It seems a trifle bit silly to be named after rice but we think Gohan chose his name well and wisely. Also, I always found it funny how Goku love for fighting was explained in DBZ by him being a Saiyan, yet none of the other saiyans on the series like to fight the same way Goku does. Gohan shoulders a responsibility that he does not want, but must, nevertheless, take on. This causes Cell to regress into one of his earlier forms. Vegeta for me. Sign up. Everyone else in the Dragon Ball universe is positively gung-ho over training and fighting – their zeal has even inspired MMA fighters. He perks up considerably when Goku mentions food, and he ends up getting named for rice. This may be the reason why Gohan is actually more of a badass, in my opinion, than the other Z fighters. Browse more videos. Top 10 Badass Moments in Naruto. Gohan’s 11 Most Badass Moments In “Dragon Ball Z”, 13 Must-Have Piccolo Action Figures for Your Dragon Ball Z Collection, This Symphony Plays The Original DBZ Soundtrack for Live Audiences, The 12 Best Dragon Ball Z Action Figures You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now, Why Is Gohan So Weak? JustPlainTV - A Simple Guide to Watching TV in the 21st Century, The 5 Coolest DIY TV Antenna Plans Anyone Can Build, Web Series are Better than Network Series. Try as he might though, the older and more experienced Vegeta is unable to keep the fledgling Gohan down. @thewatcherking: LT is not a fighter Vegeta is and being a great fighter is points for being Badass in my eyes. While Allmight is cool, he isn't the type of character I consider to be a "bad ass". As a result they are indeed more badass overall compared to someone like All Might, but they'd be terrible heroes whether or not they considered themselves as such based on their actions. Charles Bronson played the harmonica in the opening sequence of, Nursing a broken arm, he does a one-handed Kamehameha with the spirit of Goku urging him on. This moment, however, reflects more on the depth of Gohan’s compassion and humanity than on the tremendous power granted to him by his lineage. On Dragon Ball - General, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Piccolo's most badass moment" - Page 3. That Gohan was just a child during the training, and he comes out of it on whole new level (and less of a crybaby), is a testament to how tough and strong he really is. mentor, and to a certain extent, father –figure. Good decision-making is one of the hallmarks of a badass. On Dragon Ball - General, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Dumbest Vegeta moment" - Page 4. You Vegeta supporters need to be more vocal with your support. Piccolo hurls him at a mountain on the very first day. Again undescribable pain... Frieza beating Vegeta to death. Goku on the other hand, the stronger his opponent is the more excited he gets even if he thinks he won't win. Does what he can to develop further. Video Facts [edit | edit source] Vegeta's badass entrance. What exactly makes a character bad ass in your opinion? I'll provide a few examples. 1 . In DBS not so much, his character got downgraded to an unlikeable tsundere, atleast in the anime. I feel that being the Great Saiyaman is one of those rare moments where Gohan gets to do things for himself, as opposed to being forced into it by his parents or his mentors. Vegeta vs Toppo, Vegeta Surpased Gods, Vegeta's Self Destruct Eliminated Toppo God Of Destruction. This line struck a chord in many a fan’s heart as it captures the swagger and bravado of the entire Dragon Ball universe. Share more in the comments! Terrible things, but great. They even made him a borderline Tsundere via his relationship with Cabbage Cabba. Paul is the founder and editor of JustPlainTV. Log in. They both have their awesome moments, although if I had to choose I'd pick All Might personally. When the guy who drinks people calls you the monster, you know you’re a badass for all seasons. I will never understand the Vegeta hype. Android 16 tells him “it is not a sin to fight for the right cause”, Gohan, by nature, is a gentle person who dislikes fighting and hurting others. Vegeta's "badass moment" is also a tragic one, where the prince of the Saiyans still recognizes the sins that he committed in the past, and sees … But Vegeta is a tool. Gohan is no longer that whiny child with anger issues and uncontrolled bursts of power. Is the living tribunal more badass than the punisher due to one being far more powerful? Over a decade of Vegeta > 1 year of All Might telling us he is here. But he also destroys an entire mountain in the process, so Piccolo may actually be on to something. But Gohan, being the badass that he is, just takes this in stride and delivers all his lines in the two-minute TV special confidently. Make sure you like comment and subscribe. I want Goku Vegeta and everyone destroyed by Brolys supposed infinite power. Playing next. Trained by the very best, Gohan is in tip-top shape. But in this context, you can’t help but be awestruck at the person – the hero figure – he has become. And all these happen with the most kick-ass background music since Charles Bronson played the harmonica in the opening sequence of Once Upon A Time in the West. Bones shattering, joints dislocating...and pride and soul suffering their greatest humiliation. © 2021 - JustPlainTV. This was truly a surprising move from Jiren, as he didn’t show signs of being an evil character until that moment. Vegeta the Badass. An angry Gohan is a dangerous Gohan. All 30 Dragon Ball Z Villains Ranked from Scummy to Sublime. The humble rice is highly regarded in Japanese culture, and it is believed to have great powers. It is about him facing his doubts and demons, and emerging victorious. Tired of Vegeta trying shafted. Jiren made a huge mistake at the Tournament Of Power by trying to hurt Goku’s friends. It also gives us great insight into Gohan’s personality. He emphatically turns down Chichi’s choice of Einstein and the host of awful – yet strangely catchy – names listed by Ox-King, his grandfather. Everything You Need To Know About His Journey From Hero To Zero And Back Again, 9 Reasons Bulma Loves Vegeta: How to Woo a Woman Like a Saiyan Prince, their zeal has even inspired MMA fighters, fighting as a tool of the trade, rather than as an all-encompassing way of life (the way his father Goku does), dream of playing hooky from studying, and of having his family complete, Goku and Gohan looking particularly dashing in formal fancy tuxedos, outfits that are practical for training and fighting, He emphatically turns down Chichi’s choice of Einstein and the host of awful – yet strangely catchy – names listed by Ox-King, his grandfather, Kyle Herbert, Gohan’s voice actor dubs as his ‘dorktitude’. "So, this is where you've chosen for your final resting place" - Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyan, Royal Badass, (Role play page) The Great Saiyaman gives us a peek into what Gohan is when in his natural element and left to his own devices. Daddy you are as badass as Vegeta as strong as Goku. 5 years ago | 11 views. Badass Moment #8: When He Takes Great Ape Form Versus Vegeta Encouraged by Goku to stare at the artificial moon created by Vegeta, Gohan goes full ape and starts rampaging. Yet he sets all these aside to step up as one of Earth’s heroes. 12 . Watch Vegeta's Most Badass Moment Vs Kid Buu - DB world on Dailymotion. Normally, we see Gohan in outfits that are practical for training and fighting. I have no idea who All Might is, but I know Vegeta is one of the most poorly written, annoying, useless, and just generally terrible characters ever written in all of fiction. And even while he is on berserker mode, Gohan retains enough of his humanity to understand Krillin, and focuses his destructive attention on Vegeta, instead of engaging in randomly throwing rocks at everything he sees. Gohan does not get any more badass than when he drops a kick on Cell, a kick that is so powerful that it forces Cell to actually cough Android 18 back out!