the formation of crystallites in the hard, The Japanese-owned automakers have not been competitive in this market, Overall identities between nucleotide sequences from, With either approach, technicians first chop DNA into, The survey, which collates responses from 62,000 purchasers and lessees of new 2005 model-year cars and trucks after 90 days of use, honored Toyota's Lexus SC 430 car as the highest-ranking model in the premium luxury car, This ruling preserves more than $1 billion in pending government claims against other defense contractors as well as future government claims against defense contractors that divest a. segment (plural segments) 1. Annonce. Search segment and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso. segmented synonyms, segmented pronunciation, segmented translation, English dictionary definition of segmented. Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten Aussprache und … Streaming services often show different ads to different viewers because the ads can be targeted to specific audience segments, especially when sold programmatically. Learn more. Do You Want to Buy an E-Cargo Bike? Segmenter betyder omtrent det samme som udsnit.Se alle synonymer nedenfor. Join our early testers! We've got 108 rhyming words for Segment » What rhymes with Segment? The code for attribution links is required. Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group. After your child is able to segment words into speech sounds using tokens, move on to segmenting words using letter tiles or the letter tiles app.It is a simple transition: the student still segments the word aloud, but instead of pulling down a … Another word for segment. Synonyms for segment include portion, section, bit, part, slice, lump, piece, wedge, chunk and division. As a result, e-bikes are the fastest-growing segment of the domestic bike market. Copy the code below and paste it where you want the visualization of this word to be shown on your page: Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, 121% growth in tobacco tax revenue over last five years, Improving internal control over segment reporting: The principles of ASC Topic 280 pave the way toward meeting financial reporting objectives, Two fast retransmit techniques in UWSNs with ACK indiscretion problem, Bemis Company Inc announces three new reportable business segments following realignment, Preparation and properties of transparent thermoplastic segmented polyurethanes derived from different polyols, Challenges in Truck Country: trucks have long been a Big Three bastion. Suggest an example. A territory of an organ having independent function, supply, or drainage. Dieses Synonym ist unangebracht, unsinnig, spam, belästigend oder beleidigend. Segment betyder omtrent det samme som Afsnit. Se alle synonymer nedenfor. adj. segmentum: ( seg'ment ), [TA] 1. Advertising. Synonyms for segmentation include breakdown, dissection, division, separation, subdivision, splitting up, dismemberment, partition, vivisection and cutting up. 1 synonyms for Multi Segment (other words and phrases for Multi Segment). Antonyms for segment. Vi fandt 6 synonymer for segmenter.Se nedenfor hvad segmenter betyder og hvordan det bruges på dansk. ... العربية Deutsch English Español Français ... Voice translation, offline features, synonyms, conjugation, learning games. the retired segment of the population Where would division be a reasonable alternative to segment? Synonymer for segment. Some common synonyms of segment are division, fragment, member, part, piece, portion, and section. See how your sentence looks with different synonyms. How would an SEO agency be built today? Synonym(s): segmentum [TA] 2. Se nedenfor hvad segment betyder og hvordan det bruges på dansk. Even if this might seem like a small change, it means that you might look at users with several sessions and purchases in their history, but who are still looped in this segment because of the way it is measured. Find betydning, stavning, synonymer og meget mere i moderne dansk. a segment of a circle 70. Synonyme für segment auf Englisch, Definition, Siehe auch 'semen',sediment',segregate',seeing', biespiele, konjugation The right part is all about capturing your business value with an in-depth look at customer segments and relationships, value proposition, channels and revenue streams. Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten Aussprache und relevante Diskussionen Kostenloser Vokabeltrainer Business Segment A division or subset of a business' operations, especially in large corporations. 3. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Synonym for Segment. Understand segment meaning and enrich your vocabulary 34 synonyms of portion from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 81 related words, definitions, and antonyms. 1.1. a segmentof rope 2. See more. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'segmentation' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. 2013 S… Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for SEGMENT We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word segment will help you to finish your crossword today. Find more similar words at! segment - WordReference thesaurus: synonyms, discussion and more. afsnit, episode, passage; Hvordan bruges ordet segment? Top synonym for segment (another word for segment) is part. Segment. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'segmented' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. segment synonyms and antonyms in the English synonyms dictionary, see also 'semen',sediment',segregate',seeing', definition. Największy segment jest ponownie sektor komercyjny odrzutowiec z samolotów szerokokadłubowych, pod względem sprzedaży w 84,4 Million angielski. All Free. Synonyms for Spinal segments in Free Thesaurus. Read This First. I did a little segment at the end of the show called “Final Thoughts,” which I do to this day. Find more ways to say segment, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Translation Spell check Synonyms Conjugation. line segment meaning: 1. a section of a line between two points 2. a section of a line between two points 3. a section of…. “Affect” vs. “Effect”: Use The Correct Word Every Time. A length of some object. To divide and redivide into minute equal parts. Like everyone else in this line of work, we do not exist in national chains—even though we have pre-existing deals with many of them—and we have taken a hit in the retail segment because of that. Part 2: Current business model(s), ‘Supercharging contextual’: Publishers eye potential for contextual ad revenue growth, Old Navy will pay employees to work at voting polls on Election Day, Full Transcript: Tomi Lahren on ‘The Carlos Watson Show’. You could offer a segment of your orange to your girlfriend as a Valentine's Day gift. Divided into or made up of distinct segments. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a … Another word for segment. Another way to say Multi Segment? This page is about the various possible words that rhymes or sounds like Segment.Use it for writing poetry, composing lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses. A section; a part of an organ or other structure delimited naturally, artificially, or by invagination from the remainder. The largest segment is again the commercial jet sector with the wide-body aircraft, the terms of sales in 84,4 Million English. For example, a heavily diversified corporation may have one segment dedicated to telecommunications, another to manufacturing, and a third to energy. In the fourth quarter, News Corp split out the results of Dow Jones as a separate segment for the first. Segment definition, one of the parts into which something naturally separates or is divided; a division, portion, or section: a segment of an orange. “Inauguration” vs. “Swearing In”: What’s The Difference? Segment synonyms and Segment antonyms. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Learn more. Find another word for portion. Simultaneously, this is also the segment of the population with the lowest voter turnout. While all these words mean "something less than the whole," segment applies to a part separated or marked out by or as if by natural lines of cleavage. Antonyms for Spinal segments. Portion: a state or … 3 letter words BIT - CUT - END - … OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder on launching a hemp-infused sparkling water brand, How the world’s biggest media companies fared through the ongoing crisis in Q2, Deep Dive: How to master Amazon advertising in the new normal, Eight great tips for internal site search optimization. Find more ways to say segment, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Translations in context of "circle segment" in English-German from Reverso Context: a segment of a circle.